Achieve Successful Agile Development With objectiF RPM

The most important determinant of success in any agile development is dealing with the system requirements. It can be very difficult to elicit the requirements and comprehend the connections. When it comes to development of systems using different approaches, objectiF RPM is an essential software of choice. The application lets you start development even when requirements of the project are not known. And in the event that there are requirements, the software lets you visualize through them and identify any relationships that are important to the development team as well as the stakeholders. Despite lack of free trials, which is not a big deal though since free demos are available from the developer’s site, objectiF RPM is an ultimate choice for developers who want to stay in play in a dynamic world of development.
Achieve Successful Agile Development With objectiF RPM

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objectiF RPM is a perfect software for anyone who is concerned with development of products. It gives you access to current status of a planning process as well as the results. The software is a perfect choice for those who are after building exceptional products.

By making use of the objectiF RPM software, you’ll enjoy the advantage that comes with product development that responds to the needs of the development team. The software adds value to your products by providing the most essential considerations that need to be made when planning.

Pricing plan

objectiF RPM is offered in two different price plans; renting as a service and a one-time purchase. The one-time purchase will allow you to run the software on your workstations locally.

The rental option is offered online. With this option, you have the option of choosing the number of licenses to purchase. Licensing is issued based on the number of people who will work simultaneously on the software. Payments are made on a monthly basis and your rental period begins immediately you get a license key via an email.

Once your rental period expires, it is then extended by 3 more months, that is, if you do not cancel it within 3 days during the month of expiry. Canceling is done by sending them an email or calling their support line. The rental fee also includes the hotline support charges plus update services. Updates are made available through designated administrators in form of MSP or MSI files.

objectiF RPM is purchased at a cost of $1,500.00 which is a one-time purchase price. But there are prices for additional software licenses, which are listed from the developer’s site. The software is actually a client-server tool in that all your information plus the results ate centrally managed by the objectiF RPM server. If you need to run the application and the server, you’ll need an additional license for the server.


The software is used in Windows platform and deployment is through installation. But before a purchase, microTool can provide you with a free demo from their website. For a success free demo online, you are required to be running the current of Firefox for PC, Google Chrome for both PC and Mac, Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Safari browser for Mac.

Since the free demo is just a demonstration of how the product works, you won’t provide your credit card number or encounter hidden costs.

objectiF RPM can be ran as a client software on Windows or as a client/server software on a network of computers.

Server requirements: To run it as a server, you’ll need a Quad Core or higher CPU, 8GB of RAM and at least 2GB of free hard disk space. The system needs to be running at least Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012.

Client requirements: a CPU of Dual Core or higher is required. As for the memory, 4GB is recommended while the hard disk space needs to be at least 1GB free. The system needs to be running at least Windows Vista, .NET framework 4.0, Microsoft Word 2007 or higher, and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 4.0.

When about to get started, it’s recommended that you begin with the first step, Project Planning under their help document. You’ll find very useful information about how objectiF RPM works and the operation of the user interface.

How can you benefit from objectiF RPM?

If you are really into combining the advantages of the agile software development approach with the popular use cases concepts then Use of Case 2.0 is the ultimate choice. The software makes it possible to come up with individual steps like creating basic flows, slicing, case stories, alternative flows and planning sprints. objectiF RPM software package makes it possible for you to use diagrams and forms that are easy to understand to facilitate product planning and be able to share with the development team any time.


objectiF RPM is not only the best tool that you can use with Use Case 2.0, but it also offers a lot of powerful features and functionalities that allow you to work in an agile manner, work visually, work with requirements among several other capabilities.

  • Working visually – forms present a great method of capturing the requirements in structured manner. objectiF RPM is even better at visualizing the relationships. The software can help your development team identify the connections that were not possible to identify without it. It helps you identify the most suitable development needs. It forms a better way for your team to communicate with all interested parties by using notations that are easy to understand. You are able to visualize the knowledge that you can use for agile development of your projects. The software also makes it possible to determine the elements that can be illustrated using diagrams with certain relationships thus making them much easier to work with. It’s also possible to visualize their diagrams within the objectiF RPM diagram. You can also version elements in a diagram so that it’s easy to reference the previous states.
  • Work in an agile manner – development of products can be successful only when agile development and requirements engineering are implemented holistically. objectiF RPM makes it possible to work in an agile manner for successful development of products. It lets you create value for stakeholders and develop projects with agile flexibility. You can analyze the goals of the stakeholders and come up with the best requirements for your project. objectiF RPM story board provides your team with a progress overview of your development so you can know for sure if you are headed in the right direction. The software features a comprehensive and powerful requirements engineering feature which has been paired with essential illustrative tools to help you get a better understanding of your stakeholders, identify technical relationships and unveil the contradictory requirements.
  • Work with requirements – if your development process has requirements, then objectiF RPM can make those requirements an integral part of the development process. objectiF RPM can be used for your requirements’ total life cycle, determining and defining what they actually are. The software can also help you with administration, elicitation, planning, versioning, documentation and realization. You can easily capture the requirement of your project in an easy to understand and structured online form. You can also view the properties of your requirements at a glance, such as the name, ID type and state among others. Through the requirements form in objectiF RPM, it’s easy to access all the information about the requirements. You also get to provide a comprehensive description of your project requirements. If you like, you can also include images as well.
  • Work in hybrid development – working in an agile manner in an organization that doesn’t use agile approach for development can pose a great challenge in the development of the company. That’s why the objectiF RPM software combines the agile and classical approaches to form a single hybrid development support. The software supports inclusion of phases and schedules in your agile projects. It assists you in visualizing the complex relationships existing when working with stakeholders. The software also makes it possible to work with various decentralized teams. By having a glimpse at the sprints, it will be easier to identify that they have similar durations. There’s also the Gantt Diagram within the software that illustrates progress, costs, milestones, chronological relationships and many more. objectiF RPM is a complete software for engineering requirements for development of systems.
  • Work with patterns – normally, system developers encounter a lot of challenges when trying to implement or execute tasks in a uniform and traceable manner. Patterns form an integral part of developing solutions for problems that are recurrent. objectiF RPM lets you use patterns in several different ways to simplify the work of your team. It also gives you the chance to employ your won knowledge and experience as well as enhance acceptance among the users of the tool. The software makes it more advantageous to work with patterns in that steps can be automated, experiences can be employed and rules implemented easily. Through a pattern dialogue you can easily organize the patterns so you can find them with ease and much faster whenever you need them. It’s also possible to assign visualizations to patter descriptions thus increasing the overall understanding of your development team.
  • Documenting requirements – objectiF RPM makes it possible to document your development requirements using the same application that was used to capture, analyze, specify, prioritize, plan and realize them, it simply organize everything in one tool. The software puts you and your team and stakeholders on the same page by using diagrams to envision the connections existing within your requirements. With the application, it becomes much easier to define the information in the documents. If you need to integrate different diagrams, it’s possible. You simply have to decide what needs to be included in your document and the software will handle it for you. Moreover, it’s possible to write texts, like explanations about your team. If you choose to create a new document, the current documents remain unaltered. If you need to do revisions, you can create revisions with regard to the automated rules you created. And this can be done for diagrams as well. Once you are done with revisions, you can then generate the documents again, where two different documents are created which you can compare and contrast.

In addition, you can achieve a lot more with objectiF RPM, including working with SysML and UML, working with Lean Traceability among several other features.


In terms of support, microTool offers a reliable customer support service through an email on their site. If you’d like an instant assistance instead, there’s a phone number for customer support as well where you can speak to their support staff for assistance.

What makes their support nice is that you can also request them to call you instead. Through their website, you can send your call back request and you’ll be contacted within 24 hours from the time of submission of your request.

The support team can be reached during the business days, Monday to Friday, as from 9am to 5pm. As a user of the product, you can participate in future developments of the software by sharing your requirements with microTool. Generally, two versions of the software are availed every year. Once an update is made available, they’ll be delivered to you via email as .MSP or .MSI files.

Moreover, the developer also holds seminars, webinars and events that are aimed at educating users on how they can get more from the software for their development projects. By taking part in a webinar, seminar or an event, you get the chance to meet with the developers and other users where you get to learn more useful knowledge about the software.

  • It lets you visualize and capture the requirements of a project.
  • The software makes it easier for you, your team and stakeholders be on the same page during the development stage.
  • You can easily determine the requirements of a project by analyzing the goals of the stakeholder.
  • The software lets you combine the classical and agile approach of development into a single hybrid approach.
  • There’s lot of support offered by the developer.
  • Available as a client/server application.
  • You can either rent or purchase the software for local use on your workstations.
  • There are no free trial versions. Instead a demo is offered by the developer for free at their website.


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