How To Grow and Care for Bonsai Trees

How To Sculpt, Trim and Prune Beautiful Bonsai Trees And Have Fun At The Same Time!Learn And Master The Art Of Bonsai And Find Out Why The Japanese Revere This As a True Art Form!Dear Future Bonsai Master:The art of bonsai has been around for years. Its culture is deeply rooted in the Asian culture and it adds not only a touch of class to your garden and home, but it also can provide a beautifully sedate focus for relaxation and meditation right in your own home!

The Japanese believe in simplicity when it comes to aesthetics. What could be more beautiful than a simply crafted tiny version of a normal sized tree? An old Chinese proverb says

The Man Who Removes A Mountain Begins By Removing A Few Small Stones.

This is the art of bonsai: You take a tree that is meant to grow many feet tall and allowing it only to grow a foot or two.

Many people new to bonsai are daunted by the task that awaits them. After all, growing bonsai takes time. It takes patience and diligence to craft your own bonsai work of art, and in a world of instant gratification like ours, its often difficult for people to wait to see results in their work.

You will learn so much about yourself and what you are capable of when you begin to start your bonsai journey. Patience is one of those things. Who couldnt use more of that!?

Even though the tree is small, the rewards are HUGE! Some dont know where to start. With all the information that is available out there, it can be confusing.

Be Confused No More!

With the benefit of this book Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Pruning, and Sculpting, you can learn how to craft your own bonsai tree into a beautiful work of art. Inside these pages, you will find tons of information to help you in creating a bonsai you can be proud of.

Do you know:

  • The five styles of bonsai tree sculpting?
  • Whether bonsai should be grown inside or outside?
  • How to find which types of trees are best suited to bonsai?
  • How to make a tree stay small making it a true Bonsai?
  • How to sculpt the tree to make it look like you dream it would?

After you read this comprehensive guide, you will know all of these answers and so much more!

What This Book Covers:Bonsai History

  • Bonsai History
  • Bonsai Styles
  • Formal Upright
  • Informal Upright
  • Growing Indoors or Outdoors
  • Bonsai Tool Box
  • Grow From Seeds or Buy Trees?
  • Trees Best Suited For Bonsai
  • What to Look For In Your Tree
  • Planting the Bonsai
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Wiring
  • When to Wire
  • Watering and Fertilizing
  • Repotting the Bonsai
  • Seasonal Care
  • Displaying Your Bonsai
  • General Tips

Weve taken advice and tips from those who are in the know and put it together right here in one convenient package. You can get started creating your own bonsai trees just by buying this book.

Taking that tree and cultivating it into a miniature form of itself is an art form. YOU can create that art. with Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Pruning, and Sculpting a definitive guide to get you on your way.

Youll not only get information on bonsai trees, youll learn how to craft them into a work of art. Well tell you how to:

  • Plant your bonsai
  • Prune and trim your bonsai into the style you want
  • Wire the tree
  • When and how to water and fertilize
  • Repotting the plant
  • Where and how to display your bonsai
  • Taking care of outdoor bonsai in cold weather
  • And much, much more!

Lao Tzu, a Japanese philosopher said

The Biggest Problem In The World Could Have Been Solved When It Was Small.

By growing and viewing these miniature masterpieces, youll see this quote come to life and realize that when we take the time to craft life, it can make everything else seem much smaller in comparison!

From the moment you leave the nursery with your seedling to the first time you wire the trees trunk, youll see how we can take not only the tree, but our lives as well and mold them into what we envision in our minds.

You can learn about life through bonsai. It all starts with a strong root base and then allowing those roots to fuel what nature provides naturally growth and beauty.

Get Started Today!

This is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. Discover fulfillment in your Bonsai gardening.

Order Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Pruning, and Sculpting to help you along your way. Theres nothing to worry about with this book.

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Youll Enjoy A 100 Percent 30-day Money-Back Guarantee! A No-quibble refund to ensure confidence and satisfaction

Happy growing!

Dan Sullivan


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