A Sophisticated Method To Recover Virtually Any Lost Data

O&O Disk Recovery 11 is an effective and reliable data recovery program that allows users to recover accidentally deleted files, damaged files or even lost files. However, users can only enjoy the application’s benefits when using it as a pro version. The trial version makes the program almost of no use as the recovered files cannot be saved. The only way to getting the files is by making a purchase. A one-time price of US$ 99 is not much either, compared to what you stand to lose by letting your files get lost completely. Its support for all file systems known to Windows is a great advantage as it allows you to recover your data from hard disks, USB sticks, and memory cards among other storage media. Its wide range of recovery methods is yet another great feature to enable users restore practically anything.
A Sophisticated Method To Recover Virtually Any Lost Data

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O&O Disk Recovery 11 lets you recover any lost file type from any type of storage. This version has many great feature improvements that makes it stand out from other file recovery software available out there.

The program is made available in a free trial version as well. However, the trial version has similar features as the pro version with the difference being that you must purchase the pro version to save the recovered files. It can be downloaded from the developer’s site. The pro version costs US$ 99.

As compared to the O&O Disk Recovery 10, this version has quite a number of feature improvements, including new file type support, new sophisticated recovery techniques and support for Windows 10.

System requirements

O&O Disk Recovery 11 is supported on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It can run on both the 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. Its installation requires at least 20MB of free space on hard disk.

User friendliness

Installation of the program is quite easy. A computer novice can also install it as it has a step by step wizard that guides the user through by simply clicking the next button.

After installation, the user interface is very simple and intuitive. File recovery can be done through the step by step wizard. It is advisable to install the application on a different drive from the one that you want to recover data. You can install it on a USB drive and run it off platform.

Using 3 simple steps, a user can recover their files. A lot of the technicalities are hidden in the background and user only needs to click buttons and recovery is initiated.

This program is also a lightweight, meaning that it does not use up a lot of computer resources, especially when running the Smart Scan. However, the Deep Scan and Raw Scan run deeply through the disk sectors, meaning that quite a lot of resources such as memory and disk space are used up.

Top features

The developer has equipped the software with sophisticated and reliable recovery options that allow users to recover their files from damaged partitions, formatted partitions and deleted partitions and so on.

O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro has search and restore algorithms that let you do all the impossibilities of recovery; permanently restoring lost files. The software is quite simple and easy to use. Anyone can use it, regardless of their computer skills. Every recovery process is conducted with the help of a procedural instruction wizard to complete every process with ease.

O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro supports a wide range of storage media including internal and external hard disks, digital cameras, USB sticks, etc. In terms of file systems, the program supports NTFS, ex FAT, FAT and FAT 32.

Starting recovery

When doing recovery, the first thing to be done is selecting the drive from which files were lost and then scanning it. The software will display all the drives in your computer so you don’t have to struggle searching for a drive. This also includes the external storage attached to the computer, such as a USB drive. All you got to do is select the drive in question.

Once the drive has been selected, the next step involves choosing the scan technique to be used out of the three available. Achieving good results require that the user selects the most appropriate searching technique. The options offered include the UnErase, Format Recovery and Disk Recovery.

  • UnErase – this search technique takes the least time to search for lost files and allows user to search folders and restore the deleted files. This applies even on the larges sized drives. It is most suitable for recovering deleted files, especially when deletion was done accidentally and want to do recovery before they have been overwritten.
  • Format Recovery – this technique is suitable for recovering lost files from a structurally damaged or formatted partition. It can as well be used to recover deleted files from a partition.
  • Disk Recovery – this is the most advanced search technique and is best utilized when the above two methods have failed to deliver desired results. When this technique is used, O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro does searching on all the disk sectors, allowing the user to recover data from completely destroyed or formatted disk drives.

Each of these techniques runs independently, meaning that you can use one or even all of them at a go.

You can choose to apply some additional settings and then click the Adapt settings button. A new window will open and you can select the desired scan method out of the 3 availed for a scan to run. O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro also has three scan methods that can be used. They run independently meaning that they can be used singly or combined. These include:

  • Deep Scan – this file scan method performs a detailed scan, analyzing each of the sectors of the disk to identify deleted files. This scan method can find all types of files regardless of their sizes. However, it is best used on file systems that are undamaged and healthy. Deep Scan is enabled by default.
  • Smart Scan – this scan method runs quickly, taking less time than Deep Scan. It scans those areas of a disk that have not been occupied by existing files. This method is also active by default.
  • Raw Scan – this is the most advanced out of the three scan methods. If the other two don’t deliver required effectiveness, Raw Scan can be used. This scan methods runs an in-depth scan regardless of the disk’s file system. It comes in very handy especially when a disk is formatted using a different file system (such as FAT, NTFS, etc). it takes relatively longer and delivers the best results.

Supported files

Basically, O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro enables a user to search any file type regardless of its size. However, if you want to limit the search to a certain file size, you can do so. When you choose to limit the search to a certain size, any other file of larger size than the limit will be ignored during the search.

This comes in very handy as it will reduce the scanning time to a greater extent, especially if you already know the actual size of the lost file. This feature is among the many great things that make this program stand out from the other data recovery programs.

There’s yet another great thing about O&O Disk Recovery 11 Pro. It supports over 350 types of files. When a scan is run, the program basically searches for all types of files. But if you already know the file type that you are searching for, you simply need to specify it and your scan time will be greatly reduced. This together with file size can narrow your search parameters to a great extent, which goes a long way to delivering required results within shortest time possible.

You can search for the following file types with O&O Disk Recovery 11 pro:

  • Applications – these simply refer to the software programs that can be executed. Some of the types supported include EXE, TTF and HLP among others. Up to 70 application file types can be recovered.
  • Archives – all popular archive files are equally supported, including RAR, ZIP, ARJ, 7Z and ACE among others.
  • Digital camera raw formats – CR2, CIFF, PXN, etc.
  • Databases - SQL, MS Access, CAP, BTR, etc.
  • Documents – DOCX, PDF, RTF, 3DA, PPT, etc.
  • Graphics – JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO,TIF, PSD, BMP, etc
  • Email – OEB, DBX, WAB, PST.
  • Web – HTML, HTM, ELM, XML.
  • Videos – VOB, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, SWF, etc.
  • Audios – MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, etc.
  • Texts – TXT, CPP, etc.

Up to 350 file types are supported by default. However, the program allows you to create your own user defined formats or signatures that can be used during the scan.

Running the search

After all the parameters and settings have been defined, the search process can be started. Duration of the search will depend on the search technique specified, disk size among other factors.

When the search process continues, info about the elapsed and the remaining time are displayed. Information about the number of folders and files found are also shown. Once the search process is completed, you can proceed to the next step.

On completion, total number of folders and files found will be displayed. You can view some of the recovered files such as text or graphics through the preview pane. Some basic information about the files are also displayed, such as size, creation date, etc.


The program allows you to sort out the files by their date and size using some special filters. Once you’ve selected the files that you want to recover, you can choose to save them on an external drive such as a USB drive or the internal storage. Take note that it is recommended to save in a different partition from where the files were initially. This will increase the chances of recovering the files completely as they were initially.

When the lost files are discovered, the program will be display a list of all the files that have been found form the scan. By definition, any deleted file doesn’t have a Master File Table entry, but its information including the name, date and size remain intact on the drive. This is what makes it possible for the program to recover the files.

With the three data recovery techniques of O&O Disk Recovery 11, there will be more data to be saved than the available partition size. You can get up to 600GB when running the Raw Scan from a 60GB partition size. Therefore, it makes sense to search through the recovered files to find specifically what you need. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of files by specifying the size and type of file.

When recovering files on NTFS file system, spotting a certain file is relatively easy. This is contrary to the FAT32 where the first character of the filename has been replaced with another character to indicate it’s a deletion. FAT 32 also lists files in an odd alphabetical order, so you may need to do a lot of eye searching.

O&O Disk Recovery 11 also allows you to create a recovery report as an RTF file and save it.

  • Has an intuitive user interface.
  • Supports recovery for over 350 types of files.
  • Recovery is possible on all file systems including NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and exFAT.
  • Uses three advanced search and scan techniques to effectively recover lost files.
  • Users can specify the type of files to be recovered.
  • Size of files to be recovered can also be specified to narrow search parameters.
  • Files can be previewed before recovery.
  • User can define their own file signatures to be used
  • Saving recovered files is not possible on the trial version until a purchase is made.
  • Supported languages are German and English only


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