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Responsiveness Is The Key To Good And Lasting Relationships With Your Clients And Visitors. Unfortunately, Responsiveness Is One Of The Hardest Aspects Of Your Website To Be Established.Finally, You Can Now Integrate An Instant Interaction System Into Your Website Which Will Allow You To Start Communicating With Your Visitors And Customers With Utmost Ease! Transform Your Pages Into Fully Interactive Channels And Win Your Visitors' Trust To Boost Your Web Traffic And Online Sales.

Dear Valued Businessman,

Time is gold.

You have heard about this a lot in your online dealings, for sure. The most precious commodity in the virtual world is time.

You may be running an online business, and you have come to realize that your profits are directly proportional to the amount of time involved in the many processes of its operations. Or you may have enrolled in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program and discovered that in order to boost your page impressions, you will need to maximize the time your visitors spend on your web pages. Or perhaps you are merely running a personal site and have learned that the secret to recurring traffic is the amount of time afforded to each of your visitors so that they are encouraged to come back to your website again.

There's another component to your website's success.

It's called interactivity.

Every visitor you manage to garner will require some special attention from you. It is an established human nature that people will be more responsive to your offers if you take the time to answer their need for responses as well. If they have some queries, you need to address them so that you'll be able to win their trust. If they have complaints, you need to attend to them so that their trust will not wane. If they have suggestions, you must let them know that you are listening to them so that they will feel reassured.

Time & Interactivity

These aren't disparate concepts at all. One complements the other, and together, they give rise to a website with blistering chances to succeed.

Time and interactivity.

Both are integral components of a website that people respect and cherish. Both are important ingredients of an online business that is capable of an amazing conversion rate.

You see, the FASTER you're able to respond to your visitors and customers, the easier it is for them to trust your enterprise. The more INSTANTANEOUS your answers to their queries and complaints are, the more they'll feel reassured that your business is a business that really means BUSINESS.

So time and interactivity

These are two goals that you must always seek to attain. With these components firmly entrenched in your online vehicle, there's no stopping you in your journey on that road to success.

But The Problem Is...

Not everyone has the skills to customize their web pages to make them interactive.

As often is the case, most webmasters rely on merely leaving their email addresses on the web page itself, hoping that any concerns will be relayed to them through such a channel.

But website visitors in this day and age demand something more. They demand fast replies. They demand expedient service. They demand immediate answers to their queries and concerns.

It's the call of the times. When almost everything on the Internet is capable of being delivered with digital speed, people expect more from the websites they visit.

To make your website interactive, you have to integrate a variety of tools and scripts that will provide some avenues for instant communication. But this requires some knowledge of programming basics and language. If you don't know HTML, XHTML and in some instances, CSS, you'll just find yourself at a dead end.

Additionally, making your website interactive will require a thorough sense of design. How such interactivity is promoted on your web pages will have a great effect on how your visitors will respond to your website's message. You need to present such interactivity in an elegant and functional way. You have to make sure that the use of the interactive features will be easy for your visitors, and that their layout is pleasing to their eyes.

This requires a lot from you. And not all of us are blessed with the necessary skills that can satisfy these needs.

You May Now Stop Worrying. Finally, You Have A Solution That Will Provide For These Needs, And So Much More!

Now, you won't have to worry about adding efficient and expedient interactivity into your website.

There's a new, amazing, and powerful script that will provide for your web pages the interactive features they need. Not only that, this script is loaded with other fantastic features and possible applications that will elevate your website to the next level of prominence!

Introducing... Turbo FeedBack Manager. Create Your Online Pool Of Information And Your Own Channel For Instant Communication To Win The Trust And Confidence Of Your Website's Visitors!

The Turbo Feedback Manager will most likely be the secret weapon that keeps you ahead of your competition!

Let's put ourselves in our visitors' shoes.

When we visit a website that provides us with a variety of information, we feel satisfied with what we get to read and learn, right? But is that enough to make us feel fulfilled?

Don't we still nurture that need to participate by airing our comments or sharing our concerns? Don't we still feel the need for answers to any questions that the content of the website has left in our minds?

And if we're visiting a business website, won't we feel more assured about the product or service that is being offered if we'd get to communicate with the business owner himself?

Since you're a webmaster, these are the things that the Turbo Feedback Manager can do for your website. This fabulous script can very well be the secret weapon that will keep you ahead of your competition.

What is the Turbo Feedback Manager?

  • To define the Turbo Feedback Manager as a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to interact effectively and instantly with your website's visitors would be too limiting.
  • The fact is, the Turbo Feedback Manager is a total solution for the need of interactivity and it is capable of so many benefits for your website as well as your business.
  • Consider the following areas that it can attend to with ease:
  • The Turbo Feedback Manager can allow your visitors to ask questions online without having to load another page or to open a new window for their email programs. You can answer these questions immediately as well, either publicly for everyone to see, or even privately if you wish.
  • The Turbo Feedback Manager can allow you to accept comments, suggestions, and complaints from your visitors. They will be more encouraged to post their comments because of the convenience the Turbo Feedback Manager affords. You can use these comments to make the corresponding adjustments for your website or for your service. Comments from our patrons, of course, are the key to improving what we have to offer and only through improvements can we achieve ultimate success.
  • The Turbo Feedback Manager can allow you to afford free consultancy service for your website visitors. Since they will be able to post their inquiries online, you'll be able to answer them online as well. This will make the audience appreciate you, and this sense of indebtedness can result in recurrent traffic for your web pages or increased sales for your business. Additionally, your informed answers will impress upon anyone who gets to read them that you're an expert in the field and this will eventually help you in branding your name and your business.
  • The Turbo Feedback Manager can help you transform your website into an advice corner of the World Wide Web. Familiar with those "Ask John Doe" sites? Your pages can be one of the more prominent websites of such a variety, considering the amazing interactive interface that the Turbo Feedback Generator can provide.
  • The Turbo Feedback Generator can also allow you to transform one of your websites into a dedicated customer support center! That's right! With the way the system is built, your customers can simply leave their queries and complaints on the space that is provided for them by the Turbo Feedback Generator. These queries and complaints, together with your answers, can also be archived as a FAQs corner for future reference. With the Turbo Feedback Generator, there's no need to hire customer care employees. The script will allow you to take care of this aspect with utmost ease and convenience!
  • The Turbo Feedback Generator can also transform your website into an article directory, instantly at that! Your readers can simply type in and post their articles for immediate publication! This is an amazing way to build content for your web pages because your visitors will do all the work for you. And as you all know, content is king on the Internet.
  • The Turbo Feedback Generator can also be used as a submissions page for your website. If you're running a contest, say, you're looking for the best essay about a particular subject, you can ask your participants to use the page that is generated by the Turbo Feedback Generator. The entries will immediately be published. This is a great way of gaining content for your website as well.
  • The Turbo Feedback Generator, of course, will allow you the option to review the entries first before approving them for publication.

With all these possible applications, and so much more, the Turbo Feedback Generator is indeed the ultimate interactive tool that you can use for your website. Capture the attention of your visitors and win their interests with this nifty script that will convert your website into an interactive hub of many favorable things!

And the Turbo Feedback Generator comes with the seal of quality that has long been associated with John Delavera's Turbo line of products. With the likes of award-winning products like the inimitable JVManager, the One Time Offer, the Special Offer Manager, the Dynamic Pricing Generator, the Buy Me A Drink and Buy Me A Product programs, and a slew of other fantastic software and resources under this name, you're sure to get more value for your buck with something that has the Turbo name attached to it.

And the Turbo Feedback Generator is no exception!

So don't let this amazing program pass you by. Take advantage of the Turbo Feedback Generator today and experience for yourself a new world of wonders that makes the most out of your time and reaps all the benefits that can be derived from desired interactivity.

A DETAILED online Manual is also included!

Turbo Feedback Manager

Because Interaction Need Not Be Difficult And Because Interaction Need Not Cost You Much Time!

"No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!"

We want you to feel proud for this purchase because we know the value of this solution offered. Get the script right now (just click the link below) and start using it. If you're not thrilled just ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide if this solution is THAT good as described here or not. If at any time in thirty days you decide this script was not what you needed then you will get your money back asap. No questions asked at all.


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