Chow Chows Revealed

Discover Everything You Need To Know About Choosing and Caring For A Chow Chow!That's Right! In Less Than 90 Seconds, You Can Have Instant Access To A "Back-Stage" Pass To The Real World Of Chow Chow Dogs... And How You Can Fully Understand Them!Dear Fellow Chow Lover,Do you own or are thinking about owning a Chow Chow? If so, pay attention!There's finally a new, breakthrough book created just for Chows and their owners!

If you really want to have the most healthy, and well-behaved Chow, then this book is definitely for YOU!

Information on these dogs is pretty hard to come across. Especially the kind of information that you need to know more about. It can be a real pain looking and searching all over the place, so here is the definitive book on Chow Chows!

This Isn't Like Any Other General or Generic Book On Chows You Can Find In Any Pet Store..

...On the internet, or even at your local library for that matter!

This book covers everything there is to know about Chow Chows. In fact, some people have called it the "Holy Grail Of Chows"!

It's like having your very own Chow expert that you can reference and ask questions anytime that you need to!

You'll uncover a wide array of tips including interesting facts that made them what they are today! For example..

Fun Chow Fact ...

Did you know..

Originating in China, some historians believe that the Chow breed dates back 2500-3000 years?

Back in 500 B.C., Chows where bred for hunting, used for hard work like pulling and plowing, and their thick coats provided warm protection for the extremely cold temperatures that they were exposed to..

You'll not only learn interesting facts. NO way! This isn't history class, right? Although it can be quite fascinating in itself. You will also discover so many tips in this book.

Here's Just a "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With Chow Chows Revealed

  • How you can tell if the Chow is a true "pure bred" when he's purchased
  • Discover how to avoid having your Chow being a stubborn mule (yeah, you know what I mean!)
  • Learn exactly how to care for your Chow Chow
  • Why they pace when you're grabbing for the leash
  • If they actually get along with other animals like cats, other dogs, and more!
  • How much to feed your Chow, and how many times a day
  • Discover the most common problems in Chows, and how to prevent and treat these problems
  • Medical related topics such as their hip problems and eyes..
  • How exactly you need to "potty" train your Chow so your house is clean and mess free!
  • What kind of diet a Chow puppy will need to grow into a healthy, and very strong adult, AND if this diet changes as it gets older..
  • What exactly to do when your Chow gets those little knots in their thick coats, and how NOT to hurt them
  • Why exactly their tongues are the black/blue color
  • If Chows are a one owner pet, or if they can adjust to a new owner..

You'll Also Learn All About The Following...

  • What exactly you need to do to groom your Chow Chow
  • Why some Chow breeds look so different from other Chow breeds
  • If they shed, and if so, how much!
  • Can these dogs be easily trained? (It's not what most people think!)
  • If these dogs are any good as hunting dogs, in today's world
  • If they bark a lot and for long periods of time, and if you can change that
  • Why they scratch themselves a lot, even if they DON'T have fleas!
  • You'll also learn what kind of health problems are a common in Chow Chows, and how you can keep these things from happening
  • If they're good with children, or not
  • What the temperament of the Chow Chow breed is, and if it can be changed
  • If their hair should be kept cut fairly short during the warm months of the year, especially in summer..
  • What temperatures are too hot for these dogs with thick coats..
  • How to make a Chow come to you right when you call him!
  • Why it is some Chows immediately accept some people and not others, and how YOU can change that!
  • Plus Much, MUCH More!!

That's just a fraction of what this book can teach you and your Chow.

Want to know the best part of this book, other than the extremely crucial information about Chows that you need and must know?

For Could Be Reading It In The Next Few Minutes!

That's right! No more waiting for the mailman to come to your door 7-10 days later.. You can start reading this book instantly!

It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM in the morning, you'll be downloading and reading "Chow Chows Revealed" within just a few minutes. There's absolutely no risk to you - so what are you waiting for? Order now!

This new breakthrough book is a guide, really. A guide as a result of years of searching, studying, and scouring hundreds of websites, stores, and magazines.

Everything is in plain English. This easy to read chow book is completely comprehendible and won't take weeks to understand.

This truly is a one-of-a-kind book that can't be found offline, or online other than right here. I urge you to click the link below and place your secure order...

You can get your own copy of my "Chow Chows Revealed" for just $7.95

100%, 30 Day Money-Back Clear As Black-And-White Guarantee!

In the unlilkely event that you are not completely satisfied with Chow Chow Revealed, You have a full 30 Day 100%, No-Hassle Refund!


Here's to you, and your happy, healthy Chow!

Take care,

Dan Sullivan


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