Google Position Checker Comes with Master Resale Rights!

This Is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Check Your Websites Ranking Anybody with a website probably wants to know how their website ranks in search engines. But anybody who is SERIOUS about making 2014 their most profitable year whether it be webmaster, marketer or business owner NEEDS to know how their website ranks in search engines.It is a must. Why? Because its important to know how your website is doing so it can beoptimized to target more potential customers who search for your products and services on the Internet.And we all know that more potential customers meansMore MONEY coming to you!

First, lets focus on Google.

Since its the most popular and widely used search engine, its important to have a good monitoring and tracking systems for your websites on Google.

One of the best ways you can track your websites is by using tools like Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. These kinds of software are vitally important for gathering statistics on your website so that you know exactly how your website is performing at any given time.

Google Analytics, for example, will tell you how many hits your website has had, where they came from and even how long a person stayed on your website. When people visit a website, they also leave a sort of trail as to how they landed on that particular site.

This is useful because it can tell you from exactly where your visitors are coming from so you determine where your SEO strategy has been effective, and where it can use some improvement.

Another example is Google Webmaster Tools, an extremely valuable tool for any webmaster, which can show you crawl statistics and errors the spider found when crawling your site. Knowing this critical information can help you fix whats broken as soon as possible.

Both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will not only help give your customers a better experience, but they can also help you narrow down your target audience and bring in new customers who may or may not have heard of your business before.


Theres just one small, tiny problem

What Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools provide, in terms of actual search ranking, is your position for the top queries in which your site appears. What they DONTgive you is a way of easily checking your search position for ANY search terms you want.

And thats where the Google Position Checker comes in!

Google Position Checker is a very useful keyword rank checker tool that can help you determine your websites relevance for specific keywords. It shows you where your site is ranked in search engines for a keyword.

Simply enter your website and the search term you want to check, and youre done. You can see in what position your website appears almost instantly.

This is how it works

  • To see in what position your website appears, just enter your URL and keywords
  • The ranking results appear in the table below
  • Enter more URLs and keywords to compare your positions to competitor's ones
  • You can check up to XX keywords and XX websites all at once

This little information can have a HUGE IMPACT on your web traffic!

You will know which keyword is bringing more traffic to your website, and consequently decide which one to dump. By watching your ranking trends over a period of time, parallel to your SEO strategy testing, you can identify whether or not those particular strategies are working.

Webmasters and SEO experts use Google Position Checker all the time to see how their site ranks for keywords theyre targeting and also to check what keywords their website ranks for.

Why? Because they cant determine their success without specific tools that will help them improve their websites rankings. Thats why a good keyword rank checker is always important to monitor their sites success.

I mean

You Need Traffic, Right?

You need high quality traffic.

But heres the problem

You can't convert if you don't have traffic, and you can't have traffic from search engines unless you rank highly for your keywords.

Thats why knowing where you generally rank matters.

Watching the trend of your websites rankings in conjunction with your SEO strategiesmatters, and watching the progress (some ups and downs) of competing websitesmatters.

To simply watch Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data leaves so many opportunities on the table if you think that ranking reports are a waste of time or mostly insignificant.

Remember "Google Dance?

Old timers in the SEO world will remember the Google Dance, if not fondly, at least with some nostalgia. It was when Googles rankings went through a change each month, sometimes dramatically, when a new algorithm was launched.

When major Google algorithm updates or penalties happen, one of the QUICKEST ways to help analyze what happened is to track your websites rankings before and after for a variety of keywords. That alone will help you answer a lot of things like

  • Is the problem site-wide?
  • Is the problem related to a singular keyword?
  • Is the problem related to a group of closely related keywords?
  • Is the problem primarily impacting your most competitive keywords?

Yes, some of this type of data may be available in Google Analytics, but rather than having to hunt and probe for it, rank checking allows you to get a baseline idea of where the problem may be QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

Perhaps you've targeted a keyword which doesn't really have as much traffic as you thought it did. If you ignore ranking reports then you are removing a key step in figuring out whether the keyword is feasible or not, rather than looking at your analytics and guessing that it is feasible or not based on traffic.


You can track other websites as well!

You can see how your competitors are doing and to see if what they are doing will work for you. If it does, you can find ways of implementing some of their techniques into your own website. You can compare results for any given period, so its easy to plan your websites success or areas that need addressing.

There is another situation where you can use Google Position Checker and Google Analytics together to get the most out of your SEO campaign. Perhaps you are not getting traffic, or as much as you though given your research, but you are ranking #2 according to your reports.

Can you reasonable expect to rank in whatever position(s) are above the map? Can you get into the first Top 10 search results? Is PPC worthwhile for your campaign? Rarely is it useful to go off of one data point. This is how you use multiple data points together, to more appropriately manage your websites.

Using Google Position Checker and traffic numbers from Google Analytics together can help you determine whether to continue pursuing that particular keyword or not to continue Or maybe use some different strategies to win back the traffic you've lost.

See, tracking a websites rank is important.

You know it.

Your competitors know it.

And now is your chance to own Google Position Checker and put it on your website!

But Why Put Google Position Checker On Your Website?

The main benefit of having Google Position Checker on your website is obviously


You will get tons of high quality traffic simply because a lot of people need this tool so much. You can help your visitors monitor their websites as they continue using Google Position Checker on your website.

They can track their search engine rankings and easily identify which keywords they are already ranking well for and build on their success with a good search engine ranking checker.

And who's to thank for their success?


At this point, they will keep coming back to your website.

Again and again and again.

Having Google Position Checker on your website will make people to trust you and they will refer your website to others and it continues to spread like wildfire. You can easily get thousands of new customers and recruit hundreds of affiliates in any affiliate programs you wish to build.

Having Google Position Checker on your website, the benefits are twofold

  • First, you can check your own websites ranking regularly to make sure that you are employing the right SEO strategies that will help your website grow. Since you own the tool, you can use it all day, every day, with no further charges. There will be no monthly fees and absolutely no hidden fees.

Google Position Checker can help you track your and your competitors websites ranking faster and easier than any other keyword ranking checker tools out there

And that is how you stay AHEAD of the competition!

  • Second, you can offer Google Position Checker to your visitors, existing clients and customers for free to gain credibility and trust. They will love you for it and you will get tons of quality traffic.

It's a win-win situation!

You will get everything you need

  • You get the standalone PHP script
  • You get the Joomla version of the script
  • You get the WP version of the script
  • You get the instructions

And remember Google Position Checker is now a copy-paste process! Just load the script up to your website, enter the information we give you, and youre done.

This plug-and-go tool has been designed from the bottom up by my team of programmers to give you total ease of mind. Therefore, you dont need to learn any HTML, PHP, web design, coding or any other techie nonsense.

If you take action RIGHT NOW, you can own Google Position Checker for just $XX.

But, as usual

You Must Act Fast.

My last software launch sold out within 24 hours. Many missed out.

Im sure many will miss out again. But I do this only to protect the early birds from the consequences of market saturation that results from an excessive sale. Only the quick will reap the rewards.

So, when I say this is a very limited-time offer, I really mean it.

When the slots are full, that's it, the slots are full.

No second chances. No re-opening, no re-selling, no re-offering.

So make a decision RIGHT NOW...


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