Inspire 2 Master Of Aerial Cinematography

In summary, the Inspire 2 is one of Chinese drone giant manufacturer, DJI’s newest piece of innovation whose creation seek to make undo its predecessor’s inadequacies. The drone is a sophisticated new technological result of ample dedicated time by the best experienced and deft handed team in the industry. The brings with it a high level of flight performance, high reliability, safer usage with advanced tracking abilities and a polished ability to process the best quality of images. The innovation is simply a genius revelation in aerial cinematography.
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Inspire 2 Master Of Aerial Cinematography

The drone is a revolutionary aerial film making innovation whose creation was inspired by its predecessor the Inspire 1. The drone is the result of complex ideas put into place by a creative young talented team of innovators from DJI in an aim of making a better version of the Inspire 1. DJI is a renowned international company with a reputation of motivating young talented innovators to create high-tech products that have evolutionalised industries over the years. DJI is headquartered in the city of Shenzhen in China with offices in three continents across the globe.

The drone is one of the most recent DJI products to be launched in time for Christmas. This result of deft hands has been long awaited for two long years since its predecessor the Inspire 1 was released by the Chinese master of drones. The drone was launched in mid November 2016 together with its sister the Phantom 4 Pro in the series of the Phantom drones.

Features of the drone

Fitted with the 5.2 K Gimbal Camera and Zenmuse X4S and X5S cameras

These cameras enable the new drone to film images of high quality. The cameras themselves are part of the new innovation products of DJI. The dual contain mega pixel sensors that provide a dynamic range, in built lenses, controllable aperture and mechanical shutters. When the dual are assisted by the drone’s image processor, the cameras achieve to record clear and quality aerial videos. Importantly, the unmanned aircraft system is fitted with a frontal camera that ensures the aerial vehicle is guided on where it is going as the other cameras concentrate on capturing visuals.

Cinecone 2.0 Image Processing

This new image processor is fitted in the new drone unlike in its predecessor, the Inspire 1. It enables data to be stored in the unmanned aerial vehicle and not on the camera as before. The image processor can work with any camera

Support Cinema DNG and Pro Res Recording

Cameras fitted in the unmanned aerial vehicle support Adobe cinema DNG at 4.2 Gbits/s as well as Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, Pro Res 4444 XQ, H.264 and H.265. Which are some common image processors in aerial filming.

Dual Battery design

The drone is fitted with a dual battery system which when fully charged can provide a twenty five to twenty seven minutes of flight time. These batteries are self heating making them provide the drone with heat in cold seasons.

It has a 67 mph Maximum Velocity

The unmanned aerial vehicle can manage a 67 mph velocity which is a twenty five minute increase from its predecessor’s 50 mph. Furthermore, the drone can be controlled from a seven kilometers.

Advanced Obstacle Sensing

The new drown is fitted with frontal facing obstacle sensors as well as on its top and bottom. These advanced obstacle sensors prevent the DJI newest innovation from flying in tight spaces. The drone’s fitted obstacle sensors have been advanced to the level of enabling the small unmanned aerial system to bring itself home safely. The advanced obstacle sensors also allow the unmanned aerial vehicle be sense obstacles in height from a 200 meters distance.

2 Axis Stabilizers FPV Camera

This feature enables pilots to see ahead as they navigate the small unmanned aerial craft while the filming camera is pointed in any direction.

The Remote Controllers

The small unmanned aircraft system has a Lightbridge upgrade that allows a signal frequency of between 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. These frequencies enable the drone to cut through noise and allow greater signal stability. The remote controller is usually unobstructed and free of interference. The Lightbridge technology makes it possible for the drone to effectively transmit up to a 7 kilometers distance as well as deliver videos of 1080p/720p and the FPV view to the pilot and camera operators.

Uses of the drone

In the new technologically driven world, drones have generally been used across the world for different purposes. DJI created drones are no exceptions and the small unmanned aircraft system has been used in the following ways:

Aerial Cinematography

The drone is mainly aimed at bringing an evolution to the aerial film industry and photography. Currently drones are even being used to capture news. The features of the drone enable it to capture very clear and high quality images and videos.

Uses in the Agriculture Industry

Aerial cinematography is not the only use of the newest aerial machine in the industry. The drone can be used in the agriculture industry. The drone can be fitted with sensors to specifically allow it to be used in monitoring crops in a farm. This is by capturing both the visible and non visible images of the crops and vegetation on the ground.

Uses in the Energy Sector

One of DJI’s aspirations is to ensure that it helps professionals such as those in the energy business go ahead with their daily business in a faster but safer environment. The oil industry could benefit very much if it embraces the use of drones to sense whether oil exists in a place. Meanwhile only the USA, has currently tapped into the use of the drone technology in oil drilling.

Search and Rescue Missions

Like its predecessor the Inspire 1, the drone is fitted with a spotlight pro. This technology enables the drone to maintain an above 3600 degree rotation camera that enables it to automatically track a subject beyond the rotation range of the drone. This technology would come in handy in search and rescue missions.

The Price Factor

Buying the drone is an expensive venture with prices of the drone alone starting at $2,999. This gives you the chance to fit it with compatible cameras of your choices which is the last determinant of the final price of the unmanned aerial vehicle. Meanwhile, in the USA, the combo will be on offer until the January, 1st 2017. This offer allows retail of the combo to go at the price of $5,999. This is inclusive of the drone, one Zenmuse X55, Cinema DNG and an Apple Pro Res License Key. The same items will be going for $6,198 for those that buy it later.

Pre orders of the small unmanned aircraft system is on going with shipment of the orders expected to start early December 2016; with shipments of drones bought separately from the cameras expected to kick off in January 2017. Shipping for products above $99 goes for free.

The uniqueness about the Inspire 2

The newest drone invention in the market has been informed by the work of proficient technological minded talents and list a wide range of uniqueness compared to its predecessor:

The drone has increased reliability. The propulsion system that are driven by a PWM signal with a serial port signal redundancy that ensures that in case the PWM signals are lost, transmission will continue through a serial port. The propulsion system of the drone has been subjected to long days of testing that further promotes its reliability. The drone is fitted with systems that enable a more accurate flight data transmission.

Another element is the new advanced obstacle sensors that are fitted in the drone. This system promotes safer flight ventures of the drone by highly reducing the drone’s risk of collision. Further, the contain dual rechargeable batteries that ensure in the event that one battery fail the other will ensure a continued safe flight and get the drone to safe landing. Through a combined effort of the three systems listed above, the small unmanned aircraft system is able to maintain a significantly enhanced overall reliability. The unmanned aerial vehicle produces professional images of high quality.

The drone is integrated with Zenmuse X4X or X5S cameras which enable the drone to capture high quality images which can be recorded in rates of high bits. Furthermore, the drone is fitted with the new Cine Core image processor which records a 5.2K Raw video. Other than the power found in the image capturing and image processor systems, the grand drone has a high flight capability that ensures that the drone can go after fast moving objects quickly enough to capture quality images of the subjects.

The drone promotes efficiency in the work flow. The optimization of the drone work flow has enabled the drone to record videos in the form of common formats for post film production. Common formats in which the drone can record videos include the Cinema DNG format and the Apple ProRes.

It has the ability to avoid obstacles. The drone is integrated with advanced obstacle sensors that are made in a way that allows the unmanned aerial vehicle to sense obstacles 30 meters away and 5 meters above it. Obstacle avoidance is usually optimized by the Point of Interest Mode and Waypoint Mode which are Intelligent Flight Modes which makes it possible for the drone to capture complex images easily and in a repeatable manner.

The unmanned aerial vehicle has a high level of flight performance. This is made possible by a new propulsion system that is optimized for power enabling the drone to achieve a new level of high flight performance altogether. The drone can achieve a 67mph flight speed at a maximum altitude of 400meters above sea level. The 67mph speed is a 27mph increase from the drone’s predecessor, the Inspire 1. It is fitted with a dual of controller sticks that enable the pilot to maneuver the drone in more easy ways.

The contains dual batteries that provide a self heating mechanism in the drone enabling it to fly in extreme conditions that include at the range of 2500-5000 meters above sea level and in extreme cold places of temperatures of about -20 C.

It has advanced tracking abilities. The drone contains a Spotlight Pro, which enables the drone to capture images of persons and objects from all angles in a dramatic and efficient way. Other than the Track Mode, Inspire 2 contains other Modes that allow the selection of the object under scrutiny and the selection of how the tracking will commence. The object under scrutiny is tracked once it enters the set tracking position and the short cut is pressed. These Modes can be adjusted so as to obtain the required shot or image.

Furthermore, the Active Track Mode allows the small unmanned aircraft to recognize a wide range of subjects that include people, cars and animals and track them easily.

The drone has the ability to take itself back home safely without being piloted. The drown is fitted with a Smart Return Home which makes it possible for it to form a real time map of the route it took. In case the video transmission system signal is lost and the Smart Return Home is enabled, the drone has the ability to return home safely using the route of its initial flight. During the flight back home, the drone uses its cameras to recognize obstacles that are as far as 200 meters in front of it ensuring a safe trip back home.

The drone enables live coverage of events on television. The drone’s 108i150 and 720p60 transmission frequency enables broadcasters to broadcast aerial live streaming directly from the drone to the TV.

The Pros and Cons of Inspire 2

Like in every other product in the market, it would be imprudent not to look at the numerous pros of the drone as well as examine its cons.


The pros of the drone include but are not limited to:

  • Inspire 2 is reliable.
  • The drone is a master of quality aerial films and photography.
  • The drone is flexible in its uses.
  • It is has minimum risks and is therefore safe to use.
  • It has incredible performance in terms of speed.
  • It is a credible machine.


The cons of the Inspire 2 are limited to:

  • The drone is an expensive venture.

The pros of the unmanned aerial vehicle simply outnumber its cons.



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