Make money playing GOLDENTOWNS

Make virtual gold playing a free online strategy game. Learn 10 ways to earn virtual gold in Goldentowns. Hello Warriors,GoldenTowns is an online browser game that allows players to earn real money. It has a virtual currency - virtual gold - which can be mined inside the game. The virtual gold can be sold instantly for real money at the exchange rate of 3 euros ($4) for 1 gold. The GoldenTowns gold coins (GTC) can also be used as an online crypto-currency (similar to bitcoins).This is a very fun and catchy game. It has nice graphics and it is complex enough to offer different strategies for players. When you sign up for the game you receive a small little town which you have to develop and grow until it generates enough resources to start mining gold.

Here are the latest transactions made with virtual gold and real money in the game. Although the virtual gold can only be sold for euros, the euros can be easily converted to US dollars (or any other currency) within Paypal.

Read this guide carefully to learn a Goldentowns strategy that will help you gain levels faster. Here I tell you many tips and secrets to show you how to be better than other players in this game.

In this guide you will learn:

  • 10 ways in which you can get gold by playing (page 6)
  • the biggest mistake that players make which causes them to lose money (page 5)
  • the easiest strategy to get gold (page 29)
  • best GoldenTowns tutorial on how to upgrade your town fast (page 23)
  • inside tips and tricks
  • a great way to get gold as an internet marketer, even if you arent interested in playing the game (page 12)


Buy this GoldenTowns guide today by clicking the button below and, as a bonus, along with this guide, you will also get a pdf which presents other 4 online games like this one!!!


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