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The Amazing Online Money Making Secrets That You've Always Wanted To Know, But Nobody Would Ever Dare Share With You!You Just Stumbled On A Goldmine, So Stake Your Claim Before It's Taken.Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,I don't know how you landed on this page, but I do know that you just landed on a goldmine.And I do know that you want to know how to make more in one hour than you ever could by working for a company or some lame boss that only wants to pay you a certain amount of pesos per every hour you work... believe me, I've tried that, and it doesn't add up to much at the end of the month.. (am I right?)Look! With the online marketing industry you leverage your hours by having multiple income streams work for you every day, so the possibilities are endless..

You could be making sales while you sleep too.. what lame boss is going to pay you while you're in bed sleeping at home.. (If yours does then stop reading this page now)

OK, I see you're still here, so back to this new way of thinking that I'm about to share with you...

You see, this is why I left school back in the 70's... (They lie and have you believe you have to work for other folks to survive) I mean how far from the truth could this be.. My idea is for you to be the boss (the vendor) and have 100's or 1000's of folks working for you...

Plus you never have to leave your couch if you don't want to, Heck... you can even do it while on vacation in the Bahamas, or out on your deck relaxing in the morning sunshine.. not in some road rage infested traffic nightmare in and out of work everyday that is just stressing you out until you have that inevitable mental breakdown, and get left with a paycheck about the size of some paperboys with 120 customers on his route by the time the bloodsuckers take it all..

I mean be Serious with me... am I right or am I right?

Now. with the Internet this has all changed the way smart folks like you and I can make a good living from home, and that happened like 10 years ago, which I'm sure you've heard of unless you've been hiding under a rock with the salamanders in the Yellowstone Park for the last 10 years...

Which I highly doubt you have been..

You see, the problem with most other folks that try to start an online empire, is they totally fail from the start (yes like 95%) and for the simple reason of just not knowing the basic steps to follow and (how to put the pieces of the puzzle) in the right places to have the tested and proven systems that have worked since the beginning of time, together in the right manner for sales..

(that's the only reason they fail and waste money and time)

And some folks even spend 1000's and 1000's of hard earned dollars on eCourses and products

that may just be another shiny object for there emotional high to be fulfilled and then just crash down like a crackhead after taking his last Puff, or even worse don't even try to apply the bits and pieces they just purchased... (and just leave it on their computer just to collect digital dust)

Well this isn't going to be you OK? You don't deserve it, and it's NOT going to happen under my watch!

You're going to be taught by an online professional (Which everyone needs when starting out)

As an Ex Union Truck Driver to say the least, that had enough of driving in the nightmare back and forth to Boston for 13 years, and even had a massive heart attack at the age of 49, and if he wasn't lucky enough to be 2 blocks from Mass General Hospital, wouldn't be here to teach you at this very time and moment...

Luckily for me, while I was taking a few weeks off to rest after my massive life threatening scare, my company got another truck driver. This left me no option but to pursue my part time dream of online marketing to full time status and really dig in and learn everything I could about it even more...

I had already been building my newsletter list since 2001, and I would always hear from my readers about how they bought some course and it was just another piece of the puzzle but not everything they needed to get the system rolling and make some real money for once as they thought.. (And this would always get me steaming as I know how these products work)

So 3 years ago, I started building an online Mentoring and Training site, a different sort of site

that actually shows You over my shoulder videos, full screen videos, zoom in videos, so you could actually really see the How To's of the inside real process of how to do these steps in an easy to follow fashion that would have you up and running in a couple of days, NOT years!

Video Tutorials like:

  • How to be the vendor and NOT the affiliate..
  • How to create your own digital goldmines..
  • How to have affiliates make more for you..
  • How to create monetized Wordpress sites..
  • How to make money giving free stuff away..
  • How to build huge optin lists to mail to..
  • How to add automated emails to go out..
  • How to make sales funnels with my software..
  • How to create buyers out of your readers..
  • How to get targeted traffic to your niches..
  • How to find the right niches to get into...
  • How to upload your products to your hosting..
  • How to have multiple income streams monthly..

And so much more that you'll be able to watch whenever you choose, because my training site is open year round 24 hours a day for you to learn at your convenience (not mine)

And I answer my emails from my readers and students too, that means if you are in need of answers, you get them. (I read my emails and they come directly to me like they should)

So here's my proposal to all struggling entrepreneurs, newcomers, or even advanced online marketers that have been doing this for years. (I even know some tricks and tips for you as well)

Try me out, grab my unique videos, watch them and follow my lead, use my software to create stunning landing pages that I show you exact steps on how to use.. (keep the software too)

It's yours just for trying out my Master Plan... Download all my products in the IM Mastermind Vault also.. (those are also yours to keep and profit from even if you decide to leave)

And if you are NOT Totally blown away with my knowledge of How To's?

Just send me an email and let me know that you have truly tried and set up my applications as taught and sent some traffic (which I show you how to get) to your landing pages and business funnels. and if they didn't work as promised I will give you a full refund for at least taking time and taking a chance on me...

Now the best part of this page is yet to come, you took the time to read this page for me, and it is going to be reduced here today because you did.. Most of my friends would call me insane for not charging $5000.00 or $10,000.00 for showing folks how to make monthly income from sitting at home, (even if you only made an extra $1000.00 a month) that would be an extra $12,000 per year in your pocket that you didn't have before, right? (But you may go on to make a lot more than that) I can't say you will as I do not know how you will apply my teachings...

But I will say that I do very well, and most of my associates are millionaires now in just a few years time..

And you will be learning from a really humble mentor that cares about your true online success and that takes the time with his students when they need him most, I even give you my phone number... (Just don't call to pick my brain for hours though, LOL) that would be my private service! But I am here if you have difficulties after watching my over the shoulder videos..

So For A Limited Time Only, I Am Offering A Trial Period For New Students In 2015!

And It's Wide Open Too - Nothing Is Held Back!

You Have Nothing To Lose, But Everything To Gain Today..

An Online Mentors 15 Years Now Of Online Knowledge!

And I'd Really Hate Myself If You Would NOT Let Me At Least Share My Success Secrets With You For 3 Full Days!

To Your Online Success, With My Help,

Roy Fielding


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