Is Windows 10 Safe? Security And Compatibility Issues

All in all, we can make a conclusion, that the stories about the awful insecurity of Windows 10 are not the truth, in general. Yes, right, there are some issues, which make concern most of the users, but, first of all, maybe because Microsoft Corporation has never applied tools for tracking user activities before, while those practices are very common for Google and Android. Moreover, most of the settings, that are bothering you in regard to security, can be changed of disabled, if you use the Pro edition, though with Home edition, you will have to put up with the most of them. Hence, with all that was mentioned above, we can make a conclusion, that all in all, Windows 10 is something completely new for Microsoft Corporation, that is why many users, who already got used to standard applications, perceived this version as something threatening and absolutely useless regarding the compatibility. Though, if applying it properly, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Is Windows 10 Safe? Security And Compatibility Issues

Windows 10 – update or avoid?

We all want to use the latest models of phones, laps, computers, cars and so on. And it is clear, that we want to use the latest OS and software for our computers. BUT we want to keep old applications, even if we don’t have any chance to use them anymore, because nobody uses them anymore. But we insist. And that is why, we are absolutely unhappy with the latest things. They simply don’t want to consider our wish to keep all old.

The same story is with the Windows 10.

Are you considering upgrading your system to Windows 10? Or just a friend recommended it? Then, you better read this article to get acquainted with the things, that made this Windows version so sadly popular.

Or you are a user of Windows 10? Then, sure you have faced several issues, but most likely, only those that are the most evident. But anyway, either you already use Windows 10, or just considering it as an option, you shall know some issues, which you may face and how to deal with them.


We all are so much concerned about our privacy and our confidentiality. We create super complicated passwords, invent coding and encryption, avoid all insecure websites and webpages. We do all to protect any data that can compromise our reputation, financial condition, or just can be disturbing or intrusive. But what would you feel, if the system, that is running in your computer, sent your private data to the Microsoft corporation? Not too comfortable? Well, and what about uploading data to all computers that run this OS? And sharing passwords with all online friends, even though they may be absolutely unfamiliar people in the real life? Sounds scary? Well, but all that about Windows 10 and its default settings. If you just install this Windows versions, you will get all the above mentioned troubles. This is the common opinion of people who aren’t very well aware of this new Wi-Fi function.

And what about adds attached to your mail ID, which you have selected for registering with Microsoft? Doesn’t matter that those adds are personalized, for you of course, but they still aren’t the most pleasant phenomenon. Well, Microsoft does it with its Windows 10. Its embedded adverts are really something annoying, and an adware is now considered as a malware, though, with Windows 10, even adware is possible. Moreover, it has an embedded tool for collection of information about a user – the device location, browsing history, even data from mails and messages, history of your calls? Microsoft even has a special tool to do that. Like a real malware. Or, maybe it is a malware used by Microsoft to collect all the data and use it when it is needed.

But why users aren’t aware of this?

It is simple. Just imagine a user terms document which is 45 pages long and built with super complicated sentences, which are extremely difficult to understand. Would you read it properly? Especially if this is a document of a reputable company. Not sure, if at least some percent of users read it and understood what it is about. But in user agreement, Microsoft lets us know about all those things. Though, it could be written in a clearer way which is understandable for most of us, ordinary users. Especially if we speak about collecting of all our activities, including calls. Maybe it was made on purpose, but the clear and understandable language seems to be not for such cases.

No virus is needed

No virus is needed if you use all default settings of Windows 10, as your data will be shared and available everywhere. Even the content of your mails, contacts, browsing history, passwords and so on – all can be accessed.

But, there is a reliable way to protect yourself. How?

This is quite simple. Do not install the OS version on default, select what you need and what you regard as a danger and do not want to install. Like this, you can disable all unwished options and secure your private and confidential information.

Here are some options, which we would recommend to disable if you really want to secure your privacy:

Go to “Settings” – “Privacy”. Then, there you will see several features from which you can select, which ones you prefer to leave and which to disable.

1. The first options which we would recommend is to disable the Advertising ID. For that, unmark the mentioned option;

2. The second option would be “Location”, for all general and specific applications;

3. Them you might want to disable Contana and stop it gathering information both about you and your usual online activities;

4. The next feature to turn off might be the “Sync with devices”, as it is used for beacons connection, and they use your data for advert aims;

5. The next you shall pay attention to is the “Internet and Connections” option. There you shall change the Wi-Fi settings so, that the features which you want to say private, stay private. Just unmark the appropriate boxes. Those which are fine for you and you want to leave them on, leave them marked.

Note: even though it is often believed, wrongly, that your Wi-Fi shares passwords with your friends, this is not the truth. you can allow access to your network for people who are visiting you, for example, so that they can do their activities, but they don’t see any passwords to your system. To allow them access to passwords, you have to enable one more feature, but unless you do that, nobody would have neither information about your passwords nor will be able to access your or any other computer or information stored in it.

6. One more concern is the automatic updates. Windows 10, if you use the Home Edition, just installs them, without asking you. Though with a Pro Edition, you can customize updating the system, say, with a monthly frequency. Though, automatic updates aren’t such a big issue or a disadvantage, as you may think, as all this is about your safety.

7. Telemetry – it is the feature that is used for tracking your OS application, which apps you use more and which – less often. The system takes even screenshots and sends them to a server. Normally, it is used to improve the system itself and for statistics, but if you don’t like it, you can turn it off completely.

Is compatibility such an issue?

If you have already been using Windows 10 for quite a while, you have already seen, that many apps may be incompatible with this new Windows edition. Some users even regret that they shifted to Windows 10 instead of staying with the previous version, Windows 7, where all worked smoothly. Though, this is rather a problem, connected with the users` unawareness rather than with a software itself. For example, many users just install Windows 10, without getting acquainted with its features. For example, many users complain, that an application, which had to work with the new OS version perfectly, stopped working. And whatever they do, the application doesn’t work. Though, they did not care to properly install Windows 10 first, and then to reinstall the application. Though this order is recommended everywhere, if one wants to keep the compatible applications working as well as they have to. Thus, to make your aps run, you have to install Windows 10, and then install all apps. Then, they will work smoothly. This is quite logical and simple order of actions, but not all follow it, moreover, not all even suspect, that it for some reason is necessary.

If there are still problem, you can try running the application in Compatibility mode, which was created especially for this purpose.

Though, Windows 10 is already a good advance for Microsoft, hence, some apps, especially those that are really old, will not work with Windows 10. For example, if an application was developed for Windows XP, then, most likely, it will never work with Windows 10. Though, those that were fine with Windows 7, will be perfectly compatible with Windows 10, too. Another hopeless case is when the application was using a very old driver, and the developer never provided an updated driver. Then, most likely, you better forget about that application. Well, you don’t expect that all software that was fine with DOS, will continue with Windows? Then, we don’t see any reason why all software that was used years ago shall work smoothly with the newest versions of the OS. 16-bit applications? You must be joking! We have already mentioned the DOS, that would be the same story.

How to get to know whether the application works with Windows 10?

With this task is of great help the Upgrade Advisor. This tool will scan the entire system, all applications, to check if they are fine enough for the new Windows version, and will instantly let you know what applications will run with your new OS, and which you would better delete and forget.

What to do if an app that I need desperately, may not work with Windows 10?

Well, first of all, make sure, that it really doesn’t work. Before installing Windows 10, check in the forums, maybe somebody is eager to have the same app, too. Then you will definitely find information about its compatibility with Windows 10, and if it did not work, then you will see how the person solved the problem and if the problem was solved at all. Then, a good idea is to contact the organization, that developed the software, in which you are so much interested. They for sure will know if it works with Windows 10.

But if you are super dependant on some application, that was running on Windows XP, but absolutely doesn’t want to work in any way with Windows 10, you can set up the own Windows XP virtual machine, to cheat the application and make it work for you. This might be quite a complicated procedure, and for a new user it is something unbelievable, so, you would better call a technician, but before doing so, think twice: is an old app worth such efforts and money? What has gone, has gone. Most likely, it will never work with the coming Windows versions, and most likely, with the newer versions you will not be able even to cheat the app to make it work.



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All in all, we can make a conclusion, that the stories about the awful insecurity of Windows 10 are not the truth, in general. Yes, right, there are some issues, which make concern most of the users, but, first of all, maybe because Microsoft Corporation has never applied tools for tracking user activities before, while those practices are very common for Google and Android. Moreover, most of the ...
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