Facebook Lighthouse Effect

Hard Work Always Pays Off. Now, I dint get these results from day one. I used to struggle with creating ads. I remember creating campaigns and just wasting my money.I couldn't crack the code and I thought that to create good ads you need to be some kind of genius.After getting beaten down by Facebook I also read about banner blindness meaning that people just dont pay attention to the ads anymore so, I justified why I didn't get any results.

Imagine if you could...

  • Drop your traffic cost in half
  • Create attention grabbing ads
  • Capture your audience attention and convert them into customers
  • Create professional looking ads without hiring a designer
  • Double the click-through rate of your existing ads by doing just 5 minutes of work

Introducing Facebook Lighthouse Effect

In this 11 module video course you will learn how to create attention grabbing Facebook ads yourself and bring your advertising campaigns to a whole new level.

  • In module #1: You will learn how to equip yourself with designer level image editing software for free.
  • In module #2: You will discover how to avoid distortions in your ads. How to have your ads show up perfectly.
  • In module #3: You will learn what people subconsciously think when they see your ads.
  • In module #4: You will learn a simple strategy how to get your customers attention locked on your ad.
  • In module #5: You will discover how your click through rate can drop, if you arent carefully selecting pictures of people.
  • In module #6: You will learn a ninja psychology trick to get your ads clicked.
  • In module #7: You will learn a very powerful, but underutilized strategy to control the attention of your potential customers
  • In module #8: You will learn how to trick people into clicking your ads and still having a high conversion rate for your offer.
  • In module #9: You will learn my favorite strategy for creating successful ads.
  • In module #10: You will learn how to ensure that your ads are going to get approved by Facebook.
  • In module #11: You will learn what you need to avoid in ad creation, which gender is stronger in advertising and the secret sauce for choosing winning images.
  • In bonus module #12: You will learn an internet millionaires' ad creation strategy that helped him build a Facebook fan page with 1.8 million likes.

Information that Im offering you isnt easy to find. You might find one or two of my tricks in a $97 product about advertising.

A product with information like this could easily cost you $297 and you would be happy to pay that, but because you have bought Easy Facebook Profits you will get this for an insanely low price of only $17.


Liudas Butkus


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