CPA Full Force

Here is an email I received after the course went live:.I am very new to all of this IM stuff when it comes to actually experiencing and implementing the things you guys do but I am not inexperienced to the IM and business opportunity market. I have spent the last 12 years working for the top infomercial GURUS selling their back end coaching products. Don Lapre, Dean Graziosi, Carlton Sheets, Jeff Allen, and selling literally almost $20,000,0000 in coaching programs for them over the phone personally. Some of these people I still work for today ,and the hour or so it took me to get through your course for $47 was more than a client I sell would ever get for $4995 or more that I sell to them. I am saying this to you in the utmost confidence simply because if this email ever got out I would lose my contracts and be blackballed from their circle. CPA FULL FORCE is Filled With Secrets, Strategies, and Tactics That Will Crush Your Competition And Have YOU On Top.

This NO FLUFF Course Will Show You:

  • My easy 5 step process to leverage ALL of my competitor's work.
  • The guts of what your looking for. Review pages, yes or no? The answer may surprise you. This is a trade secret that seems to be absent from many public discussions.
  • Why OTHER people have the key to YOUR success.
  • What is REALLY takes to make the Internet Dream work!
  • Exactly why too much information and research will paralyze you and how to avoid it. This is a MUST in order to create a real business online.
  • The types of offers to pick and the minimum payout amount.
  • Why you WANT competition and how it HELPS your message.
  • We explore the Passionate Niche Lie and set your first goal. I also explain the competition myth and I give you the only two things you need to be successful online. And more....
  • THE BREAKDOWN. Here we go into each step in a very detailed explanation.
  • My trusted CPA networks and the exact offers to pick and ask for, even if they are not listed.
  • Where to find the perfect call to action for your content.
  • Where to find the secret code to any niche.
  • How to RAMP UP your success.
  • What concurrency REALLY means and how to makes YOU money.
  • What to look for when you are targeting a keyword.
  • How to REALLY spy on marketers and uncover ALL of their hard work and use it for your profit.
  • The 4 question template for a review page that suck money you way and makes you an IRONCLAD review page at the proper time. Try this too soon and you will never know why your offer is converting
  • How to remain effective as a marketer when you run out of content!
  • The EXACT way you should talk to your target audience.
  • How to write winning content, EVEN if you can't write a lick!
  • How to identify profitable campaigns fast.
  • DAMAGE CONTROL. What super simple steps you need to take when a campaign doesn't convert. This section is MUST when you have campaigns you are about to throw away. This info alone can prevent you from throwing away money!
  • Domination! CPA Winners Circle. Here I show the ONLY keyword research I do that has proven to be effective for me[/FONT][/SIZE].

Don't spend another second frustrated.


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