Ad-Ware Pro Security – Always Be Safe

To sum up all above mentioned information, Ad-Aware Pro Security is a presentable product which has lots of good features protecting your PC and providing safe and comfortable environment while working with information in the Internet. It offers a wide range of possibilities such as antivirus engines that work well together, safety of any of your downloads, automatic updates against the latest types of threats, comfortable game and film regimes, protected browsing and networking, guarantee of safe online shopping and banking, keeping personal emails and other content protected, pin point targeting and so on. Like other products it lacks in some aspects (low computer performance, additional updates for some components etc). It should be pointed out that the software can be among optimal choices when dealing with worthy antivirus programs. The software presents to do an adequate work for computer safety.
Ad-Ware Pro Security – Always Be Safe

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Ad-Aware Pro Security is a new key to your PC protection

While using the Internet, it is easy to catch a virus or by chance download spyware or other potentially unwanted software that bring danger, on the computer. There are so many useful and needed resources, which allow you to protect your PC, including a wide range of antivirus solutions. The choice is really great: starting from free products and ending with commercial products. And here is the pressing question that might come up whether you should put a hand in a pocket for your PC protection or just operate with better but a free antivirus program.

Some merchants decide this problem instead of their clients by providing limited options of antivirus utilities when giving it for not-for-profit users. Others tempt potential customers with additional components to the paid version. Many companies use these techniques in order to be more competitive than others but it is necessary since a company works in conditions of the highly developed strict market. In spite of all that was just mentioned, one is supposed to understand importance of good antivirus products to work in safe environment and do not worry about any attacks on own computer or information that stored in it.

In this context let’s get a view of Ad-Aware Pro Security and its peculiarities.

Ad-Aware Pro Security is designed as a strong utility to deal with different current web threats. Effectiveness of program usage is reached owing to synchronized work of antispyware and antivirus modules in real-time environment. Algorithms, applied in the process of analysis and resistance, in a split second help to reveal rootkits, Trojans, successfully block haunting content, fraudulent website parasites.

It is essential to indicate that this product, among basic possibilities of Pro Security, shows locality to system resources, thanks to which it is recommended for low-powered PCs.

The main features include the following options:

1. Super quick antivirus engines that functions in company with anti-spyware technology. Both engines run together to cut off a malicious code: from regular viruses to more typical different spyware attacks. These engines are made to operate with each other without any collision in work which shows that they are combined perfectly. Beside, every day automatic updates can banish your uncertainty about protection of personal or other types of files and your computer from ever-changing risks coming from the Internet.

2. Protection of your downloads. Due to the fact that downloads from web becoming more and more popular, cyber-criminals try to make the most of recent films, diverse software products, photos or favorite music placing infected files in all of that. A user unintentionally downloads that harmful files and by doing so it opens hackers easy access to personal information and own computer of a user. Ad-Aware automatically checks all files before they are loaded on the hard disk drive and discloses malware before it starts working on your PC.

3. The automatic updates against present-day threats. Fast, uninterrupted updates are downloaded very often during a day without any help from the outside. Ad-Aware’s updates will save your computer and keep it working evenly, that’s why you just need to rest and do not worry about anything.

4. A mode for your favorite games playing and movies watching. You always can play any games and even watch films without any interruptions or tension on resources of the system that alternative software programs might provoke regularly. This game mode holds security alert messages, it examines the system when you do a job or you are entertained with games, but even it is actual time security it does not affect your protection. In addition, with barely 1% of processor utilization factor even in case of excessive use, the mentioned software will not halt your PC while you are struggling with tough games.

5. Protection when you surf in the Internet. This feature checks all known URL addresses and websites. The safe browsing scans websites that opposed to a continually renewable record of noted malware affected Internet sites. The record is being refreshed every 6-20 min. and gives real-time safety against updated inbreaks – from well-known Trojans to invasions and deceitful phishing. If you want to use a risky link when browsing or working with e-mails, Ad-Aware will directly notify you about a possible dangerous status of the site.

6. Safe online shopping and Internet banking. Even if you know that it is usually out of danger to shop and use virtual banking, it is common practice to be careful when providing your private information. Cybercriminals are able to use diverse means to appropriate your credit card data or bank paroles – from imitating trustworthy sites to falsifying the security certifications of e-shops or banks. The Web Filter defends your PC against phishing scams steadily inspecting in actual time sites with which everyone might come across everywhere on the Internet. This Filter foreseeingly holds up different malware, malicious elements or content prior to damage of the PC.

7. Strong email protection against produced threats. Ad-Aware Pro has impressive backstage techniques which secure you from suspicious incoming and outgoing emails. Considering that you have email guarding empowered, your system is going to be right away protected, when dealing with viruses or malware, which is free from your disturbance overall, irrespective of danger turning up though attachments or content of your email. Ad-Aware Email Protection shows excellent performance in work with Outlook 2000+, Windows Mail, SMTP and so on. Do not forget that TLS and SSL are kept in Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook exclusively.

8. Protected networking against toughened harmful codes. This tool deliberately tracks network or system actions, and after that it blocks deleterious exploits. Ad-Aware Pro intrusion avoidance analyzes harmful activities, records information and tries to prevent strange acts that might be recognized as destructive.

9. Famous antispyware program. Taking into consideration the fact that almost one billion of computer illegal activities were prevented, this software definitely has knowledge of blocking cybercriminals. The technology is extremely excellent that points on its popularity among millions of users in the world.

10. Rapid malware revelation. Real-time safety stops or withholds suspiciously unusual acts and files which attempt to run or plug into the operation system, productively stopping malicious codes from injuring your computer or directly connecting to private data. Your registry is also under protection from any tried transformations – a precious goal for malware spreaders. The program alarms you if weird software goes for creating changes to the registry. Real-time network safety observes network stream and intercepts connections to doubtful IP addresses and recognized corruptive websites to stop probable operative perils.

11. Single reference point scanning. If you have received new information (folders, files) a moment ago, do not be upset whether they are infected or not – Ad-Aware scanning will help you to check the latest information with no necessity to turning on the antivirus program for full PC scanning.

12. Sandbox simulator against harmful codes. It is a full sized tool designed to protect clients from late types of infected files or codes. This technology immediately inspects hidden cyber dangers while watching their actions in an unreal world, considering that the malicious code has not ever been inspected on your device. Actually it is accomplished out of public view and it excludes any intermediation of users. Since Ad-Aware operates the agilest emulation tool accessible, it is exceptionally flying and will not weaken an operating system when it functions, regardless of virtualization likely harmful software.

13. Do not worry about safety on social network services. In real-time it assists to protect interaction with your friends. This resource stores passwords and private data to prove that one is able to keep company with anyone openly, excluding unrests about hazardous invasions and curious people. Ad-Aware Pro Security will monitor on the subject of new updates for risk presence and keep safe from malware. Protecting users against injurious components which are delivered through email letters, conversations, message distributions and others on different social networks (for example, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) that are inspected in actual time to provide you inviolable and safe conditions for socialization.

14. Peripheral storage device scanning. It is known that one is supposed always scan any new kind of external memory (USB drives, memory sticks, external hard disk) to be confident that it is not infected by malware and ready for usage. Moreover, one is capable of scanning extra hard-disk drives that placed on your machine and network drivers split up among own equipment. It is so easy to append them to planned scanning or you just need to push right mouse button on the storage that must be scanned very fast. Ad-Aware checks peripheral memory to confirm that your system runs without virus intervention.

15. Progressive dual-sided firewall that holds smart malware creators back from your personal information. Disregarding the fact how often you use the Internet, a huge amount of apps constantly keep your PC connected with the web, searching for feeds and the latest upgrades. Nevertheless, many of that connection contacts with high probability might not be permissible. Harmful software and files may hunt for personal bank information, passwords or social individual codes settled on your device, or may just examine your web samples and simulate keypress on the PC with the purpose to send data via the Web to hackers. This two-sided firewall adds and increases the protection received from a regular router and also performs superior security while observing strange applications that try to cause actuation of output traffic.

A fly in the ointment

As many other software products, Ad-Aware has own disadvantages in performance of its components. So let’s have a look on them and think before one can reach a decision of usage this program.

After conducted tests on the software with the aim to find out how smoothly it secures against malicious programs and tests on product performance: how great it works with repaired machines with real malware in the system, Ad-Aware did not demonstrate excellent work in contrast to other extractors of spyware. Besides, extra elements, for example, Parental control, request upgrades to the Total Security element of the software. In addition, computing power can be low once in a while, since during a specific action the quantity of needed resources is especially high.

  • Two stable antivirus tools
  • Protection of downloads
  • Automatic updates formed on recent computer threats
  • Game mode
  • Guaranteed safety while surf the web
  • Protected online purchases and e-banking
  • Safeguarding of emails
  • Easy and secured networking
  • Wide-spread antispyware
  • Quick disclosure of malware
  • Pin-point targeting
  • Sandbox emulator
  • Protection of social network
  • External memory scanning
  • Ad-Aware combines a double firewall
  • Does not properly work on restored contaminated PCs
  • Extra characteristics obligate for the latest database
  • Sometimes the computer’s capacity is affected


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