Cool Gadgets And Gizmos To Gift This Christmas

With the increasing demand of use of artificial intelligence, technologies are taking a pace in the development. Every tech innovations that hit the market are expected to be smart enough as per the human's requirement. The old companies are upgrading the features on their gadgets and the new ones are rising to go on a neck –to – neck competition. Every company has its own unique feature in their gadgets. It is entirely the consumers' choice and preference to choose the one that they think is really cool and under their budget. People looking forward to cool gadgets that can come handy can grab them before they get replaced by something expensive. Help yourself and your loved ones with the gadgets this Christmas and you are certain to get some discount.
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Cool Gadgets And Gizmos To Gift This Christmas

Celebrated by billions of people around the world in the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas has been an exciting festival and an integral part of holiday season. Relating with the concurrent celebration, Christmas has become a synonym as a gift-giving festival along with merry making and feasting. The greeneries and the lights have added life to the ambience of the festival.

The religious and cultural celebration all around the world on December 25, Christmas, December 24, the Christmas Eve is as equally important as the 25th. With the sharing of traditional meal with the family and getting together, exchanging gifts among one another has developed more like a tradition. It all started with the figures Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and Christkind thought to be bringing presents and chocolates to the children. And because of the gift-giving tradition, the sales in business is predicted to be quite high during Christmas. And of course, with a notable discounts in the goods, most people prefer buying goods in the festive season. Moreover, the growing tradition of gift – giving in the Christmas has heightened the sales.

With the increasing trend of giving exciting gifts to the loved ones, tech innovations have lately become the choice of majority of the people. And with the passing time, technologies that are advancing day by day have really grabbed the attention of many tech-savvy people. People are being more attentive towards smart tech innovations under their budget. Cutting the coat according to the size of the cloth is a must. And with ever advancing and ever growing technologies, it doesn't always become possible to buy gadgets every time a new one hits the market. Those that meet your requirements and your budget are to be chosen, either it is for yourself or for someone else. Here are some exciting gadgets and gizmos that you are under your budget and can be gifted this Christmas.

Fire HD 8

Even though Amazon's latest tablet Fire HD 10, with latest Android operating system has been released, Fire HD 8 is still considered the better buy. With same resolutions on both the tablets, the 8 – inch Fire HD 8 is going to give you quality images than the Fire HD 10, albeit the latter one has a solid battery life. There isn't any exciting upgrades in the features of the tablets from HD 8 to HD 10, which doesn't just justify the jump. And yes, Fire HD 8 is more affordable.

Running on Android 5.1.1, Fire HD 8 is available in models of 16GB and 32GB internal storage. The 1280 – by – 800 screen has 189 pixels per inch, which gives images with better quality. With a processor running at 1.3GHz and 1.5GB RAM, Fire HD 8 is faster than many midrange phones and easily handles game-playing. The tablet easily supports SD cards of up to 200GB, and also lets you download all forms of media. It also easily lets you download its Kindle eBook, HBO, Netflix, GO and Spotify. And to notify, no Google apps can be found in Amazon's app store. And by now, you are probably wondering about YouTube, emails and all the social networking sites. You need not worry about that as you can easily access them with the help of web browser.

Apple iPad Air 2

This top – notch quality tablet still reigns atop the other Apple tablets. The 9.7 inch LCD screened Apple iPad Air 2 is seemingly faster than you can imagine. It is even lighter and thinner than the previous version of Air. With an easy switch between the cellular models, this iPad gives you one of the best state – of –the – art technology. With the feature of multi SIM card carrier and extremely powerful processor, iPad Air 2 could be one of the best tech innovations you've ever had. Not to forget that this iPad is a bit expensive but is just worth your payment.

With a processor running at 1.3GHz, 64 – bit Apple A8X processor, undoubtedly Apple iPad Air 2 performs faster than most of the phones, after all Apple's processors are always designed to perform faster. Moreover iPad Air 2 gives you an unprecedented security. You can not only secure your phone with your fingerprints but your iTunes, iBook and the App Store as well.

Moto 360

This is one of the best tech innovations you will always love to have. And I bet, the one who is gifted with this is going to thank you a number of times. You don't believe? Oh come on. This is one of the smartest watch you will ever find. This unisex smart watch lets you have the access to almost all the features of your smartphone. From ambient light sensor to heart beat rate sensor, this smart watch works on Android and iPhone and is customizable according to your desire. It also allows you to stay connected to all your business works and social net workings. Though your phone and watch is not within the area access of Bluetooth, no worries, this watch can easily connect to Wi-Fi and even has a wireless charging feature. Wondering about the time? It obviously does what it is always intended to do – giving time.

With 1.2 GHz quad – core processor, Moto 360 supports accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope and vibration/haptic engines. The smart watch has a RAM of 512 MB and a 4GB internal storage. It also has dual digital mics. Also, the battery can last up to a full day of mixed use with the Ambient on. Make a smart choice by choosing this smart watch to gift someone smart.

Ego Smart Mouse

Damn! What did I just read? Is it real? These questions are likely to arise on your mind. And yes, my friend, you just saw about something interesting on your screen. Yes, the same screen that can be revolutionized by the use of a smart mouse. Ego smart mouse is just going to bring a change in the way of interaction between you and your computer. Anywhere between the 33 meters, the smart mouse can be easily connected to your laptop, desktop and smart TV. Whoa! Technology is surprisingly advancing!

With the digital environment, you get to enjoy unique interaction experience i.e. both 2D and 3D with the help of a number of enabled sensors. Based on a Linux OS, Ego Smart mouse consumes very low power which guarantees its prolonged use. The 400 MHz ARM9 microcontroller and flash memory of 4GB makes its use even more intense. With the Ego smart mouse, you can control every screen remotely as an air mouse. You can seamlessly store and transfer data. You can use this mouse to play too. And no doubt it is obviously going to work as a table mouse. This Christmas, help yourself with this smart mouse and see the difference. Your life is going to be way easier.

HTC RE Camera

A photoholic is always fond of taking pictures and if you know anyone like that, then this gizmo is going to be handy. The camera lets you to take shots and videos without having to stare at screens. The shots and videos taken can be sent in your cell phone and can be edited.

With 16MP sensors and 146̊ wide angle lens, HTC RE camera lets you capture HD pictures and videos. It has a water proof construction and a video capture resolution of 1080p. A tap on a button takes a photo and a press in the same button captures videos. It also has an enabled GPS. RE camera is compatible with Android and Apple phones over Wi Fi or Bluetooth. Gift this camera to a photoholic this Christmas and you will be thanked a number of times.


Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you had a jacket that would just fit and adjust with your body and temperature? That would be so amazing. With Christmas nearing the corner, winter is coming. And if your body can be kept warm without wearing all those bulky clothes, life would be amazing.

Flexwarm is the world's smartest jacket. It is controlled with your smart phone, smart watch or tablet. With the use of the app, you can control the temperature accordingly in your hands, chest and back. The smart sensors adjust the temperature of the jacket with the temperature of the surrounding. It is water – resistant, washable and durable. It extremely thin and light and doesn't get damaged when twisted. You can easily power your jacket. And do you know that your jacket comes with built-in charger? Damn! How cool is that!


Volant is a hybrid headphone. Wait – what? Hybrid? Yes. We listen to a wide range of audio contents and different earphones and headphones are required for these different scenarios. So instead of owning all of them, Volant headphones lets you have all of them in one. It gives you the versatility of earphones, headphones and the freedom of Bluetooth. You can gift this cool headphones to anybody and I bet, nobody is going to remain unhappy.

Luckies of London Ltd Smart Phone Projector

Do you really want to gift a handy gizmo to someone who frequently hosts movie night? Then here is the right thing. This smart phone projector makes your movie show even more fun to watch with a pop-up magnifier. Due to the concave lens in the projector, the projection is eight times the size of an iPhone or an Android phone. And it is nothing miraculous, it works on the principles of Physics. So, this Christmas, watching movies could be of more phone with this smart phone projector.



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