#TurboThursday - Turbo Slidein Ads - Thursday Discounted Deal

Do you wish there was a simple way to make catchy advertisements that grab peoples attention without making them upset? Make Ads Which Slide Across A Web Page Smoother Than Fred Aistare And Ginger Rogers! It's not enough to be seen... Ads convert best when they stand out, move... and look top notch classy! Turbo Slide-In Ads will revolutionize the way you monetize web pages! Allowing you to add professional slide in ads to tons of web pages by simply adding a snippet of code!*

Dear Internet Marketer,

While attention has turned to scientist from all over the world gathering underground at CERN's 27 kilometer (17 mile) circular laboratory to search for what many have called the "God Particle"...another more ruthless, secretive and powerful group of scientist is at work for you.

Yes my friend, In the bowels of my hidden fortress scientists, programmers and minions work day and night discovering over and over again the online marketing equivalent of the "Big Bang".

Today, I am about to unleash my most fiendishly diabolical scheme to generate sales yet.

I call it.... Mu ha ha ha!

Turbo Slide-In Ads!

Behold! These slide-in ads almost unfairly, "it would seem," use color and movement as a catalyst to stimulate chemical changes in the occipital lobe of the human brain.

Both casual observers and laboratory test rats have an almost uncontrollable urge to read and click on these new sliding-ads.

The scientific term for this phenomenon is Opti-tractum pro factum, which in Latin simply means "pull eye for action".

And pulling eyes and causing actions is exactly what Turbo Slide-In ads do!

So, get ready for some massive click through rates!

Because when test subjects are exposed to Turbo Slide-In ads they enter an almost auto-hypnotic state in which there complete and full attention is diverted momentarily to the content of the slide-in ad and then often compelled to click on it.

Way More Powerful Than Pop-Ups Ever Where!

Turbo Slide-In Ads are more powerful for a few reason.

Slide-In's move in a graceful non-threatening way.

There are no slide-in blockers on anybody's tool bar.

  • Slide-in's enter the same window searched for, (for more targeted traffic)!
  • Slides-in move in slowly so you can read them while they slide in.
  • Slide-in's are new and because they move slowly in a non-threatening way people enjoy them!

Our goal was to make the most powerful kind of ad on the Internet...

I am proud to say we have achieved success!

Allow me to explain.....

Most ads share or have one or more of the following problems:

Ad blocks can be easily ignored. The savvy web surfer has learned to almost completely ignore ad blocks and consider these areas of a web page a "black hole" or just a necessary evil to commercially pay for the content they are looking at.

Conversely, when ads are hidden inside the page, so that visitors are tricked into clicking on them, visitors resent the trickery and ascribe or link the same lack of credibility to the ads themselves.

Pop-up ads while extremely powerful at grabbing attention are often to good at attracting that attention.

Due to over zealous marketers in the past abusing the "pop up ad" the web surfer of today is more likely to ignore the pop-ups message in a frantic search for the little "x" which closes it.

In fact, today's pop-up ads are more likely to elicit a "ctrl-alt-delete" response rather than an actual sale.

The Pop under is little more than a sad excuse for the original pop-up with the added disadvantage of not being seen until the web surfer is done researching whatever it was they were looking for and finds your pop under as yet another small bit of tedium before they can put their laptop away.

Turbo Slide-Ins Ads are better than 'em all!

"Turbo Slide In's Ads Are Very Easy To Make, And Add To Web Pages And They Really Grab Peoples Attention!"

You May Ask "Aren't Slide-In Ads Really Complicated?"

Yes, they are but Turbo Slide-In Ads do all the hard work for you!

Once you get your copy of Turbo Slide-In Ads, all you need to do is login into your administration panel, fill in a few fields for example: "Title" or whatever you would like to name your ad and then upload any pictures you would want in the ad, then click "get code" and the software does the rest.

You'll be amazed at how fast this software can create an eye grabbing slide-in ad which you can use over and over again without you having to do a bit of coding!

The Next Generation Of Web Ads Are Before You! This is Turbo Slide-In Ads! Turbo Slide-In Ads Now, You Can Create And Manage Slide-In Ads With Ease!

Turbo Slide-In Ads is truly the future in online advertising. Their ability to catch even the most savvy and hardened of web surfers attention thoughtfully and in a non-threatening way, will lead to more click throughs than you've ever imagined.

Combine something that works incredibly well with a software that makes it almost easy enough for a child to operate and you have a winning package called Turbo Slide-In Ads!

Turbo Slide-In Ads allows anyone, from day one, the ability to make tons of custom money making Slide-In Ads of their own for use on almost any web page, as easy as checking an email account.

Turbo Slide-In Ads easy-to-use login administrative interface lets you publish eye popping ads automatically from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. In just minutes from now you can be making your first irresistible slide-in ad!

You choose, the power is in your hands!

  • Make stunning slide in ads stictly for yourself...
  • Make money selling slide in ads for others.

Set up is child's play.

Once you have it uploaded you need only login and follow the steps by filling out the required fields. Once you have the fields filled out...

Click on "get code" and the code will be generated for you!

All you need to do then is put the snippet of code in any web page you'd like your slide-in ad to appear!

You're Done!

It's just that easy!

Turbo Slide-In Ads will create all of the .css code and java script for you!

It's that POWERFUL yet that simple!

Just put the code in any page you want your slide-in ad to appear and watch as people in droves, click through to your sales page!

This Is Ad Technology So Cutting Edge...

It's Not Even Being Offered By The Big Names In Click Through Advertising Yet.

While your competition struggles trying to make money with the old style and now almost invisible to the savvy visitor "ad block" or while they are trying to trick visitors by hiding ads in the text of their pages thus losing credibility along the way... You can be raking in the profits with slide-in ads.

And while your competition is struggling to make animated .gif's that catch visitors attention for more click throughs, only to manage making a site so flashy it requires a seizure warning disclaimer.... You could be making smooth slide-in ads which actually ad class to any web page.

And while still others will be attempting to hock their wares through those old obnoxious pop-ups and pop-unders. You could be selling your things with a technology web visitors describe as "cool" and "neat"!

You could actually have web visitors who say things like, " Ethel come here, and look at how this thing just slides out so smoothly when I hit the refresh button!"

With Turbo Slide-In Ads there is almost no end to the profitable possibilities!

Turbo Slide-In Ads is a PHP/MySQL script that works on any server, that supports the Php language! You can install it to multiple servers, but just 1 installation can serve 1000s of blogs and Php Pages!

*An online manual is also offered with step-by-step instructions to follow so you really are seconds away from more profits regardless of your skill level!

Turbo Slide-In Ads Now, You Can Create And Manage Slide-In Ads With Ease!

"Backed With The Exclusive Turbo Money Back Guarantee!"


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