Minisite Riches

Features and benefits:Software creates complete WordPress niche minisites for you in just minutes. Simple install requires no tech skills (you dont even need to install WordPress). Minisites are completely customizable add or change content, plugins, affiliate products, site layout, or anything else. Responsive theme looks great on computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Professional lightbox opt-in form set on customizable time delay builds your niche lists on autopilot
  • Amazon, Clickbank, and Adsense ads on every page generate hands-free commissions for you
  • Eye-catching graphics and images and a clean layout draws in visitors and keeps them on your pages to make you more money
  • Terms and legal pages included automatically to keep your site in compliance and make search engines happy for higher rankings
  • SEO Optimized with a plugin you can customize to rank your site high for any keywords you choose
  • Social sharing icons on every page to generate viral traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more

Here's What You Get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to download the software, watch the training videos and get started in minutes
  • Create list-building, commission-generating minisites in 3 hot proven niches.
  • You Get 3 Niche Sites Including:
  • Unlimited personal use license so create as many sites in each niche as you want
  • Every niche minisite is a real WordPress site so you can customize everything
  • Sites are 100% customizable so you can change look & feel, content, monetization
  • Create sites in minutes with no tech skills (dont even install WordPress 1st)
  • Sites generate complete with all content and monetization already setup
  • Every site includes lightbox opt-in form on timer to build your niche list automatically
  • Minisites have professional, clean look & feel on computers, tablets, and mobile
  • Eye-catching graphics and images are included on every minisite to grab visitors
  • Legal and terms pages are all included so search engines will love your sites
  • SEO optimized with a plugin you can customize specific to your site
  • Social sharing buttons on every page and post for free viral traffic
  • Full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • With this 3 site purchase, you will get the opportunity to purchase our bulk Niche Sites Purchase Packages.
  • We have 3 Niches Sites Packages options which are the 10 Bulk Site Package, 20 Bulk Site Package, Blank Minisite Template (Create Your Own Customized Money Making Sites), and Install Services.
  • So after the 3 site purchase, you will be given the opportunity to purchase these other packages.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Try Minisite Riches risk-free for 30 full days. If you dont believe its worth 10 TIMES your investment for any reason, just submit a ticket at our helpdesk and well deactivate your software and refund 100% of your money.


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