My Computer Works On Windows – How Can I Protect It?

Windows is one of the most popular OS nowadays, but it is also the most vulnerable one. Viruses, Trojans, malware, worms, - all those are developed mostly for Windows, and mostly because of its popularity. That is why, if you use a Windows OS, you shall be very careful with security issues. You shall never trust unverified sources for downloads, you shall never open and moreover click on the links that come in mails from unauthorized contacts. And you shall have a valid antivirus subscription, with antivirus installed and working, and an updated Windows system. There are many more less significant measures, but they still shall be applied if you don’t want your information to be stolen or your data damaged.
My Computer Works On Windows – How Can I Protect It?

Windows is one of the most popular OS and that’s why it is so attractive for threats.

If we speak about the software or the OS, we just use what we can find, or what a friend recommended, or what we heard about, but we rarely think about the real advantages and disadvantages of our choice. Most of us use PCs that work with Windows OS. And then, all starts. Viruses, Trojans, worms – all those things, ah, and we forgot to mention cyberattacks and hackers, and all those things start making the life of a user unbearable. They damage files, they alter files, steal important information or block access to it and many other things, just to complicate your life and make your computer work as bad as it is possible.
But, as you see, we are talking about Windows! Not about MAC or Android, but good old Windows!

What is so bad or so good in this operating system, that it so attractive for all possible threats?

First of all, how many people you know who use a MAC? Even if there are such among your friends, then, most likely, they are very very few. Though Windows users, on the contrary, there are plenty. Almost all use a PC operating with Windows. And now, in a place of a hacker, doesn’t matter what your purpose is, but you would spend more time on developing some program for an OS that is used almost by everybody, or for an OS, that is used by very few? Of course, if you have to invest your time, you would like to have a more significant return. That is why, hackers prefer Windows.

Then, with how many accounts you can login if your device is Windows-based? And a MAC? Or Android?

And this is one more reason why hackers and malware prefer Windows. There, you can login only with one account, while MAC and Android allow working with a multi-user accounts. Hence, if you get access to the administrator account in Windows, the computer is yours. Even the owner is sometimes not able to do something about it without professional help. But in case with a MAC or an Android, the things are completely different. Multi-user environment makes it more difficult to gait a full control over the system. Hence, it requires more time and efforts, and well, knowledge, too, to write a virus for a MAC or Android.

The only version of Windows, that has something like multi-user account, is Windows XP SP2. There, users can log in from multiple accounts, too, but with a limited access right. It means, that you have a full access only if you are logged in as an administrator, but in other cases, you still have to get an approval from an administrator, if you need to make any modifications in the system. That means, that this multi-user environment is not of too much help. But Windows is moving toward it, and that is already an advantage.

Some words about downloads

As you already know, while looking for a software, a good song, a book or whatever in the web, you can by mistake download a virus or a malicious program. And the sad fact is that Windows comes mostly without all vitally necessary software and applications, like antivirus, etc. Moreover, they are not always available for download from a secure Windows verified and checked location. That is why, this OS allows downloading anything, that looks like a legitimate product. And users do download all, including viruses, Trojans, other malicious things that are waiting for them in “trusted” resources. While Android offers the services of a Google Play Store, where all products are safe for download. And so on. Windows doesn’t offer anything similar, it even doesn’t offer a proper protection from threats.

Moreover, Windows is the oldest OS. MAC, Android and Linux were created when Windows has already gained its popularity. That is why, all malware was initially developed for Windows. A good tradition? Possibly, but definitely, not for Windows users.
But, this is not the end of the world.

If you follow simple rules, your computer will be well protected and the system will work perfectly.
First of all, check some symptoms, that can tell you, that your computer is not fine.

Your system may be infected, if there is one or some of the following signs are present:

1. Your system started working slower, it gets stuck, works with errors.

2. You are not able to open some files or some programs.

3. When you open some files, you see, that they have been changed.

4. Your internet browser doesn’t work as it shall, it either slows down, or has many popup windows that are more and more irritating, and so on.

5. Your computer starts rebooting without your participation and even without approval.

6. Your browser home page is different, than it has been before.

7. You enter in a search bar one website, but it redirects you to another website, or a webpage, with a content, that can be malicious in any possible way.

8. A toolbar in the web browser changes.

If you want that your computer stays safe and has none of the above mentioned symptoms, you shall perform just some simple instructions, that demand just little bit of your time, but they help you to save much more time and money in the future.

Here what you shall do, if you want to protect your system from bad influence and damage or malicious programs:

- NEVER click on the links, that are given in the popup windows. Yes, we know that some f them look like a great deal or the last chance in life to become rich, healthy, and who knows whatever else. But in 99,99%, they are created just for those who don’t know much yet about the internet threats.

- In any dialogue box, never click anything. In the very worst case, just click “No”, but better you don’t click anything. Otherwise, you can invite the malware into your system and even open a door for it.

- Free software shall be downloaded only from official verified sources. But well, right, a good phishing site or a web-site containing a malware will look like an official site. This is the sad truth, that is why, try to avoid such downloads.

- Emails with special offers, super deals, emails from your bank asking to access your account, otherwise…. And who knows what will be in case of “otherwise”… most likely, in that strange case you will be able to prevent the intrusion and to protect your money? Do not open any links given in a mail or in a mail attachment.

- Install a good antivirus product! Though this position is not in the first place, but it is, actually, one of the most important. It will protect your computer and your information from many bad eyes.

- Update the installed antivirus. All time when it reminds you, or every some period of time. Do not cancel and do not delay updates, as it may cost life of your system.

- Enable real time protection in your antivirus software. Otherwise, you will spend all your time looking for the viruses and malware and trying to get rid of them. While more and more are coming.

- E-mail protection! the antivirus you use shall be completely compatible with your email service and scan all incoming mails, delete those that look like a spam or a scam, and notify you.

- And don’t forget to update your Windows, all features, all software and so on. Updates are very important, otherwise, viruses will be more advanced than your protection system, and they will not be detected. For Windows, it is quite easy, usually the software notifies you if it needs an update, with a message. And then, you have to click “yes”. Though, many users believe that later they will have more time, they will be not so busy, not so lazy, not so….and they click “No”. The system stays not updated, and hence, it is more vulnerable for viruses and things of similar kind.

- Firewall. It is the first and the main obstacle for a virus when it is trying to get access to your system. Make sure that the firewall you are using is a new one, updated and is on.

- Depending on the kind of information, that you store in your computer, set up the protection level on middle or high. Never set up the low protection level. And never disable the firewall, even if some super good program wants it very much. This super program could be a virus and it cannot get through the firewall.

- User account control shall be turned on. Like this, you will have to give a permission for installation of anything. And like this, you will be able to control, what is happening in your system and which programs are being installed there.

- Internet cache. Browsing history. We are even not sure if you know what it is. Just to make sure you understand us – each time you browse the web, the browser keeps information about the websites that you visit. You can open the browsing history and see there all the links, sometimes, with access data saved, you just click on a link, and here you go! Internet banking, a website where you made a purchase, and many other interesting things. If one gets access to them, he may have a good impact on both your financial situation and your life in general. Better remove all those data till somebody hasn’t checked them.

Follow these rules, and you are going to have much less troubles with your computer, in a short and in a long run.

But, what to do, if you have noticed some of those dangerous signs, that your system is infected? Well, you can try to detect and remove it, then, you have to check if there are no leftovers of the malware, as from them, a software can install itself again, and a virus can replicate. If you leave something from any of a malicious program, then your computer will be still in danger, just to perform its malicious activities, the virus or the malware will need more time.

A Good Antivirus Is Necessary

For that, you would definitely need a good antivirus and antimalware software. They can be both free and paid, but the main thing is that it is compatible with your Windows version (not all of them work with all Windows versions), it shall provide protection in real time mode and be a good software. You can check reviews of users, results or independent labs testing and many more things, all information is available in the web nowadays.



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My Computer Works On Windows – How Can I Protect It?

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