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Here's How You Can MASSIVELY Boost Your Affiliate Commissions With Almost Zero Effort. Can Be Used On Any Site - Including WordPress Blogs. Dear Friend, As you probably know, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just need to direct people to a website, in order to get paid valuable commissions.But this simplicity has resulted in massive competition - with more and more people now signing up as affiliates.

So thousands of affiliates now promote the same affiliate programs, chasing the same customers to buy the same products.

It's little wonder that many marketers have resorted to using special "secret tools" to give them an edge over other affiliates.

Until recently these special tools were only available in expensive scripts costing hundreds of dollars - putting them way out of reach of the "little guy".

But now with our superb new UltraMaxed software, you'll gain immediate access to a whole arsenal of powerful affiliate tools...

Increase Profits Using Link Cloaking

This is not rocket science - in fact it's the most basic affiliate solution - but it's amazing how many affiliates are still missing out on this essential "trick".

In an independently conducted test where the exact same email was sent to two groups of 4000 people - with the only difference in the emails being the link - over eight times as many people clicked on the cloaked link as clicked on the original affiliate link.

That's over eight times as much money, without any extra effort!

While I cannot promise that you'll see the same increase, you will almost certainly see a substantial increase from using cloaked links.

Stop Selfish People Stealing Your Money

Link cloaking doesn't just boost the number of clicks. It also provides protection against the very common problem of "link hacking".

This is when your visitors or subscribers "hack" your affiliate link - either to steal your commission or just to stop you earning a commission (there really are a lot of people out there who dislike the idea that you make money just for providing a link).

Using link cloaking makes it much harder for people to hack your links, putting more money in your pocket for almost zero effort.

Simply by using link cloaking, you can boost your response - and protect your commissions - all at once.

With UltraMaxed, it takes about 2 seconds to add link cloaking to a link.

Boosting and protecting your commissions has never been so easy.

Promote Two Things At Once For FREE!

Why promote one thing, when you can promote two things at once at no extra cost?

"Link branding" is a special form of link cloaking, offering all the benefits of link cloaking but with a valuable extra benefit too.

With link branding a small message is shown in a small strip shown either above or below the sales page.

You can put any message you want in this message strip, including a link to any site you want.

To see an example of what this looks like, click here (opens in a new browser window).

Using link branding gives you additional opportunities to promote something else as well - or even to encourage the visitor to return back to your website if they decide not to buy.

With UltraMaxed, it's really easy to add link branding to any link. Just select the required option from a drop-down list, then enter your message and link.

Now it's a quick and easy job to promote two things at once, boosting your profit opportunities with zero extra cost.

Stop Greedy Or Sloppy Merchants From Throwing Away Your Cash!

Most affiliate marketers are familiar with link cloaking and branding - but few have even heard of the much more powerful "covert linking".

That means by using UltraMaxed, you have a powerful edge over your competitors.

Covert linking (also known as "page bypassing") allows you to send visitors to any page on any site, while still getting your affiliate commission as normal.

Here's a couple of ways you can use this solution to boost your profits... Case 1 - Bypass Loss Making Squeeze Pages

If there is a squeeze page in front of the sales page for the product you're promoting, you can bypass the squeeze page, sending visitors directly to the sales page.

Why would you want to do this?

The original concept of a squeeze page was as a front-end to a quality follow-up autoresponder sequence - with each of the follow-up emails automatically containing your affiliate ID, to maximize your chances of getting paid.

This is a win-win scenario. The affiliate gets a much higher chance of making a sale, while the product owner gets more subscribers.

Many reputable marketers offering a major product or service do still do this.

However there are a lot of marketers now just throwing up a squeeze page with little or no follow-up - purely to build their own list - with no benefit to their affiliates.

Not only does this mean you giving away subscribers for no benefit - but even worse - all those visitors who decide not to opt in are just lost commissions for you.

A good follow-up email series will more than make up for those losses - but if there isn't a proper follow-up system in place, you're just throwing away money.

But now, with UltraMaxed's covert linking feature, you can bypass these worthless squeeze pages instantly and automatically.

Just select the "Covert Linking" option from the drop-down list on the software - and enter the actual direct web address of the sales page.

UltraMaxed will send all your visitors directly to the sales page, while still ensuring that you get paid your commissions.

You can even create your own squeeze page for the product, then send visitors directly to the sales page if you want, effectively replacing the squeeze page with your own - building your own moneymaking subscriber list.

Case 2 - Bypass Loss Making Sales Pages

Covert linking is not limited to bypassing squeeze pages.

You can bypass the whole sales page if you want.

If you've found a great product which has a weak sales page, you can write your own sales page and then send visitors direct to the order link.

You can even send people direct from an article or an email straight to the order link - and still get paid your commission.

This gives you a MASSIVE advantage over other affiliates promoting the same product, who'll be stuck sending their visitors to the poor quality sales page.

This can easily turn you into the top affiliate for the product - earning tons of money with little or no competition.

Covert linking is a powerful but little used strategy for boosting commissions. That's because most affiliates have no idea that this method exists - let alone how to deploy it.

But with your copy of UltraMaxed, you can deploy this powerful income boosting solution instantly - with almost zero effort.

Stop Commission Loss Totally - By Making Your Affiliate Links Obsolete!

With UltraMaxed's powerful "embedded links" feature, you can earn affiliate commissions without your visitors seeing any visible traces that you are promoting an affiliate program.

In fact this solution actually plants your affiliate cookies completely independently of the visitor clicking on your links.

This can be useful in cases where visible affiliate links could undermine sales - or where there is a serious risk of affiliate commission loss.

For example, if you're offering an independent review of a product, you can instantly lose all its credibility if the site appears to be promoting an affiliate link. However with embedded links, you can provide a direct link to the sales page - and still get paid.

You even get paid if someone lands on your page then navigates to the sales page directly without clicking on your link at all.

Consider a case where someone likes the sound of what you're promoting, but decides to search on Google for product reviews before ordering - then ends up going direct to the sales page from Google without ever clicking on your link.

In a normal case, you lose your commission - but with embedded links, you still get paid.

Embedded links is a powerful solution for promoting affiliate programs from any website.

Most affiliates have no idea that this method exists - let alone how to deploy it.

But with your copy of UltraMaxed, you can deploy this powerful income boosting solution instantly - with almost zero effort.

Weed Out Weak Affiliate Programs And Find The Most Profitable - On Autopilot

There are usually lots of different websites offering similar products or services - and you need to find the one that makes you the most money.

Why not let UltraMaxed do this for you on autopilot?

Just enter two or more affiliate links promoting similar products into UltraMaxed. The script can handle up to eight affiliate links.

The software will automatically split your traffic equally between the links.

Now you just wait and see which pays you the most - then switch to just promoting this single link.

With UltraMaxed, finding the most profitable affiliate program is as easy as pie.

All This For One Low Price...

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the best solutions for generating an income online.

There's no customer support, no hassle and no risks. Just send people to a website and automatically get paid lucrative commissions on every resulting sale.

BUT with so much money available for so little effort, lots of people are now jumping on the affiliate bandwagon - all fighting for the same commissions.

That's why you need an edge over the competition for your affiliate marketing

...and there is nothing better anywhere on the Internet than UltraMaxed.

Let's just quickly recap the powerful features of this superb software...

  • Boost click-through rates and profits
  • Protect your links from lost commissions through hacking
  • Promote two things at once using link branding
  • Bypass loss-making squeeze and sales pages using covert linking
  • Get paid even if visitors don't click your link, by using embedded links
  • Find the most profitable affiliate program for any type of product
  • Keep all your affiliate links together for easy management
  • Instantly replace dead or poor-performing affiliate links
  • Track clicks with detailed stats for all your affiliate links
  • Track all your ads with detailed stats

If you were to buy separate software tools to do all these tasks, you could easily end up paying hundreds of dollars.

But I want to level the playing field by making these valuable affiliate marketing tools available to ordinary affiliates like you - not just to the gurus with their big budgets.

That's why - if you order today - you'll get your own copy of this software - complete with the valuable affiliate training resources.


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