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Hold On To Your Seats, Folks! The Word "Revolutionary" Was Intended For Inventions Like This...Finally, You Can Now Publish Web Content In A Matter Of Seconds Without Having To Familiarize Yourself With Technical Web Programming Languages! Content Is King On The Internet, And You're About To Receive The Crown!

Dear Online Businessman,

You're earning a profit from the World Wide Web with any of these three models:

  • You're selling a product or a service;
  • You're enrolled in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program and you're generating income dependent on how many clicks your ads receive; or
  • You're into affiliate marketing and you're earning a stated commission per sale you manage to refer.

Heck, you may even be pursuing all three models!

Such is the liberty of the Internet. And such is the potency of this avenue that connects the entire world.

Regardless of the model your online business has taken, one thing is for certain...

You need traffic!

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online venture. Without traffic, a digital business will die. Without traffic, no leads can be generated. Without traffic, no sales nor clicks nor referrals will be made.

And how can you drive traffic to your website?

Content Is King

Familiar with the rather popular statement, "content is king?"

Content is king on the World Wide Web because content conveys information and the Internet is fueled by information. Why do people log online? It's because they are searching for something. What are they searching for?


If you have the information they need, they will seek you out.

If yours is the only online presence that offers such information, you have better chances of securing their visit as well as their attention, which will only mean well for your digital business!

In operating an online business, it is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT to have good quality, original content.

And you need a constant - yes, CONSTANT - supply of fresh content. Why? It's because the search engine spiders - those robotic little creatures responsible for seeking out and finding our web pages for every relevant query - love freshly updated content. For them, every time you publish new content, it's like adding fish flakes into a tank of hungry guppies.

If you want your web pages to figure prominently well in search engine results, you will want fresh content on a regular basis.

And with 80% of the traffic that you can generate for your website coming from the search engines, you will want to pump out fresh content every chance you can get.

Preparing Content Is The Easy Part

Surely, you can write your own content. If not, you can hire a freelance writer to write it for you.

This is the easy part.

The hard part lies in constantly editing your website to include your new content.

If you want to publish fresh content everyday, you have to tinker with your website's source code just as much. You have to make adjustments, tweaks, and changes on the very spine of your website itself.

This requires a thorough knowledge of HTML as well as other related programming languages.

If you're not well versed with HTML, or worse, if you don't know jack about it, you'll have a shipload of problems. You won't be able to modify your web pages accordingly. Every time you publish new content, you risk ruining your entire website.

Sure, there are HTML editors available on the market. If you can afford one, you'll be surprised to know how complicated they can be. They're not as user-friendly as you'd expect. You still need to know the basics of HTML programming, at the very least.

So what are you to do?

You need to churn out those fresh pages for the good of your online business, but you have to be familiar with web programming languages in order to accomplish such on a regular basis.

Surely, there must be an alternative for someone who just wants to earn a fortune on the World Wide Web without having to learn the technical know-how's of website building, right?

At Long Last, You Can Now Publish Fresh Content With ABSOLUTE Ease... And That's Not An Exaggeration!

Finally, there's a way by which you can put out new content on your website, any time you wish. You want to do it everyday? Twice a day? Ten times a day?

No problem!

And you can do this ever so easily!

It doesn't matter if you have one, two, ten, or even a thousand websites. You can now update ALL your web pages from one admin panel that will give you total control over EVERYTHING!

Presenting... Turbo Page Generator

An Easy Way To Create & Control Your Pages & Sites Through One Centralized Area!

How does it work, exactly?

Let's put it this way...

Every website has an index page.

This index page contains all the links to all the pages on your website.

Hence, if you're going to add a page, you will also have to change the index page to reflect the change.

With the Turbo Page Generator, you won't have to manually fiddle with the source code of your new page, your existing pages, or even your index page.

The Turbo Page Generator updates things at an automated pace!

Plus, adding new content is as easy as filling in the blanks.

Really! You won't have to produce lines of HTML codes for desired effects (though you can also do this, if you want.) The Turbo Page Generator's interface simply requires that you add the content into a specified box and the program will take care of the rest.

Here is a summary of the fantastic features of the Turbo Page Generator:

  • Create a website through an online panel! You can use a WYSIWYG interface. Just type or paste the content into the appropriate box and you're good to go.
  • Make each page consistent in design using the Turbo Page Generator's template customization interface. Add headers with ease. Add footers with equal simplicity. Add colors to your web pages that will be congruent in theme all throughout.
  • Select from available templates you can use or make your own!
  • Generate the source code for the website you create so that you can easily export it to other HTML editors (but why would you do that when the Turbo Page Generator has everything you need?).
  • If you're operating multiple websites, you will find the Turbo Page Generator's CENTRALIZED approach to web page management a breath of fresh air. With this nifty program, you can manage ALL your web pages from one administrative area!
  • Generate previews before publishing your web pages to check for errors and areas that need adjustments.
  • Customize the different aspects of your web pages. You can add your name, your contact details, and other information automatically by simply adjusting the settings.

The Turbo Page Generator is a POWERFUL program that can be used for a wide variety of applications!

  • Selling different products that require their own sales pages? Manage all of them easily through the Turbo Page Generator's centralized system!
  • Running an affiliate program and wanting to give a website to specific affiliates to help them pre-sell your products? Do so in a matter of seconds with the Turbo Page Generator's page-generating engine!
  • Want to build your own PPC empire by publishing hundreds of niche websites? With the Turbo Page Generator, this can be a reality that can be accomplished in a single day!
  • Want to publish an HTML version of your eZine? The Turbo Page Generator is a simplified content management system that will make it very easy to put up an issue of your digital newsletter, even if you had to do such every single day!

Using the Turbo Page Generator is sooooooo easy!

In fact, you can start publishing content pages in 3 simple steps:

  • Log in to the admin panel, personalize the settings, and connect to your FTP service.
  • Create your templates for the pages you're going to use.
  • Type in or paste the content you want to publish in the appropriate field.

Just like that and you're ready to share to the whole world the information you want them to see!

If you cannot publish web content with the Turbo Page Generator, then sorry... but... you must be blind. :( That's the ONLY reason why this powerful baby wouldn't be of any help to your online business.

Turbo Page Generator is a PHP script that uses a MySQL database for your links. It can be installed on any server that supports PHP scripts.

An online manual is also offered!

Turbo Page Generator

An Easy Way To Create & Control Your Pages & Sites Through One Centralized Area!

"No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!"

We want you to feel proud for this purchase because we know the value of this solution offered. Get the script right now (just click the link below) and start using it. If you're not thrilled just ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide if this solution is THAT good as described here or not. If at any time in thirty days you decide this script was not what you needed then you will get your money back asap. No questions asked at all.


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