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If You Haven't Built Recurring Revenue Into Your Business... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??Learn The Key Lessons For Building Ongoing Income Through Membership Programs. Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,Whenever I coach new entrepreneurs, one of the first concepts we talk about is "embracing unpredictability". When you run a business (online or offline), you better be prepared to deal with huge adversity when it comes to customers, partners, competitors and INCOME!This is a HARD concept for people to grasp when they come from the mindset and the belief that you should find a job, work hard, and count on a steady paycheck.

Despite having no idea how I was going to check off that last box in my entrepreneurial check list, I went ahead and built my own business because it was something I HAD to do for myself.

And I'm going to be honest. The freedom and independence I created for myself was amazing but it did nothing to pay the bills! For the first few years of my entrepreneurial career I would go from deal to deal living in a constant state of instability... simply because I did not know whether or not I was going to generate enough cash to pay all of my expenses.

Fortunately I was able to sign some larger deals to prevent my business from going under but you can imagine the pressure it put on me month after month. I was constantly trying to drum up new business and never sure if my efforts would actually "pay off" in the end.

That's when I decided to look at how I was getting paid. I was operating from the false assumption that I needed to service one client at a time. The answer had been staring me in the face but I simply didn't see it.

That's the funny thing about operating with your back against the wall. You will sometimes push yourself to a new solution or new idea that wouldn't have occurred to you otherwise.

I looked around and saw many successful business owners operating membership sites, forums, newsletters, etc... and being paid for their efforts month after month. I *KNEW* that this was going to be a key to my ultimate success in business so I just put my head down and went for it.

While the road has been a bit bumpy along the way, I was able to build 2 membership programs that have paid me the ongoing revenue that I was so desperately searching for in those early years.


If there is one thing I have learned in the past few years as a business owner, it is the fact that you can NEVER stop learning, studying, improving, growing and adapting.

I had a successful membership business running but I wanted to build it to the next level. So instead of blindly throwing ideas at the wall, I decided to tap into the mind of someone who was operating at a level that I wanted to get to.

Dennis is the founder of a very popular membership program called Earn 1k A Day. Dennis has hundreds and hundreds of happy members with and he has been successfully running the site for 7 years. When you consider the life span of the average internet based business these days... 7 years is INCREDIBLE.

Dennis was nice enough to sit down with me and let me pick his brain for 75 minutes about everything he has learned it comes to the business of membership sites and recurring revenue.

What Do You Get?

This product is broken into 5 parts and has been designed in a way to give you the BEST opportunity at success when it comes to building your own membership-based business.

  • 75 Minute Audio Interview. This is the full, unedited Skype conversation with Dennis Becker and hosted by Justin Popovic. It covers everything about how Dennis has been able to build such a well known and highly successful membership forum. He holds nothing back and gives you TONS of actionable steps that you can follow immediately in your own membership business pursuits.
  • Full Interview Transcription. Listening to an entire hour and fifteen minute audio recording is not practical for everyone, nor does it suit all learning styles. So the entire interview has been transcribed into a formatted report that you can read at your own pace and pull out the pieces that make sense for you.
  • 8 Page PDF Interview Summary. To give you the most critical learning components of this program. a short 8 page summary guide has been put together for your convenience.
  • A Video Summary Of Key Lessons Learned. In this video, program creator, Justin Popovic combines his own membership tips along with lessons learned from Dennis during the interview with him. The combination of both perspectives has been recorded into a 30 minute, post-interview video presentation.
  • A Personal Preparation Guide.Following all of the principles covered in the first 3 pieces, this final document gives you a place to start. Use this document as you go through the content and simply answer all of the questions within. Once you have completed this document, you will have done more planning and research than either Dennis or Justin (and probably many other membership site owners) had done at the start of our businesses. This will give you a "leg up" and get you off to a successful start as well as help you reduce the amount of pain and frustration you feel in the early stages of development.


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