Keyword Formula

In fact, I have used these exact techniques to find BUYER keywords since 2007. I am not sure why this information is not more common other than the fact that many people try to protect this information. This course will show you how to find the EXACT buyer keywords regardless of what Google does ...all i can say is wow.. This course is worth 10X the amount I am selling it for because it will show you the vital FIRST step towards your financial freedom. I am selling this at this low cost to help others and to provide information I wish I had in the beginning.

Just Imagine...

You have just bought KeywordFormula, a course that reveals a very powerful secret to you.

And as you go through each module, you quickly realize that this is like no other course you have ever seen.

As you continue to go through the modules, you come to another realization......

That this information is not only real, but you can use it, understand it...and most of all....

Take the next step and profit.

You are about to discover a coveted secret to keyword research......A secret that took me a long time to find out.

In fact, this is my best secret to keyword research.

Way back in 2010...I Discovered a Time Tested Secret

I discovered a ninja way that handed over the right keywords for ANY market I wanted to get into. In minutes, I had profitable keywords that I KNEW would make money on the offer I was promoting.

Fast forward 4 years later, these keywords are STILL delivering and they ALWAYS will.

Since 2010, I have seen only 1 person reveal just a portion of this exact formula. This formula is one of the reason why they can quickly get into different markets, find the lucrative keywords and start their SEO campaigns with the keywords they can rank for.

What is Keyword Formula?

Keyword formula is a ninja way to perform keyword research that allows you to find more profitable and easy to rank keywords without having to resort to the normal, run of the mill way we have been taught to find keywords for your market.

The Old, Poor Method does not work! It leaves people broke, confused and worst of all... discouraged to the point where they may give up on their dream of freedom altogether!

Think about it, if you keep picking the wrong targets, you only increase your frustration.

Frustration that does NOT have to be there.

Don't Put YOUR FUTURE In The Hands Of The Traditional Method That Never Worked In The First Place!

But, it's NOT YOUR FAULT! Listen, I was taught the same NONSENSE too that does not work and it will won't produce the results you NEED to succeed!

I was taught the same methods, I invested in tools, some helped, and others didn't. But what these tools did not tell me was...

If I was on the money trail or not!

Sure, I could see the search volume, competition, but that is not enough!


If you rely on SEO of any type(domains, articles, Youtube, etc.), you NEED the right keywords.

In fact, your livelihood depends on it.

But, you know this.

What you might not know is how easily this can be done.

Even if You Hate Keyword Research, You Will LOVE This!

This method is not only fun, but it takes out ALL of the guesswork out of finding the real gems, the keywords that entire PROFITABLE businesses are built around.

FACT:Unless we find profitable and easy to rank keywords, we may never see a single penny from all of our hard work we put into SEO.

I am sure you have read and bought a lot of WSO's about Keyword Research, but I am pretty sure you have never seen it like this. If you have, then you are already MILES ahead of the competition and have more profitable and easy to rank keywords than you have time to implement.

I have the same problem. It's a great problem to have.

Don't know where to start sometimes?

Whew, I sure remember those days. I remember looking at my screen, scratching my head thinking...

I hope this is right...Well, that never ended well.

For those who have ever felt discouraged.....

This Formula will Come as a Breath of Fresh Air to Those Who are Seeking an EASY and RELIABLE Formula that will Deliver The RIGHT KEYWORDS Every Time.

I know it was for me when I discovered it.

In fact, as I mentioned I have been quietly using this method since 2009-10.

This formula will give you the power you are looking for. It will give you the feeling you have been seeking that accompanies success.

This formula will SET YOU FREE if you are lost have no idea where to begin.

How do I know this? Because this is exactly what it did not for me.

And I was just like a lot of people here. I dreamed about the freedom an online business would give me, but I had no idea where to begin, who to listen to, and what to invest in that would not waste my time.

That my friend, is another reason why I am sharing this here. I know how painful it is to head in the wrong direction without any help. This is where I was when I first began, and this does not have to happen to you.

After KeywordFormula, your question won't be, 'Which Keywords?", But, "Which Keywords First?". It's literally that powerful. Remember, you don't have to keep struggling in this area. There is a much better way.

Keyword Formula Comes With 9 Videos and a Process Map:

  • Introduction To The Secret. This is where we start with a bang and show you what the basis of YOUR keyword research will forever be. In fact, once you learn how to conduct proper keyword research, you will know why I continually mention that those who research this way will ALWAYS have an edge. In fact, it will help you develop skills that can be profitable in other ways also. In fact, I did not learn how to get keywords from reading, listening or trying to learn from other in the SEO field. In fact, I call it a divince "accident" as to why and how I "stumbled" across this. Continue reading the other points because I really don't like blind copy, but if I told you, I would just cause more confusion and would end up hurting more people that I was helping. You know the old bible proverb, "Zeal without knowledge is not profitable". The same will apply here.
  • Common Research Errors - There are a lot of fundamental errors that both new and advanced SEO's make with their keyword research. To illustrate this point, the common way that keyword research is done today is usually the LAST step that I take and that is just to dig a little deeper to see if there are any scattered gems that I may have missed. It is never the "go-to" method because it is too "blind".
  • Advantages of Each Offer You Promote
  • How To Get REAL Buying Keyword That Have Been Tested
  • The Old Method, Buyer Keywords and Our End Goal
  • SEO, PPC and Our Go To Free Tool
  • Drill Deep With Our Proven Keywords
  • How To Use Google The Right Way
  • Over The Should Proven Niche Research
  • Keyword Formula Process Map

Keyword Formula will be live for a short time at this price.


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