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READY TO BEAT MARKET BOSSES LIKE BRAD GOSSE AT THEIR OWN GAME AND GET ON JV LEADERBOARDS?If you're tired of not seeing YOUR name on launch leaderboards and are ready to make bigger affiliate commissions (even with a small list), then this is for YOU.My "Lazy Leaderboard" Strategy Can Help You Increase Your Commissions, Even If:You Have A Tiny List. I've spent years helping others launch products and build their lists. Now MY OWN list sucks. This strategy helps me leverage what I have. You Don't Have Time. I'm a very busy person and don't have time to implement big extensive email campaigns. This strategy takes very little time to use.You Are Just LAZY. Maybe you like to relax and put in a minimal effort. Once initial setup is done, you'll put a small amount of time in for each promo... then take a nap.

Dear Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

Are you promoting product launch after product launch with only a trickle of commissions coming in...

Tired of reading those big congratulatory emails, talking about the top sellers and the big prizes they won, without ever seeing YOUR name on those leaderboards?

I know what you're going through...

I'm Pat Flanagan, and I've been in Internet Marketing since 1997.

You'd think I'd be knocking out launch leaderboards with 18 years in the biz under my belt, but I'm not.

You see, for the past few years, I've been helping other marketers launch their own products (and thus, build their own lists). During this time, I haven't been releasing products, so my own buyers list has gotten pretty pathetic.

I know tons of marketers who are always hitting me up to promote their new products. And let me tell you, it's pretty embarrassing to mail for your friends and get little results.

Don't get me wrong, I was making good money with affiliate promos... I just knew I was leaving money on the table.

I Knew There Was A Strategy That Would Work... I Just Had To Find It.

I tried every tweak and trick I could think of...

  • Sneaky Subject Lines
  • Long "Open" Sales Copy (Totally explaining and preselling the product within the email)
  • Short "Blind" Sales Copy
  • Offering Gigantic Bonuses
  • Sending Freebies To Improve Engagement (that actually got me unsubscribes!)
  • Sending Fewer Emails
  • Sending More Emails

...But nothing really broke the ice. I had small blips here and there, but no big explosion.

After a long time of experimenting, I started exploring a few somewhat wacky ideas I had... tweaks that had produced small gains mixed with a few things I'd seen others do, and a few outside-the-box ideas thrown in for good measure.

That's When Things Started To Catch Fire!

I ended up with a strange strategy I couldn't wait to try. It seemed like it might be the solution to my problem, but it also could've been a massive failure. I waited for the right promotion, one where I knew I'd be up against some heavy hitters.

Then I tried it...

...And Zoomed To The Top Of The Leaderboard!

This was against people who easily had lists 10-30 times bigger than mine. This was really exciting! But I knew I had to carry it through to the end of the launch, because those people I was beating could've just been holding back until the end.

So I stayed the course... and continued to make sales... And make sales... And make even more sales!

This promotion became one of the top affiliate promos I've ever done, and my list was half dead. I made far more money than I'd seen in a long time from a single promo, and finished in the top 3 on the leaderboard.

Then Came The Real Test... Trying It Again!

I bet you can see what's coming, right? Because I wouldn't tell you about this if I didn't hit the top of the leaderboard every single time, right?

Well, you're wrong. The second time, I didn't hit the leaderboard...

But I STILL made more sales than I was making before I implemented this strategy.

And the money is what counts, right?

That's when I knew I was onto something.

I Kept Working My Strategy, Until Something Surprising Happened...

I kept plugging away at my strategy, refining it as I went along, still making more money than before from my promos. A few months later, though, I had an experience that showed me just how powerful this strategy really is.

I had very little advance notice about a graphics launch, plus a lot of other tasks going on, so I wasn't able to fully implement my strategy. I even did what many would call a "half-assed" implementation of it.

Brad Gosse was also promoting the same launch. If you don't know Brad, he runs VectorToons, a huge graphics site, and is a powerhouse in the graphics niche of Internet Marketing.

Brad's a friend of mine, so I know how big his list is. His list is around 12x the size of mine. To the best of my memory, I've never come close to Brad's sales on a launch.

Well... this time, I beat Brad Gosse in the leaderboard by THREE places... and I only really worked about HALF my strategy.

Here's The Best Part Of My Strategy...

Once you've done the initial groundwork (which isn't difficult), this method takes very little time and effort.

This works for me because I'm really busy with my consulting work. I make more money with actually less work than I was doing before in my affiliate promos.

That's Why I Call It... The Lazy Leaderboard Strategy

How I Placed Higher On Affiliate Promo Leaderboards Than Marketers With Lists 10x The Size Of Mine

If you're looking for a strategy that can increase your affiliate promo commissions and help to push you onto those hard to reach leaderboards, then you NEED this report!

The Lazy Leaderboard Strategy Report isn't packed with filler and fluff.

It's 26 pages of easy to read, easy to implement, actionable content.

You get...Everything you need, including case studies with every email used in the promo, word-for-word.

You Get...

  • Component 1: My special Emailing Strategy, explained in detail (but don't get scared away, it's easy)
  • Component 2: My special Bonusing Strategy, which works hand-in-hand with the emailing strategy
  • Component 3: Two ways to fulfill affiliate promo bonuses (the "Smart" way and the "Lazy" way -- I use the "Lazy" way, myself...)
  • Component 4: Complete Case Studies showing how I used my Lazy Leaderboard Strategy to score high up on leaderboards against tough competition. (Including every email I sent in each Case Study, word-for-word, with subject lines, as well as time and date sent!)
  • Component 5: My Bonuses Resource Guide -- The 9 trusted sources I depend upon for the bonuses I give my affiliate promo buyers.

Get it now and you can be putting it into action today!


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