Crapware And Bloatware – To Remove Or Not?

In order to keep your computer fast, or even to recover its speed to the normal value, you shall get to know what is crapware, or bloatware, how it works and how to deal with it. Here we gave a general overview of the most frequent preinstalled crapware and recommended some programs, which are really helpful to deinstall all that you don’t really need and to speed up your computer immensely. We also shall note, that in some brands, there are more preinstalled programs, while in some, there are less of them. The cheaper the computer is, the more bloatware it usually has, as the developers of the bloatware paid partly for your computer, or rather for their right to show you what they want, at least till you deal with it. Some brands are really abusing this opportunity, as they install the bloatware, that is impossible to remove even with the most advanced tools, at least at the initial stages of the computer exploitation. And in any case, before removing any program, make a proper research in the web to know, if you can remove it, or you can seriously damage the computer functionality.
Crapware And  Bloatware – To Remove Or Not?

Why my computer works slowly?

You have bought a new computer and you, of course, expect from it super-performance. The highest speed of work, the fastest internet connection, the apps shall start immediately, the battery shall live long, the PC shall turn on and off super fast and so on. You expect, that it would be a really perfect computer, for all.
And then, you turn it on. Here, you face the first disappointment. It doesn’t start working as fast as you have so much expected.

Then, you open a browser. And here it is! The system just got stuck. Virus or other malware intrusion is out of questions, as the computer is brand-new, the antivirus product is supposedly one of the best, even though it is normally just a trial version, and so on. But, despite all facts, the computer has its own life and, sure, the idea of how to perform. It doesn’t care if it is new or old one.

But, as appears, there are reasons for that. Have you ever hoped, that your computer would work even if its memory is overloaded with plenty of software? To such extend that there is hardly no free space left? No? then, what have you expected from your new laptop, or your new PC?
You do not have any suspicion that it comes with plenty of additional programs, which are not malicious but also do not add much to performance?
Computers that work with Windows OS, are overloaded with such software, actually, it is called crapware, or bloatware.

Why this developer loads their PCs with crapware?

Who needs that and what these programs do in your computer?

Just imagine, how you would live further, if you do not immediately install a brand new browser, that some program is recommending you, recommending so insisting, that you really start believing, that it would save your life. And what about an antivirus solution, that even the best technician haven’t heard about? Definitely, it is not the best solution, of all malware problems, but its developer is ready to pay for that to be recommended. And the PC producers install the software in your PC. And many similar things. No, such software doesn’t do any harm, it just recommends something and even not too often, just from time to time, but it takes up the memory resources and influences the computer performance.That is definitely very profitable for those companies or people who want to make huge money on the new browser, or the new super good antivirus software. But for you?

As it appears, you have advantages from this, too. Just imagine, how much all those parts may cost, from which your computer consists! Definitely not just those few hundreds of dollars, that you spent to buy your new computer or lap. Guess who paid the other part? Yes, right. The developers, or the producers of all that crapware. Just to install it there, and just to advertise for you their offers. Sounds not so disappointing now right? Moreover, you can remove it anytime, as soon as you have that wish. Especially now, when you know about it. All what you need is to find the bloatware and to delete it completely.
And exactly this is what we will do now.

Crapware No 1

You may be quite surprised, but the most resources applying crapware is the trial version of antivirus. In most cases, the manufacturers will install the heaviest products, which slow down performance critically and can be compared in it with, rather, a game. Moreover, when the trial expires, you will get multiple notifications that you HAVE TO buy this product. And to delete it… well, you will have to work really hard, as it is installed in multiple sections of the memory and you will have to really find out how to get rid of it. We would recommend to check out what the features of the antivirus product, that you got with your computer, are, and to select the one that would suit you more.

Crapware No 2

Toolbars. Probably, for some users toolbars, like Google or Yahoo, are a part of their life. If you belong to them, then just skip this passage. But if you don’t even have an idea what it is about, then probably, a toolbar is a crapware that you simply have to remove from your computer. Well, anyway, they are easy to deinstall. Just select the one (normally, that is enough for web surfing) and deinstall the rest. The results will be soon shown up in the performance speed of your computer immediately.

Crapware No 3

Software that was pre-installed by the manufacturer. And there can be plenty of programs, like help features, update clients and so on. Well, of course, updating is very important, but very few products need actually an update client. Well, and all information is available in the internet anyway. But those programs and clients take up lots of valuable system resources. That is something that can make your work really frustrating.

Crapware? But anyway, No 4

Windows update. Well, that maybe not a crapware as it is, but it takes up quite much resources, too, and it runs a lot of background tasks. We would not recommend removing it, as updating the system is necessary if you want to keep it secure, but you may reschedule the update to make it comfortable and not too influence the performance while you are working on an urgent task.

How to get rid of crapware

Crapware is not a virus. Crapware is not a malware as well. That is why, any antivirus product, even the most advanced one, is useless.

One of the most efficient and the best ways is to reinstall the system completely. Like this, you will remove all that you don’t need and build a system according to your demands. But this is a rather radical way and well, you cannot be sure that in the service centre they will not install this or other crapware. And reinstalling the system on your own requires quite a good set of skills and theoretical knowledge.

Or, you can use some special tools or products, that will definitely be useful for you both in detecting and removal of the crapware. Moreover, some of them will tell you, which preinstalled programs are just slowing down the computer, and which are rather useful, and you would better keep them. Though, their settings may be needed to change, or reschedule, depending on your expectations. But in general, there are some more exact recommendations, which will help you in keeping your computer performing fast and without breakages.

Advice on speeding up your computer

1. Whenever it is possible, try to avoid the trial versions of such antivirus products, like McAfee and Norton. Yes, they offer much, practically, they offer a perfect set of features that are needed to keep your system as safe as it is possible. Though, you have to pay for that with the performance speed. Actually, those antivirus products are the heaviest ones and they practically clog up your system. Just remove them and install something more lightweight, and, most likely, with no less features than these giants.

2. Deinstall all bloatware. Though, here you shall make sure, that this is a bloatware, but not something absolutely necessary to make the system work. First of all, you go to the computer Control Panel, from there you can see all the programs, and from there, remove all, that is not absolutely needed to make your system work.

3. Sometimes, it is rather impossible to remove the program from the Control Panel completely, as some leftovers may be left and still take up free space, which could be used in a much more efficient way. Moreover, it is a very time consuming process. Just imagine – you have to select all useless programs manually, click on Deinstall, wait till it is removed from the computer, and again the same, as many times, as many programs there are installed in your PC. The advantage is though that you don’t need neither to look for nor to install another software, the removal software. The disadvantages we have already mentioned.

4. After you removed the crapware, you still shall not relax, you aren’t the winner yet. The crapware very easily reinstalls in your lap. It happens, because manufacturers of programs, that are really needed, very often attach to them a bloatware, at least an adware. Just in order to make sure you haven’t forgotten about a super – firm, that develops such kind of software, the adware or another kind of that crapware will be there to remind you. And be aware and, of course, keep a good distance from installation of any toolbars. In most cases they are absolutely useless, but slow down the performance immensely.

And finally, the best tools to find and remove the crapware from your PC

The PC Decrapifier

Removes all that slows down your system
This software will help you to remove all unwished software. Moreover, if you aren’t an enterprise, and a version for personal use would be enough, it offers a free version.


A guardian angel for your system. This software has a small disadvantage though – it doesn’t work automatically, but it is able even to remove the adds from your browsers. It offers a free and a paid version, whatever is better for you.


Speeds your computer up. The main advantage of this product is, that it not just deinstalls unwished software, but also performs the final clean up of the system, in order to make sure, that no leftovers of the software are left. Moreover, you can display the opinion of others who have faced the same problem, like this, you save time as you don’t have to find clarification, whether the software is useful or not, whether you can deinstall it, or it can damage the system functionality. This software has a disadvantage though, you shall do all manually.


The good old software, that is usually present on default in each system. This one also helps you in removal of all unwanted programs, and even to clean up the system from their leftovers.



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