Top 6 Tech Releases To Watch Out For Halloween

2016 is the year when a lot of new great innovations hit the tech world. With the debut of so many companies setting the release of their innovations this October, which means that Halloween shall have a completely new turn. People and especially teens and youths will be looking forward to a different class of gifts rather the ones that are traditionally given during Halloween. If you are to grab yourself or a loved on any of these anticipated innovations, the time to get ready is now because they are somewhat costly.
Top 6 Tech Releases To Watch Out For Halloween

Halloween is that time of the year when every kid expects a gift. As the kids grow into teenagers, they might find those costumes not much interesting and might like something to hold on to and cherish even after the Halloween season is over. What’s more than giving them the latest innovations in technology?

Everyone would love to get a new tech release for a gift. The following are top ten tech releases set for this Halloween that you might consider getting your loved ones as presents.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft hit the market with the release of their first generation notebook, Surface Book on October last year. One year later, a new innovation and great improvement of the predecessor is set for launch. Microsoft hasn’t announced officially, the debut date, but speculations around the web say that it is set for launch by the end of October.

Microsoft is the most looked forward to innovation this year as the 2 in 1 notebook is being named the ultimate laptop. Some of the greatest features that were in the predecessor notebook will be included but in an upgraded version. The notebook will still have a removable display which can be detached from the rest of the notebook and used separately as a tablet. This however didn’t work out so good with the previous release, in which some users complained that the display was a little complicated when there’s need to detach it.

Surface Book 2 will have a Fulcrum hinge which will make it easier to detach. In terms of the processor, it will be powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake, unlike the predecessor which was running on Skylake. The notebook will be extra thinner and much lighter than before. It will also feature a Surface Pen support for touch functionality. Since the debut date is not yet known, the asking price as well is not yet known, but expect to scoop out some great deal of cash for it.

This notebook is expected to have high resolution display that supports both 4K and 3D vision. This will make it a portable gaming machine. This is the ultimate gift for this Halloween season.

MacBook Pro 2016

For 4 years now since releasing their MacBook Pro in 2012, Apple went silent for quite a while. During this period of hibernation, they were working on a great deal of improvement on their 2012 MacBook Pro, which is also set to rival with Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

Apple has not yet announced the release date, but rumors has it that it’s also set for launch by the end of October. The notebook is expected to include both the 13 inch and 15 inch versions each with a retina display. Among some of the most anticipated features on MacBook Pro 2016 include the OLED touch strips, Touch ID, Type C USB ports and fingerprint scanner. Touch ID and fingerprint scanners are expected to beef up the security of the machine by allowing users to log in using their fingerprints.

However, speculations have it that Apple won’t include the touch screen functionality on their upgrade. Additionally, the headphone jack that was present in MacBook Pro 2012 won’t be included either. The notebook is expected to be much thinner especially with the exclusion of the headphone jack. This does not come as a surprise though because Apple’s Airpod includes the headphone jack.

Even though these rumors have been imminent and recurrent, one of the greatest feature of the notebook that is yet to be confirmed is the type of chip that will be used. Many people however think that there’s likelihood of Apple including Intel Kaby Lake chips. Despite the unknown chipsets to be used, the display is expected to have a high resolution just like Microsoft’s to support gaming.

Both notebooks have relatively similar features that can make it a little difficult to choose. Making a choice will be a matter of preference since both are equally great.

Google Nexus 5/6 2016?

As for Google’s phone, it is a little funny, since it’s always difficult to tell what this tech giant is up to with its own branded phones. As usual, we are not guaranteed to have a like for a like upgrade each year. But it seems like Google got into this stride last year when they released Nexus 5X 5.2inch and Nexus 6P 5.8inch, which were replacements both for the older phones. So what to expect for 2016?

As it is at the moment, it seems like HTC will be the next manufacturer for the new Nexus 2016 series as opposed to LG in the past. Of course it is HTC who made the attractive Nexus 9 tablet back in 2014, so it has a good track record as Google’s preference for its Nexus devices.

Apart from that, very little is known about the range of Nexus 5 and 6 2016 devices set for launch by the end of October. This year, Google has decided to nickname the two phones Sailfish and Marlin till development is complete and they are given official names. And there are higher chances that the new Nexus phones to be launched this coming October will come with a new Android version.

Marlin is thought to be bigger, more powerful and better. It is anticipated to have Quad HD AMOLED screen display, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. In terms of the memory and storage, it is expected to have 4GB and 128GB respectively.

Other speculated specs include an 8 megapixel front and 12 megapixel rear cameras powered by 3450mAh battery.

It’s said that Sailfish will be the smaller one, with 5 inch Full HD display. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor together with 4GB and 32GB of internal and storage memories. There’s not much detail about the cameras, but as usual, both a powerful front and rear cameras are expected. As for the battery, Sailfish is rumored to have a 2779mAh.

The October launch date is the most likelihood for these phones bearing that Google has always made their Nexus launches on Octobers. These will certainly great gifts come the Halloween.

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Even though Apple already announced these two great tech innovations this September, they are equally great and gifts to look forward to come this Halloween. They are similarly designed as iPhone 6S and 6S Plus but with a couple of changes to note.

The antenna bands that were across the devices’ rear sides have been relocated to bottom and top, to give them a clearer design. Both have also ditched their headphone jacks and replaced with stereo speakers. They’ve also ditched the Space Grey color that was in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus but have added a matte black and jet black offerings

iPhone 7 Plus beefs up the game by adding dual rear camera; 12MP wide angle sensor and the 12 MP telephoto sensor. iPhone 7 on the other hand has only one 12MP sensor. As for both devices, optical image stability has been featured.

Both phones feature an A10 Fusion processor but will different memory sizes. Basically, three storage size options are included, 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. They run on a new iOS 10 with sales started on 16th September.

Amazon Echo 2

It’s only a couple of months ago when Amazon launched its Echo Dot, the lesser version of the popular hands free and voice enabled speaker by Alexa. Now Amazon is back with an upgraded version of Echo Dot, the Amazon Echo 2 running for $50 on preorder. The actual sale date starts on October. The speaker comes in both black and white color options.

It is a voice controlled speaker that enables playing of music, controlling smart home devices, reads news, sets alarms, provide information plus many more. It can connect to headphones or other speakers via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo cable that allows it to play music from TuneIn, Prime Music or Spotify.

It is also compatible with a range of smart devices from Philips, WeMO, Hive, tado and Netatmo among others.

The new Amazon Echo 2 is a little sleeker and compact as compared to the original Echo Dot. It comes with a similar array of 7 microphones plus advanced noise mitigating technology that enable you to speak to it from across a room, even when music is playing.

Amazon stated that the new Echo 2also features more powerful processors for speech that delivers a more enhanced far field speech recognition precision. This tiny speaker does not output much sound as the previous Echo, so take it as an accessory to enhance your home entertainment system or serve as a control device for a smart home that is compatible with it. In fact, Amazon says that you can sprinkle Echo 2 throughout your entire home. The tiny speaker is equipped with an Echo Spatial Perception technology that facilitates response by Alexa. This feature will be made available for all the Echo devices as free update. This free update will also include the first generation Echo Dot and will be availed in the next coming weeks into October. Amazon Echo 2 is an ultimate speaker that you can give as great Halloween presents.

Apple Smart Speaker

Smart home technology is currently rising in popularity and the little presence of Apple in the industry is surprising. However, there are speculations around suggesting that Apple has taken interest in the smart home technology to rival Amazon Echo speakers.

As with the Amazon releasing their second generation of Echo speakers, Apple is also looking forward to releasing a similar smart speaker that operates through voice controls. The recently released iOS 10 with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus includes a home app that allows users to control a number of HomeKit products availed through the Apple Store. Previously, a third party application was needed in order to use these features, now Apple has made them all in one.

The move by Apple is seen as a logical step ahead and there are high expectations that the new speakers will be released sooner in the market. Much however remains unknown about the speakers including their names. Speculations around suggest that maybe they would be called iSpeaker, iHome, Siri Speaker or even Siri Home. Based on the previous names that Apple has been giving its range of products plus the acquisition of the audio company, Beats, the variety of names that could be used for the speaker is wide.

However, people should note that certain names such as iSpeaker and iHome already exist in the market via different product brands. So it is presumed that if Apple were to release their new smart speaker, they’d call it Siri Speaker or even Apple Home. This also goes in line with Amazon’s naming schemes.

The actual release date for this smart speaker is not yet known neither do hints exist. But given Apple’s timing of previous release dates of hardware such as iPhone 7, we should expect the company to launch the smart speakers by the end of October or even during the autumn season this year.



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