Total Funnel Blueprint

What if you discovered a very easy method - a very specific order of creating new products in a sequence that literally forces yourself to create one $47, $197 AND $497 product each month, quickly and easily?What if you could literally create a brand new product funnel each and every month and launch it to your list?How would your life and business change if in 12 months you had 12 different product funnels in your arsenal, 12 new funnels that you could expose each new person who comes into your list?That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?You see, like I told my long-time client today, "you are only as big as your product line" And I mean it.

You see, no matter how many subscribers you have, no matter how much traffic you have, no matter how cool your products or sales pages are only as big as your product line.

If you only have one product - your subscribers can only buy one product from you.

But if you have 12 products funnels...then they can buy well more than 12.

Personally, I have many clients who have bought from me 6 times, 12 times, some clients have even bought 18 products!

But the thing is, if I didn't have the products to sell them...they couldn't have bought.

And I wouldn't have enhanced their business through those products...because they wouldn't have been able to buy them.

And I wouldn't have generated the kind of revenue I have if I only had a few products...and neither can you.

Are you ready to start creating your product line?

If so, you are in the right place.

And perhaps the thing that has held you back in the past was that it is frightening to think about creating 12 product funnels when you haven't even finished your first one.

Or perhaps it took you 6 months or a year to create your first product, and you simply don't want to take that much time to create the next one.

The thing is, when most of my clients come to me to work with them personally on product creation, it has taken them months to create their first product on their own...and in many cases, that first product isn't even finished.

But when they work with me, they receive step by step EASY directions for creating their next product in literally DAYS instead of months.

Let me ask would it FEEL to you if you could create a new product NEXT WEEK?

And you could launch it to your list the following week?

Imagine how it would feel to finish a product - and do a product launch - in just 2 weeks.

Then imagine how it would feel to create another product...easily and quickly, just like the first one.

And imagine doing that a couple of times, so then you would have a complete product funnel in just a single month.

How would that impact your sales if you had a complete sales funnel, every single month?

I'll tell you this...and mark my IS possible for you to create multiple fact, an entire SALES FUNNEL in just under a month.

I know it is possible because I have done it.

And my clients have done it.

So perhaps you are thinking:

Well, how can you guarantee me that I can do it too? And the reason is this: I have developed a proprietary, step by step formula that you simply have to paint by numbers....and as you follow my formula, you will create your products, quickly and easily.

I will literally take you by the hand, and give you, step by step, my exact formula for creating at least one product funnel each and every month.

And as you follow my simple will crank out a new products each month... and as you crank out your new products, you can sell them to your list. And each product you create sells more than the product before it...and the reason is that not only do you get NEW buyers of your products with each product that you launch, but many of your existing clients and buyers will ALSO buy each new product that comes out.

And in that way, you sell more and more of each product that comes out.

Wouldn't that feel great?

And wouldn't it feel great as well to put your products into your followup email campaign so that as you get new subscribers they will each be exposed to - and be able to buy - your products.

And while we are talking about subscribers...I know how it is. It is not easy to build a huge list if you don't have anything to sell them, is it? But if you had the products to sell them - and the more people who came into your list, the more people bought from you - then it would make it alot easier to build a big list, right?

Note: I want you to know this: my system is SIMPLE. So simple, in fact, that you are going to be literally AMAZED as you create product after product and start selling them to your list.

YOU can BEAT many other competitors in your niche to gain complete dominance over your niche, by creating the strongest product funnel in your niche.

I know you can do it...because I have done it using my own special system, and now you are going to get access to my special system.

And perhaps right now you are asking, well what kinds of products are you going to teach me to create?

Ok, first of all...once you understand my simple system...and I am going to share with you every bit of can use my system to create any product you want.

However, I am going to specifically show you how to:

  • Write an ebook in one week (which you can sell for $47)
  • Record a 10 - CD or 10 mp3 home study course in one week (which you can sell for $197)
  • Create a coaching program in one week (which you can sell for $497)
  • That's right - you read that correctly - you can literally create a $47, $197 AND a $497

Product in the first 3 weeks after buying access to my special method.

However - I DON'T recommend that you do that.

Instead, I suggest that you create one (1) product first, then sell it to your list.

THEN - create your second product - and sell it to your list.

THEN create a 3rd product (probably your coaching program where people pay you every month for lessons and some access to you) - and sell it to your list.

In other words, get used to this process and take all the time you need to get it down. I find that my clients have much more success rolling one out at a time.

Of course - if you are a super-achiever - you can create 3 products in your first 3 weeks - it really is up to you!

Now, perhaps right now you are thinking - well, I've heard all of this before - you are giving me a system to use to create my products...but I am going to have to do lots of work to create these products, and it is unlikely I can create these products that fast.

And I surely understand why you might think that - because that is what so many "systems" have done in the past - tried to make their system sound so much better than it is.

But there is one critical difference in this system: and that is instead of giving you a huge set of instructions with dozens or even hundreds of steps to create each product...instead I have simplified the system so much - I literally have a completely simple method of outlining your new product in literally a couple of hours or less - then I give you EASY instructions for simply using your outline in a fill-in-the blanks way so that when you have done that - presto!

- your product is completed. Your product doesn't go through multiple drafts and stages - you literally create it in 2 easy steps-And THAT is just ONE of the things I am going to teach you about creating your products quickly and easily.

Let me explain:

As you know, I am David Mcalorum - & I have created ALOT of products AND I still personally create products, so each of the methods I am teaching you are WORKING today and are EVERGREEN so that they will continue working for a long time to come. In fact, most of my clients would tell you that I know exactly what to do and how to do it, and I teach them heartily - but they would also tell you that the reason they work with me personally instead of hiring someone else is because they trust me so much. Because I tell it like it is.

And the truth is, I am good at what I do - creating products and selling them to my subscribers.

And I regularly charge clients upwards of $5,000 to learn my secrets.

Let me give you a peak "behind the curtain" of how I create so many products and how I know exactly what sells and what doesn't, and to what kind of subscriber.

For all the products that I have created and have helped create, I have kept track of each many sales, what is the easiest way to create the best products, and so on.

And in addition, I have worked personally with dozens of clients, guiding them and even helping them to create some of their products- and I have evaluated the responses of their clients to these products.

What this means is that I KNOW what converts and why...and I have studied intensely the exact triggers that it takes to create the right products that sell to your list, and to make the product-creation process really simple.

And some of this information I have been drip-feeding to my highest level clients, and allowing them to test my methods by creating their own products...and I have found that my methods work very well across many niches -

So I have decided to make all of this available to you in the form of a downloadable, easy to study system that you can begin using TODAY to start creating your own products fast.

Now, this system is arranged like none other I have ever seen.

Because instead of being loaded with hundreds of hours of content that you literally have to sit through hundreds of hours of teaching to get the nuggets you need, I have organized this into 7, 11-35 minute "chunks" of highly - targeted information (it is a total of about 3.5 hours of targeted teaching all together), so instead of having to listen to dozens or even hundreds of hours of material to learn exactly what to do and how to do can go directly to the recording you need each day, for the kind of product you are going to be working on that week.

And in addition, there are eight step by step written tutorials, in pdf form, that give you the exact steps you need, along with links to the exact resources you need to create your products quickly and easily.

In fact, some of the material in this course has only been taught to my highest level clients online...and may never be revealed again by me in any form.

Are you ready to receive access to the system that will completely revolutionize the way you create products, and change your life?

If so - keep reading - don't skip to the end and just buy this yet - because I want to share with you my guarantee - which will prove to you how serious I am about how easy it is to create your own products using my proprietary this now before you buy my system:

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

No-questions-asked, 100% money-back, 90 day guarantee if you can't honestly state that your product creation is 200% easier, and that your product funnel is 4 times as profitable. If you don't enjoy results that good or better within the first 90 days of using my system, I don't deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions asked on-the-spot 100% refund anytime you decide. And if you decide you want a refund, there'll be no questions asked and no hard feelings whatsoever on my part


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