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There Is One Word That Can Spell The Difference Between Success And Failure For Your Online Business...EXCITEMENT!Do You Know How To Get Your Prospects Excited?Dear NETrepreneur,Which of the following best describes your online career?You are selling your own products to specific markets of Internet users.You have the resale, master resale, or private label rights to sell products created by others.You are an affiliate pre-selling the products of a merchant for some very handsome commission rates.You are a JV partner co-promoting big campaigns for big time bucks.You are a webmaster whose websites are enrolled with PPC programs.

All of these online business models are proven moneymakers if they are masterfully implemented. But tell me, what do they share in common?

If your answer is their NEED for TRAFFIC, then I applaud you! That is correct! An online business will die without traffic. How can you sell your products if no one is there to see them? How will you be able to pre-sell the affiliate merchant's goods if you can't reach anyone with your business message? How can you best serve your JV partners when you're presenting the campaign to a handful of people? How can you get those clicks if no one loads up your pages?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business... a clich indeed, but oh so true.

Without traffic, your business will die, plain and simple.

Do You Know The 2 Ingredients That Will Jumpstart A Massive Traffic Stream For Your Online Business?

You may have been practicing them before, but no one has actually grabbed these ideas by the horns and put them on paper. So here goes

The 2 ingredients that will guarantee a flood of traffic for your website are the following:

  • Excitement; and
  • Continued excitement

I know what you're thinking!

That no. 1 and no. 2 are exactly the same.

Let me assure you that they're not. They are 2 distinct factors, and they will help you attain success in two different phases of your online business' traffic cycle.

You have to generate excitement to attract people to your website.

If your website's dull, why would they want to visit your web pages? What will separate your website from the thousands - if not millions - of other websites dedicated to the subject? By generating excitement, you will be inviting attention - THEIR ATTENTION - to your website. By generating excitement, you will be telling them "Hey! My website's got something to share that will ignite your senses! Come take a look!" By generating excitement, you'll transform yourself from being just one of the crowd to being one of the crowd pleasers!

Now, generating excitement, by itself, would be an incomplete process.

It will provide success, but such success would never be sustainable.


Well, just imagine...

  • what will happen when the excitement dies?
  • What will happen when the euphoria settles down?
  • What will happen when the hype ceases?

This is why your online business also needs continued excitement.

You can't rely on the initial hoopla alone.

You need to find ways to always, ALWAYS excite your visitors so that they'll hang around and keep coming back to your web pages.

Remember, one-time visitors are good for one-time sales, at best.

But repeat visitors... alas! Repeat visitors are good for countless sales!

How Can You Guarantee Excitement?

Quite a number of online businessmen have realized the importance of excitement and continued excitement for their enterprises. They have developed many ways by which they can liven up their campaigns to win the attention of the members of their target markets.

Some of these techniques are as follows:

  • Giving away freebies;
  • Stocking up offers with an unbelievable amount of bonuses;
  • Distributing eZines;
  • Facilitating eCourses;
  • Hosting forums where visitors can discuss amongst themselves topics which are relevant to the subject of the business;
  • Celebrating holidays with special in-store events;
  • Conducting big sales every now and then;
  • Integrating interactivity into the site;
  • And so much more!

But there's one excitement-generating technique that is sure to win your prospects' fancy.

This method, in fact, is most probably the most powerful hype-building machinery in the existence of the World Wide Web.

Conducting Contests Is The Ultimate Excitement-Producing Strategy

Name one person who doesn't like a contest he knows he has a chance of winning.

You can't.

It's human nature to get excited about the prospect of making it big through a game of skill (and sometimes chance.) This is why millions of people place their bets on lotto draws and horse races. This is why millions of people love watching sporting competitions, visualizing themselves as active participants on the field of battle.

People love to compete.

People love to win.

And contests give them the chance to accomplish both desires.

Imagine then how potent online contests are in generating excitement for an Internet marketing campaign.

The hype generated by contests is fantastic! People will want to tune in to view and study the rules. People will want to stay longer to survey their competition. People will want to loiter in your cyber-premises to plan their course of action. People will want to trust you because they will throw their names into the hat.

Most importantly, people will want to come back, over and over again, to see the results and to join again.

If you want excitement and continued excitement, then holding contests is the best way to go!

But Do You Know How You Can Host Your Very Own Contest?

Ask anyone. Hosting a contest is hard work. I'm not just talking about the obvious things you have to prepare for, like the concept, the mechanics, and of course, the prizes. I'm talking about the logistics of the entire thing.

The contest will be held online. This means that the majority of the process should be automated, lest you process each and every entry manually that would be the death of you!

You will have to create and install scripts, if not complete software programs, just to integrate the hosting of the contest into your website. If you don't have knowledge on any web programming language, you can mark this task as "Mission Impossible."

Finally, those days are over.

Life can be so much easier.

Presenting... Turbo Contest Creator. Build And Manage Online Competitions Fast And Easy

The Turbo Contest Creator is a powerful solution that will help you create contests, integrate them into your web pages, and manage the entire procedure through a central admin panel.

Take a look at how the Turbo Contest Creator works...

  • Log in to your account as the Admin.
  • Create as many contests as you wish. Include descriptions, dates, mechanics, and other details if you want.
  • Ask your visitors to register. A special code will be sent to their email. They will use this special code to formalize their registration. This will help you capture their contact details! Admin can approve/reject registrations.
  • Registered users can view the details of each contest.
  • Registered users can submit entries, if Admin gives them that permission. Admin can approve/reject submitted entries.
  • Registered users can vote for/against submitted entries, if Admin gives them that permission. Admin can approve/reject submitted votes.
  • Admin can set permissions for non-registered visitors. Theyll be able to see what the Admin wants them to see.

Its that simple!

You can have multiple contests running at the same time and you can monitor all of them from one central area!

This will truly make the creation and maintenance of contests fast, convenient, and easy! You can hold contests all year long! While your competitions spending his time changing his websites source code, youll be churning out contests left and right.

It will just take mere minutes to create contests with the Turbo Contest Creator!

But Wait, Theres More!

If you think that the Turbo Contest Creator is just meant to build and manage contests, think again. This solution is so comprehensive, so powerful, that it is capable of many, many possible applications. Close your eyes and imagine...

  • The Turbo Contest Creator receiving resumes and CVs from people you are considering hiring. Better yet, if you have a website that headhunts job applicants for established companies, the Turbo Contest Creator can serve as the heart and soul of your business!
  • The Turbo Contest Creator receiving project proposals, suggestions, and even simple comments from your prospects, as well as from your existing customers.
  • The Turbo Contest Creator accepting jokes and anecdotes from contributing members.
  • This is my favorite the Turbo Contest Creator serving as the engine of your very own freelancing website! Instead of posting contests, post job descriptions. Instead of accepting entries, accept bids and proposals, and even the actual work if it involves written materials!
  • The Turbo Contest Creator supplementing any affiliate marketing system. Use it as a calendar for your affiliates. Use it to distribute marketing paraphernalia for them. Use it to accept comments and suggestions from affiliates who are too shy to talk to you in person.
  • And so much more!

The Turbo Contest Creator was primarily designed to build and manage contests.

But like all great things, the end product turns out to be so amazing that it can be applied to other tasks and other industries as well.

And what we have right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Turbo Contest Creator is a PHP/MySQL script that works on any server that supports the PHP language!

An online manual is also offered!

Own this magnificent solution today and conquer new grounds with the power it'll give you!


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