Affiliate Army Secrets

Affiliate Army Secrets Your Roadmap To Creating A Winning Affiliate Program!Dear Marketeers, You know, when I first started out in online business almost seven years ago now, there was one thing drummed into my head over and over again by the big guys. One tip that would ultimately see my business become a success that they were all giving away for free.That little piece of advice was this..They said to me "You know, the most expensive part of online marketing is getting customers in the first place". But you knew that already right? This information is freely available, but have you ever noticed how no one actually gives us as business owners a clear answer showing us what relevance that statement has to *our* businesses?If you've been in business a while, you probably already know this, but..Through all of my complete newbieness to online business, after a bit of digging I managed to figure out what they meant. It was as simple as recycling resources and using them over and over again without having to bring in new customers, which is great, because it costs us nothing to promote our products successfully to our current contacts.

So I took it a step further..

What if the same concept could apply to building your resources, not just making profit. Like a never ending circle that meant my list grew and grew, quickly, non stop without taking any money out of my pocket? All that was needed was a small number of initial subscribers. Success! It took a few years, but I finally figured it out.

So I took it further still..

What if there was a way not only to build my list and customer base for free in this way, but also carry out what many marketers deem the most expensive part of business for free too, and that's getting a subscriber base and customers in the first place.

But wait.. wouldn't that mean non stop promotion for free, forever, no matter what the product is?

It sure does!

How to never run out of highly targeted potential customers again. They're waiting for you as you read this. Do you know how to find them?

  • 25 methods that will secure your place as a successful business owner simply through specific methods of managing your resources. People who promote for you, people who make big deals with you, people who buy from you over and over again. People who want you to sell to them. They're all waiting for you right now. We'll show you how to access them from the very day you start your online business.
  • Exponential resource management. Did you know that you can promote your products successfully in such a way that it never has to cost you a penny? (Which is exactly how we got you here and reading in the first place. Proof beyond a doubt that this works). We'll show you how we did this.
  • Double your audience for future promotion every single time you promote one of your own products. Never have to dig out your wallet for any dodgy list building or lead buying services again.
  • I'll show you exactly what it means to have your own task force of affiliates promoting for you, a huge list of customers ready to snap up your products, and a solid number of people who continue to buy from you over and over.
  • 5 methods to help you gain the luxury of security in the future for your business. It's easy when you know how. We'll show you exactly how we're doing this on a daily basis, and more importantly, how you can do it too.
  • Walking you through the process. I'm actually going to show you several ways in which you can carry out these methods and in addition why they work. They're proven beyond a doubt to be some of the most profitable methods in use online today, and to keep things from getting dull, you'll get a series of 4 diagrams and separate step by step guides to demonstrate this simple, yet powerful technique so that you can immediately begin to see the results you deserve.
  • Adapt To Survive. Learn why this method works so well. I could just tell you how it works then send you off to make some cash quickly, but the difference between this and other guides is you learn why. If you know why something works, if anything changes in the future, you can adapt, while those that only know the 'how's' of these techniques will be out paying $500, $1000 or more for new guides every few months, which of course, isn't profitable for their businesses at all.
  • 12 detrimental mistakes that could potentially lose you years of hard work on your business. It's a ticking resource management time bomb waiting to go off for those that don't know what I'm talking about. We need to stamp out that fuse right now to prevent disaster in the future, so that's exactly what we'll do.
  • 18 techniques that will have you building your promotion resources with little expense, where others are struggling with the most expensive part of online marketing, that's getting customers in the first place.
  • 1 little known method that will have your previous customers placing their ultimate trust in you, allowing you to sell them your quality products over and over again.
  • 5 proven affiliate management methods that will have your affiliates building all your other resources for you so that you never even have to spend a penny on your promotion.
  • 3 reasons why your list is actually the 5th most important resource to build, and not the most important (far from the most profitable too) contrary to what other marketers may be telling you.
  • Mistakes of the online marketing newbie explained. It's all too easy to make mistakes when you've never experienced something before, online business is similar, the only difference is it doesn't just cost you valuable time, but burns a huge hole in your pocket too. Avoid these mistakes and prosper.
  • How attempting to build a good customer relationship could be destroying your business without you even knowing it's happening. I see this every single day, people don't even know they're doing it, and they won't realize until years later, a huge waste of their time and money. I'm going to demonstrate to you exactly what this common problem is and show you how to stop it from happening (or fix it if it's already taken hold).


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