Wp Interlink Trend Magnet Plugin

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Dear Friend,

Just one question, are your sites prepared to capitalize on the Google 2013 changes?

If not, Google could be your worst enemy and throw a spanner into all your hard work. These changes are big and its time for you to make changes too.

Forget all the old SEO methods and back linking strategies youre used to and prepare to make Google 2013 your new best friend!

Worried who wouldnt be!

Google is Changing Dont be at Their Mercy!

Its 2013 and there you are staring at the computer and trying to figure out what to do. Will your sites survive all this change? Can you keep that online income rolling in?

This isnt what you signed up for! You work on the Internet, youre your own boss making tons of money; a free agent with an amazing lifestyle. Well, thats the way its supposed to be.

Youve done the research and spent hours and hours building up your websites youve poured your hard earned dollars into SEO you should be at the top of your game. Then along comes Google to throw a spanner in the works and wipe out all your hard work. Why? Simply because the geniuses at Google decided to alter the system!

But hang in there!

Help is at hand.

Im going to share a secret with you.

My top two strategies for successful SEO:

  • Google Authorship
  • User Experience

Ok So What IS Google Authorship?

Youve probably seen something like this popping up in your search results.

Take a good look because that is the key to your success.

To put it quite simply Google Authorship is a verified author link and the key to your financial success.

In fact, Google Authorship acts like a magnet to draw visitors to your site!

I Added Google Authorship to My Blog And My Site Instantly Started Seeing 100+ Visitors a Day!

We all know how much Google likes to keep changing things, so why not make these changes work in your favor. What Google Authorship does is authenticate the quality links and allow you to separate the good stuff from the garbage.

So what will Google Authorship mean for you?

  • Higher page rankings
  • Huge click-through rates
  • A boost in your income

And of course, make you stand out amongst all the millions of other results and have those visitors flocking in!

and what happens if you dont have Google authorship?

To put it simply, no matter how much time and money youve spent building that amazing site, itll be so far down the search results, hardly everyone will ever see it!

People Are 5 Times More Likely to Click on a Verified Author Link Than a Regular Search Result!

So why doesnt everyone have Google Authorship? Well basically because adding Google Authorship to your page can be a total nightmare!

The whole process can take weeks to set up; messing about with coding whilst trying to keep on top of all your other tasks.

Do you really have time for all that and keep the cash coming in?

Doing this will certainly bump up your traffic, but do you really want to chain yourself to the computer 24/7? What happened to the freedom of being your own boss?

Well prepare to be amazed because Ive created a unique tool and youll simply love it!

Its going to spare you a heap of stress, save you loads of time and send your profits soaring, as well as gathering tons of traffic and boosting your ranking

And not only that, this CTR-enhancing software comes complete with a smart internal linking strategy that will leave your sites dominating the competition.

What can smart internal linking do for your sites?

  • Link keywords automatically to internal pages related to the viewed post capturing your visitor with information that sparks their interest!
  • Keep visitors on your site longer while dramatically decreasing your bounce rates. This further improves your click-through rate AND sends your profits sky high!
  • Interlink posts allowing each of your pages to benefit from the ranking power of Google authorship.
  • Maximize your income by linking and cloaking affiliate links giving you unbeatable money making potential.

Think its all too good to be true?

Introducing Wp Interlink Trend Magnet Plugin

Drive Hoards of Traffic to Your Site and

Fast Track to Success With Few Simple Clicks!

Google Authorship is great for business, but setting it up can be a frustrating, complex procedure that takes forever.

Not to mention having to deal with internal linking.

Do you really need all that hassle?

Why not just sit back and let Wp Interlink Trend Magnet Plugin do all the hard work for you?

All you have to do is watch the cash come rolling in.

Its all simple as that!

Heres what Wp Interlink Trend Magnet Plugin will do for you:


  • Effortlessly set up Google Authorship on each of your pages, give your sites a boost in authority and start flying up the ranks no coding required!
  • Easily customize your author box for attention-grabbing verified author links that will lure in visitors and boost your click-through rates sky high!
  • Add in your social networks to drive viral traffic directly to your site!
  • Instantly interlink related posts and pages, as well as RSS feeds and archives to keep visitors on your page longer and decrease bounce rates.
  • Dramatically improve your user experience and increase their visit time as they hop between internal links geared toward their interests!


  • Search your blog and link each of your keywords to affiliate sites
  • Set custom keywords to different affiliates and track the number of links
  • Simply edit the keywords at any time with no hassle

This unique, simple to use tool can rescue your sites from the minefield of Google 2013.

If you dont integrate Google Authorship and the power of smart internal links, youre going to:

Barely build any authority, pushing your sites into depths of Google and well out of sight of visitors.

Continue to experience a small trickle of traffic if youre lucky and click-through rates that barely tip the scales.

Fail to grab the attention of Internet surfers who bounce away from your site, rarely stopping to click on any affiliate links or ads.

Without Wp Interlink Trend Magnet Plugin, Youll Barely Keep Your Sites Afloat!

Can you really afford to take that risk?

After all the hard work and money youve invested in those sites.

Why let the competition benefit from Google 2013 while you sit back and watch your profits plummet?

Its time for action.


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