Cataract Solutions

Cataract Extraction is the #1 surgical procedure in Medicare.But a knife can't remove the Causes of Aging. . . Could this book help you avoid surgery. . . And help you Live Longer, too?You see, the health of the eye's Crystalline Lens is one of the best predictors of Longevity.And the average Lifespan of patients after cataract surgery is only 5 years...

The best time to start cataract prevention, of course, is before they start to form. But the second best time is right now.

Cataract Solutions gives you deep insight into the forgotten science and art of healing cataracts naturally. The self-help home remedies in this book have already been used by thousands of people to reverse the beginning stages of cataract formation, and avoid the need to cut open their delicate and precious eyes.

This best-selling book is a powerful and handy reference guide for self-healers, caregivers, holistic healers and integrative physicians. Did you know that Integrative Medicine is the most recent addition to officially recognized medical specialties? It is a change whose time has finally come. And this book draws on over 30 years of the author's clinical experience.

Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing shows you how you can use a full range of simple natural solutions from nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and light therapy.

'In his referenced "Cataract Solutions" Dr Swartwout paints a broad canvas concerning natural molecules that can be used to slow down the development of age related cataract. He draws open his vast knowledge of botanicals and homeopathics to construct a map of the medicine of the future.'

A One-Size-Fits-All Supplement based on population studies is clearly not enough.

Is your Eye Doctor teaching you how to use individually tailored Natural Medicine as your first line of defense?

Cataract Solutions is the most comprehensive reference you will find for maintaining and restoring the health of your crystalline lens. This book covers about 200 natural therapies that hold potential on your quest to prevent or reverse the development of cataracts.

This is a great reference book for looking up possible remedies, especially in the digital format. In the author's approach, the specific catalysts for each person are discovered in the body's own electrophysiological responses, and in the many forms of biocommunication used by holistic practitioners.

Such an encyclopedic listing of potential remedies to test, especially in challenging cases, could be a real problem solver for you and your healer. In three decades of practice, the only cataract cases that required surgery following this approach were all tobacco smokers who elected not to follow the recommended nicotine-free botanical smoking cessation programs.

"This is one of the most comprehensive books I have ever read on Cataracts. You could spend a year reading other books and not get the clear and concise information this book delivers. Dr. Swartwout is not only an accomplished Optometrist but a Naturopath who understands how healing the entire person, heals the eye. This is an opportunity/window into healing you wont get from other books or authors. Highly recommended."


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