Show Biz Warrior - Boot Camp For Entertainers

The Journey. Yes, magic can be a tricky business. You learn some great routines and eventually build a good show. Youre booking steady gigs and have some early success. But at some point, you decide its time to ramp it up and go for the gold.You make the decision to go all-in, but unfortunately, this is where many artists get stuck. Youve reached a plateau in earnings capacity, and business growth has all but stopped. Your inconsistent income and growing business expenses keep you in a constant state of stress, worry, and frustration.You eventually get to a point where its no longer about providing great entertainment because youre spending all of your time and energy on basic financial survival.

The Plan

Having a solid game plan points you in the right direction, but executing at a high level is the real key.

By continuously developing both your artistic and professional skills, your business will grow to the point where your show business success is no longer a pipe dream, but a constant reality.

Without a plan, you can forget setting goals. If you decide to skip the development phase, then dont even waste time on a business plan. Seriously, if you dont plan to improve, then why set goals?

The Pit

I was the guy working restaurants doing table magic for six hours a night making only $75. On a busy night, I could make an additional $20 in tips.

I would usually take all the low paying gigs that nobody wanted because I needed the $150 to keep my lights turned on.

I remember pulling up to a gig in my piece of a crap car then deciding to self-park instead of using the valet because I was embarrassed by my rusty ride.

One of the most humiliating moments of my career was running into an old friend, and he asks me if I was still doing that clown thing? This conversation took place 17 years ago, and I still get pissed just thinking about it.

Theres nothing wrong with clowns, and I dont dislike them, but Im an Award Winning Sleight-of-Hand Artist with a bright future. This idiot just called me a clown, and I just wanted to punch him the jaw.

The Breakthrough

My friends innocent question not only upset me, but eventually changed my life. It got me thinking about my business, and how I got my personal branding and marketing completely wrong.

I spent the next 30 days completely reworking my business model, and the results were nothing short of amazing. During one month, I tripled my performance fee from $350 to $1,000 and picked up three new corporate clients who gave me all the business I could handle. I simply raised my price 250% to attract better clients.

I had just figured out the Holy Grail of booking gigs, and it took me getting humiliated to do it. I was no longer the Court Jester but now the King.

From that day forward I became a Show Biz Warrior and didnt look back. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was never going through that kind of humiliation ever again.

The Why?

If youve watched any of my trainings you know that Im a serial entrepreneur that does magic. Ive performed professionally for over 40 years and have worked Theaters, Casinos, Comedy Clubs, Corporate Boardrooms and everything in between.

I also do a ton of corporate sales training, and my specialty is taking people earning $400 a week to $50,000 a year. Once again we are talking about a 250% increase for those I help develop and train.

Whether its building a better act, booking more shows or raising your rates, my strategies and tactics will work for you. I created this course to help you reach your full potential as a sucessful entertainer. You will quickly find that I hold nothing back in this training.

Ill see you in the members area!


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