The Passive Print System

How To Build A $1000 / Month Business In 30 Days Or LessKeep Reading To Discover A Simple 7 Step Business Over 3,000 People Are Using Right Now To Help Quit Their Jobs And Escape The Rat Race And How YOU Can Set This Up Today!Hi, my name is Adam Nolan & on this page (just a little further down) Im going to reveal the secret to the most reliable fountain of wealth youll ever see.This pulled me out of $30,000 in debt, got me a brand new car, a beautiful home and allowed me to retire by 30. Now, Im sure youre skeptical I would be too! But I promise you, sometime in the next 5 minutes as you continue reading this, youre going to have a revelation that will change your life.But before I give you the step by step instructions on how you can fire your boss and work part-time from home, let me explain how all this came to be. Things werent always this good

It was the summer of 2009 and I had just finished university. I got head hunted by a finance firm to manage their clients. It was a straight commission job but since I had experience in sales, I wasnt worried.

A few months went by and it turns out the job was a lot more difficult than I had thought. I started burning through my savings faster than money was coming in and by the time winter came around I was so broke I was literally living off boxes of kraft dinner! Times were tough.

I remember going to the grocery store and intentionally looking for dented canned food because it was cheaper. I remember drinking powdered milk because real milk was too expensive.

Little Did I Know I Was Standing At The Edge Of An Abyss, And Things Were About To Get A Lot Worse!

See, my only means of transportation to and from my job at the time was the bus. And right before Christmas, during a wicked Canadian snowstorm, the bus people decided to go on strike. And just like that I was jobless too.

So there I was, thousands in debt, terrified, jobless, absolutely totally broke right before Christmas.

I hit rock bottom. I felt crushed. Hopeless. I had failed my family. It was the worst feeling Ive ever had. I didnt know what to do. A season that was normally reserved for Christmas joy and happiness was replaced with terror and desperation.

And at that point something happened.

A switch in me flipped.

I decided this wasnt going to be me. I wasnt going to live my life a victim of circumstance.

I had to find a way out.

So I started reading about marketing, and business, and sales. I tested everything. I read voraciously. I worked my ass off!

And I started getting good. I started helping other small business owners with their marketing. I started writing books and doing tours and presentations and life got very busy, very fast! Talk about a complete 180! Sure, money wasnt an issue anymore but life was an endless string of 16 hour days! Talk about stressful! I learned something going through this process

No Matter How Much Money You Make, If You Dont Get To Do What You Want To Do, Youre Still Going To Be Miserable!

I still felt trapped. I was working 80 hour work weeks. There simply wasnt enough time! All I did was work. I missed my family. I missed my friends I was missing out on life!

I had gone from one problem, not enough money, to another problem, not enough time!

I was burning out.

I needed to find a balance.

Something had to change.

And then it happened

I Discovered The Secret To Financial Independence!

(And ditched my 80hr/ week job for total time and money freedom!)

I was just finishing up 2 big projects and life was chaotic. I hadnt checked my bills in weeks because I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I didnt have time to micro manage everything. Im sure you can relate!

Well, when I finally got around to digging into my monthly bills what I found left me speechless.

I Was Unknowingly Paying Over $500 Every Month In Tiny Recurring Payments!

I nearly fell off my chair. I was paying over $500 every month! Were talking about subscriptions to small services, newsletters, tools nothing expensive! But boy does it add up!

I was sitting there, feeling kind of frustrated at myself, when suddenly the light bulb went off!

That money wasnt just disappearing!

There was a real live human on the other end of those transactions. And I bet you I wasnt the only one sending them money either!

I bet that person was receiving hundreds (thousands!) of $5 payments from people just like me who never got around to cancelling!

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks!

While I was out slaving away giving presentations, doing tours, going to business meetings, generating clients, all the hustle that normally goes on with a business. This genius was just sitting around collecting small payments from thousands of people every month without lifting a finger! Brilliant!

Introducing... Passive Print System

The fully remastered Passive Print System takes you through every step needed to set up your own part-time newsletter business using a brilliantly simple plan based around micro payments.

With the Passive Print System you learn how to create a small, highly valuable, 2-3 page newsletter business based on any topic you find interesting. Each month your newsletter gets delivered to your subscribers on autopilot and each month, they automatically send you a small payment. And because your newsletter has real value to these people, they dont cancel! This is a REAL business!

And it gets even better

If youre anything like I was when I was working a 9-5 job, you probably dont have hours a day to create content for your newsletter. And thats OK! Because just like Netflix didnt create all those shows, you dont have to create everything either! Youll learn how to find, borrow and buy great content so if you dont want to, you dont have to write a word of it yourself!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of This Passive Print Business!

  • You get paid on time, every month! (Just like a pay check, but more reliable!)
  • Your pay increases every month, which cant be said for most jobs
  • You can completely replace a 9-5 income in as little as a month!
  • You work when you want, on what you want. No bosses, schedules or clocking in!
  • No dealing with clients. No chasing money.
  • This requires no specialized knowledge in any subject
  • You dont have to be a rocket scientist to do this! Its really simple!
  • You get to pick and choose whatever subject youre interested in! This business is fun and profitable!
  • It works from all over the world, in any language!
  • It will never stop working! This business model has been around as long as books have been printed!


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