MacBook Pro 2016 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2

After four years of deprivation of MacBook, consumers are looking forward to a greater improvement with a lot of eagerness. Let’s just say majority of Apple device lovers are already enthralled by the great anticipated features and can’t wait to get MacBook Pro 2016. Some claims have I that Apple is looking forward to making a comeback with their upgraded MacBook Pro despite the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this September. Microsoft Surface Book 2 on the other hand is expected to make great improvements on features of its predecessor released late last year. An improved removable display feature, first generation bug fixes, improved processors and graphic displays plus other features are some of anticipated improvements. Even though their release dates haven’t been announced yet, enthusiasts of both tech giants can’t wait to grab the long awaited notebooks. The two devices share virtually the same features in terms of looks and performance, hence making a choice will be mostly a personal preference.
MacBook Pro 2016 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Even though Microsoft Surface Book released on October, 2015 was the greatest advancement ever, a number of top reviewers including CNET were able to note some generation bugs. Even some of the buyers said that they couldn’t use their notebooks till spring when Microsoft produced driver updates and firmware upgrade. Now consumers can’t wait for the Surface Book 2. MacBook Pro 13 inch was also a great breakthrough.

The two tech giants are set to launch their greatest innovations this year, probably a couple of months ahead. So let’s see what people anticipate from these great breakthroughs. Apple is expected to give Microsoft a great deal of competition as they are also looking forward to releasing an updated version of the MacBook Pro this year, since 2012.

It is speculated that on the last four years, Apple has been recording diminishing returns from its sales and the MacBook Pro 2016 upgrade was a way to get their sales up the scale once more. The company has been recording decreased sales in almost all of their products, so it is said, that the MBP 2016 couldn’t come at a better time than this.

Apple recorded a decline in their quarterly profits as well as a slide in their revenue while struggling to boost iPhone sales ten years from when it was released. These declines in returns have presented a great challenge on the company’s CEO, Tim Cook as some opine that he needs to go. Still the race with Surface Book 2 is expected to be very stiff. The release of MBP 2016 could see the company make a comeback. Apart from MacBook Pro 2016, Apple also looks forward to release Apple Watch 2 plus other devices.

Clearly, as far as choosing the best device between MacBook Pro 2016 and Microsoft Surface Book 2 is concerned, it will all boil to personal preference. The two devices tie in almost everything, though the latter seems to outdo the former in a number of features. It seems that the competition between the two devices will be greater their respective predecessors. And a lot has been going on in Twitter concerning the two devices.

We expect the flaws that were seen with Microsoft’s first generation to be fixed. Apple is also looking forward to making a big return with their MacBook Pro 2016 after a silence of 4 years.


Surface Book wasn’t light and slim as such, but there’s no doubt it was a great sign of beauty. New claims going around says that Microsoft has reengineered the yet to be released hybrid device to give it a closer resemblance with conventional notebook. BGR reported that the new design is likely to have a hinge that will flush the keyboard and display lights. It’s not clear if the hinge used on the predecessor will be redesigned or ditched but all that Microsoft is likely to do is make the hybrid device more attractive to rival MacBook Pro 2016.

However, several articles around the web especially from top reviewers claim that Microsoft is more likely to ditch the hinge that saw a lot is issues being raised with their first generation device. Microsoft had claimed that the hinge was a necessity to make it possible to separate the display from notebook. It is claimed that the previous hinge is likely to be replaced with a dynamic fulcrum hinge.

As with MacBook Pro 2016, there’s probability that Apple will also ditch out some features from the MacBook Pro 2012, apart from making improvements. Just a couple of months ago, Apple conducted surveys on the users of their MacBook Pro and asked a number of questions that can clearly indicate the progress attained so far. And the most controversial survey questions asked included whether their users used headphone port together with Retina display.

Since Apple openly discussed lack of headphone jacks on their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, people are assuming that even MacBook Pro 2016 is likely to miss the headphone jack. The removal of the headphone jack is really a big move by Apple, which not so many companies would risk taking.

Other sources claim that at least a single version of the Surface Book 2 series will have 4K screen plus a higher end version to enable VR capability. The two notebooks are expected to be much thinner with very powerful graphics processors. There has been advanced testing of both notebooks from early 2016.

Even though Surface Book 2 is speculated to be greater than its rival, the fact that Apple held back in releasing new devices since 2012 will definitely mean that they have bigger features to allow them put up a fight with Microsoft.

Moreover, the waiting period for MacBook could trigger massive sales as people are eager to see the features that Apple has been working on for the past four years.

Removable display

This is particularly a great feature that makes Surface Book 2 much sexier than MacBook Pro 2016. The removable display from the predecessor device will be carried over to the hybrid. The notebook will offer 2 in 2 functionality for extensively productive duties as well as casual use.

As for the MacBook Pro 2016, it’s not known whether there is possibility of Apple permitting users to use the display as a standalone as in the case of an iPad. Lower probability of a touch functionality being included on the screen denies Apple’s device a few points against Microsoft’s. The implementation of the removable display and a touch functionality are some of the convenient features that can make Surface Book 2 a better choice for those looking for convenience. Apple’s move comes a great surprise since we’ve seen a range of its devices with efficient touch functionality. But since that is not yet confirmed officially by Apple, they may decide to surprise us differently during the debut.

Surface pen

This is yet another feature that Microsoft will rollover with Book 2. The Surface Pen will offer stylus support which is yet another great level of productivity. As with MacBook Pro 2016, stylus support is not yet known, but since Apple are usually on the forefront with great surprises, it may not a surprise if the included it.

However, Mac users are sure of the stylus support feature with the iPad Pro which has been designed with the Apple Pencil support. However, the stylus support for iPad is issued separately by Apple, meaning that you’ll have to purchase it. As with the case of MacBook Pro, it’s not clear if it will be included. Even if Apple decides to include it, probably it may also be availed as a separate purchase.

Other sources claim that Apple will include Touch ID support which will enable login through fingerprints via a touch panel. The functionality will be embedded either on touchpad or the power button but not on the screen. There is also a possibility of another fingerprint strip being included.

Intel’s Kaby Lake

Rumor has it that the 7th generation chip. Kaby Lake is going to be the driving power beneath the hood of MacBook Pro 2016.

However, chances of that happening are very minimal. Apple watchers claim that is indeed Kaby Lake will be incorporated into MBP 2016, then its launch will have to be postponed till the first quarter of 2017.

For the debut to happen this year, probably a few months later, then the most probable bet is that MBP 2016 will have to run on Skylake.

As with Microsoft Surface Book 2, it’s already been confirmed that it will be powered by Kaby Lake. This will not only be for SB 2 only, but for other devices set for release later on, including Surface Pro 5 as well as the series of Surface desktops.

Portable gaming machines

There are reports claiming that MacBook Pro 2016 will have AMD Polaris 11 GPU. However, this bump on specs will be exclusively on the MBP 2016 15 inch notebooks. Surface Book 2 uses high definition screens that will definitely need a processor as powerful as Kaby Lake. Surface Book 2 on the other hand is likely to have a powerful graphics card, though not specifically known. But rumors has it that users will be able to carry the machine as a portable gaming device rendering both 4K and 3D display resolutions.

The current Surface Book has a 13.5 inch screen with a resolution of 3,000 by 2,000 (267 ppi), backed by integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU. There are speculations that Surface Book 2 may use the same size of screen but offer a higher resolution of 3,840 by 2,160. This speculation is in line with the public information about the Kaby Lake processor’s architecture. This architecture will be able to support an improved playback of 3D graphics and 4K videos.

With an improved resolution, there should be a much better way of detaching the screen from the notebook. That is particularly the biggest complain Microsoft received with their current device. Surface Book 2 needs to have a fully functional hinge which can allow detaching of the screen from the keyboard, whether the notebook is off or on.

MBP 2016 is also set to have a major makeover. It will have a set of processors with super strength. According to a Bloomberg source, MBP 2016 may be a better option for gaming or heavy use.

Power requirements

Since the two notebooks are expected to run on high end processors, Kaby Lake for Microsoft’s and unknown but powerful for MacBook, there will be need for strong power source. As with Kaby Lake, its architecture supports processors that have a higher thermal envelope, up to 95W.

Surface Book 2 is expected to have a better power supply, that is, it must have a better battery since the predecessor had a 4 hours battery in its clipboard and an 8 hours battery at its base. The likelihood of having the 4 hour battery on the Clipboard which can be detached will mean that watching 4K content won’t be possible. Microsoft has probably figured out a better way to lay its batteries.

Apple on the other hand is expected to provide a better source of power for its improved MacBook as its speculated that it is likely to run on a powerful processor which will need a better power supply. But since MacBook Pro 2016 isn’t going to have a detachable display as the rumors go, implementing a better battery support isn’t going to be much of a challenge as it is with Microsoft Surface Book 2.



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