How to Defend Yourself - 10 BATTLE-PROVEN Techniques to Keep You Safe in the Street

Uncover the DEADLIEST Hand to Hand Combat Secrets On the Planet Exclusively Reserved for Elite Navy Seals and Special Forces Operatives..For the 1st time ever... an exciting opportunity to gain EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the most LETHAL Hand to Hand Combat Secrets ever discovered, right at your fingertips.Introducing: The ULTIMATE Close Combat Self Defense GuidebookDiscover What 99.9% Of People Don't Know About Defending Themselves. Please pay CLOSE attention as this information could save your life

Are you tired of being intimidated by egotistical posers and wannabe gangsters?

Would you like to feel the freedom of walking down the street knowing you could defend yourself at a moments notice?

How about having the lifesaving ability to protect your family and loved ones?

How about gaining that unshakable confidence you know you deserve?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then this book is for you

How to Defend Yourself 10 Battle-Proven Techniques to Keep You Safe in the Street is short, informative and to the point.

It has been written to provide useful, practical information on the most effective Close Combat Self Defense techniques in the world.

This book is essential for anyone wishing to know how to defend themselves quickly and easily.

It shows step by step how to execute only the most effective hand to hand combat techniques that have been tried, tested and proven in all possible scenarios over the last 100 years and explains them in a clear and direct manner so that anyone regardless of age or fitness level can defend themselves.

Finally Practical Self Defense for the 21st Century

These techniques are the best of the best, and at the end of the guide youll get exclusive access to our detailed training videos demonstrating them in REAL LIFE scenarios that will PROVE just how effective they really are.

This is a must have, street smart guidebook that may challenge your philosophies, but if youve been searching for the fastest, quickest, easiest way to learn to protect yourself, one way or another How to Defend Yourself 10 Battle-Proven Techniques to Keep You Safe in the Street will give you exactly what youre looking for.


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