9 mistakes

You Could Be Making 9 Big Mistakes After Opting In Here!MISTAKE #1. You might overlook the fact that IDEAL JV QUICK START comes with not 1 but 7 modules to help you create products more desirable for your ideal prospects and affiliates and joint venture partners. (Discuss the difference between affiliate and JV partner in the forum.)MISTAKE #2. You might feel so overwhelmed with emotion with IDEAL JV QUICK START'S proven email templates to effectively communicate with top affiliate marketer, best selling author, 6-7 figure mentors. (Some let that stop them from connecting with VIPs in our online forum.)
  • MISTAKE #3. You may not understand by opting in you are being formally invited to a one of a kind community for networking, building promotional partners and helping each other with business/marketing questions without going to a live event or joining a 4 figure coaching program.
  • MISTAKE #4. You could be overlooking Ruths in depth interviews with successful marketers and 6-7 figure coaches (some of which charge over $10,000 an hour to train with and you get to eavesdrop on Ruths most helpful marketing/ relationship building questions.)
  • MISTAKE #5. You could forget that a 30 minute Make Your Product/ Sales Funnel A Super Affiliate Magnet complimentary strategy phone or skype call is included with your IDEAL JV QUICK START so members can be most engaging, helpful and profitable to each other. Don't let this consultation pass you by after the first 90 days of being part of this community. Get the insight and support from a marketer and publisher who has worked with and joint ventured with some of the finest full service publishing companies, marketers and consultants. (FYI some of these: 30 minute Make Your Product/ Sales Funnel A Super Affiliate Magnet complimentary strategy phone or skype calls have lead to win/win joint venture conversations and launches.)
  • MISTAKE #6. You might forget that everyone who gets an invitation to our IDEAL JV QUICK STARTS main forum (filled with new and seasoned authors, coaches, affiliate marketers, product creators and marketers has an equal crack at introducing oneself, posting affiliate requests, asking for marketing help or getting profitable feedback from this generous, one of a kind community that gets lots of kudos from super affiliates and big name mentors... but you do!
  • MISTAKE #7. You may assume that once you join this members area that the product creator (Ruth Anne Wood) will be like some of her well known guru contemporaries who she has spoken on panels with at internet marketing conferences across the country. (You know the ones who are so generous during product launch and member enrollment and then suddenly arent around to answerer questions on their own material in the online forum even when folks are begging and pleading for answered questions in the product forum!)
  • MISTAKE #8. You might think once you access these tested marketing, product creation, profitable relationship modules (the very same resources Ruths 4 figure a month VIPs are given) Ms. Wood does not have more to offer you. Just because you can go to the library and find tons of expert information or a college book store doesnt help you get proven laser focused strategies on how to quickly put profitable marketing and relationship building systems into place.
  • MISTAKE #9. You may think marketing help is all you need. The mindset training alone in the BONUS section of IDEAL JV QUICK START has been responsible for helping her private non-marketing/non-entrepreneur students/clients flip a switch and get surprise gifts from past clients, distant relatives and bosses that range from a poor school district teacher getting a $10,000 raise, to a four year college paid in full to an immigrant hairdressers oldest daughter by an unexpected family member (without any new business strategies or marketing), to dead beat clients suddenly paying my client's late bills in full, to receiving full cooperation from an ex spouse without talking directly, to legal and tax problems disappearing with a direct accounting error apology from a tax auditor after one powerful Scripting For Success conversation. Youll get a crash course on this training that will rock your world.

Results arent typical, (except during one-one 30-90 minute phone or skype conversations with IDEAL JV QUICK START creator and engaging online forum leader/mentor Ruth Anne Wood).

So if you are willing to ask for help and play nice with others... fill out your free Membership information to start connecting with other authors, coaches, affiliate marketers and potential win/win joint venture partners, oh and get access to your IDEAL JV QUICK START one of a kind training and community building opportunity in your inbox!

Lets Check Out Everything Youll Be Getting Inside The Ideal JV Quick Start:

  • Module 1: The Ideal JV Quick Start MP3 (Value $27)
  • Module 2: The Big Vision JV Launch Pad (Value $97)
  • Module 3: The Super Carrot JV Attraction Method (Value $47)
  • Module 4: The Done For You Back Stage Pass (Value $149)
  • Module 5: The 100% Royalty Free Expert Training (Value $27)
  • Module 6: The Super JV Connection Funnel ($197)
  • Module 7: Put Systems In Place And Build A JV Machine ($497)

Combined Value of $1041

And for those who act fast, youre also getting:

  • BONUS 1 JV ATTRACTION- Community For Author And Coaches (Value $1497)
  • BONUS 2 Done For You Miracles Quickly Finding Ideal People (Value $497)
  • BONUS 3 Eavesdrop On A Fast Win/Win Joint Venture Call (Value $197)
  • BONUS 4 Meet JV Superstars Podcast Series (Value $997)
  • BONUS 5 The JV Quick Start Rolodex (Value $97)

For a Combined Total Value of Well Over: $4326

TIP: While the value is in this information and the templates, expert training/ stories and community it doesnt work if you just read or listen and dont take any inspired action.

However there are so many tips and resources to ask for help in the JV ATTRACTION community and following this IDEAL JV QUICK START.

Use this guide to:

  • Read about ideal promotional partners
  • Make friends
  • Be of service to others
  • Offer help when people ask
  • Ask for help on your current marketing and product pages
  • After you add value to your joint venture community, you naturally will have a lot more ideal promotional partners
  • If you follow this path in the next 60-90 days youll have some influence in your affiliate communityespecially in our intimate community JV ATTRACTION

If this is something youve been searching for and you think you could really study/use this

Get IDEAL JV QUICK START by opting in now!


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