Beyond Bedroom Guitar

Scientists estimate we use less that 10% of our brain to think... You are about to discover how I quickly improved my guitar playing, almost overnight just by changing the way I used my brain.I used to be afraid of playing in public. There I've said it! It used to take me months or even years to show even the slightest improvement in my playing. I'd suddenly seem to have a breakthrough in speed or technique or master a song only to be followed up by months of ... stuck...I took some guitar lessons but often found the teacher was not into the same sorts of music or players that I was, and living out in a village miles from a town or city just made it harder. I started getting guitar magazines whenever I could but that just lead to more frustration as they tried to cover too many bases and the hard stuff was beyond me and the simple stuff was... well tooo simple.

...the hard stuff was beyond me and the simple stuff was... well too simple

Do you ever wonder just how those guitar gods in the magazines and on TV become 'shred-tastic' (and it's not just hours and hours of practice either)? I didn't really get an answer from teachers or guitar magazines back then. Really frustrating.

About 15 years ago, I accidentally discovered a secret - the real secret of how the mind' works when playing guitar. Before your bullshit meter goes off let me explain...

An NLP Training Course in London

I was doing a training course in London on NLP or "Neuro Linguistic Programming" to give it it's posh title - completely unrelated to playing a musical instrument. On the course we learned about this technique called modelling - where you work out what thinking patterns someone does when they are performing a skill.

This'modelling technique' had been applied to public speaking, spelling, sales, phobia cures and all manner things - many of which are now becoming mainstream techniques thanks to the likes of Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.

I got curious.

I decided to get someone to try modelling me when I was playing guitar - as a sort of group exercise we were set.

Anyway as we were doing this, the two others in my group were asking me questions and asking me just to imagine what playing was like. Playing louder, softer, faster, slower...

...whoa wait there's a big difference there. We focused in on what happens when I play fast (in my imagination) and when I play slow. Yes there was a difference.

I wondered if it would be different if I really tried playing a guitar so that lunchtime we popped out to a local guitar shop in Denmark Street (the centre of all guitar shops in London there are a lot of them all in the same place!)

  • I tried out playing fast and slow and yes they were different.
  • I tried out playing fast and slow and yes it was different patterns.

Then it gets really spooky. One of the people I was with suggested that I try swapping the patterns around so I use the fast playing pattern for slow play and the slow playing pattern for fast play.

Brilliant - does messing it up change anything?

Well after a couple of minutes of applying the NLP teachings we'd been working on all morning I'd changed the pattern for slow play. I picked up this beautiful 1970's Stratocaster and played a ballad I know ... terribly. It was disjointed, as if I was playing with my hands encased in treacle. Totally embarrassed with myself we left the shop pronto, my head hung low and popped into another store a couple of doors down.

I Totally embarrassed myself...

Now to try out the slow pattern when i was trying to play fast. A few minutes of mental preparation and I picked up a Gibson gold top this time (these shops have the most wonderful guitars) and started to play a few scales. It felt effortless. Yes EFFORTLESS. I couldn't believe it I would only play scales and runs that fluidly on a really good day and by mostly even then by sheer fluke. In fact I was better than that. Absolutely astounded we all went back to the course that afternoon and went on to phobia cures - with real snakes!

... effortless. I couldn't believe it

A couple of weeks went past and I'd undone the treacle slow playing mental pattern and replaced it with the original one. My playing was getting better and better, easier and easier.

I started hunting on the internet to see if this had been done before. Nope. There were a few hints about it for other instruments in one book and a book for guitar teachers for NLP (to sort out unruly students mostly.)

But nobody had written this anywhere I could find. I spent hours on google. Hours trawling through specialist bookshops trying to find out if someone had got there before me but to no avail.

Here's just a few things I discovered on the way.

  • How to never get stuck on a learning plateau again, for months on end.
  • The easy way to work out what you need to practice and for how long.
  • How to tune up your senses to make sight-reading, perfect pitch and transcribing easy.
  • How to control your body to release tension and make playing appear effortless - even at high speeds!
  • The simple way to change your thought processes as you play that will improve your playing instantly. (This was the one that started me off!)
  • Banish stage fright.
  • Banish bad playing habits forever.

Most of the techniques are so easy and straightforward to explain yet so profound that you'll never think the same way about your playing abilities again. Like me, I'm sure your technique and ability will improve if you try them out..

Thousands of people all over the world have already discovered, ordered and put into practice the techniques inside..

Over 200 full size pages of tips, techniques and different ways of thinking about your playing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If for any reason, after trying the techniques in the electronic version of the book you're not happy within the next 60 days, just let me know and I will send you a prompt refund. No quibbles.


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