Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 From IObit

The Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 offers supposedly a good level of antivirus and antimalware protection, though there are no tests of the independent labs and many users report about the contrary. That is why, we would recommend not to rely too much on neither opinion, but just to try out the product in work, and this is possible with a free trial version. But one thing is without any doubt – the software is a perfect tool for the system optimization and of the performance speed up. It was created for Windows, so, it is compatible for all Windows versions. All in all, it is a very lightweight security and optimization product, with a wonderful customer support service, available for a very low price. And you decide, if it the right match for you, or you prefer to look for something else.
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 From IObit

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

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The tool, that protects and optimizes

Having a good antivirus is more nowadays like having a computer, a phone or something, without we cannot imagine our life. Why the antivirus product is so important? Why it shall be good? And how to decide, if this is something you will like or not?

Well, first of all, you for sure do not want that your photos were stolen and published somewhere… and the photos of your kids or other family members? Or if your passwords are stolen, and all money from the bank account mysteriously disappeared? And you cannot do anything, because somebody got access to your online banking, with your credentials… it could be nobody but you…yes, you can start a judicial procedure, but it is super difficult to prove, that this was not done by you. And if somebody takes a loan, in your name, of course? And many more less harmless, but not less unpleasant things may happen, if somebody bad with the help of a malicious program will get access to your system. But a good antivirus can prevent it and protect you from all those nasty things.

Why good? Because the viruses are smart, and malicious programs are even smarter. They use all vulnerabilities, and then, they feel so comfortable in your system, that they are not really willing to leave it. They will fight by all means, and only a good antivirus can fight them off.

And in order to decide, you shall check all features, that you need, and compare them with those, that an antivirus offers. Then, decide upon the price, or another option, you can try out the trial version.

One of the best known providers of such solutions is IObit, and one of its best solutions in this field is the Advanced System Care Ultimate9.


Let us check step by step all its features and see, how they can be useful for you.

1. Protection from Viruses

First of all, a must-be feature is the protection from all kind of viruses. The name itself of the software tells much – the antivirus product. Here is included protection against old and new viruses, based on the list of viruses and on the behavioural analysis. The Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 detects immediately those threats that are already known, as it has them in its database. But those that aren’t known yet, the software knows already very well how to deal with them, too. When a program is being downloaded or starts running, and it shows a tendency to replicate itself, or to hide in the hard-disc, or to modify something, or to set up an access code to some files, its activity will be blocked and you, as the main user, will be informed about the unwished visitor immediately. The protection is based on the Bitdefender engine, which already tell about the most advantages.

2. Protection from malware

Besides viruses, there are plenty of malicious programs. Many believe that it is the same as the virus threat, though, in reality, they are completely different. They do not replicate themselves, they hide their malicious activity and they are extremely difficult to detect. Actually, just an antivirus will never find out what the problem is, if you have to deal with a malware. The most recent versions of antiviruses include antimalware protection, too, on default. But just in case, to make sure, check before you buy an antivirus solution. By the way Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 has a perfect antimalware protection in real time mode. It means, that when a malicious program or action are detected, they are blocked. Instantly. Forever. Hence, you may not be afraid of any kind of spyware, ransomware, dialer, adware and so on. And believe us, these programs, that are absolutely unnoticeable, can do much more harm, than a virus. Though with SystemCare, you can sleep in peace. And your computer, too.

3. Browsing protection

This is something completely new for you? Well, while you are browsing, you are very vulnerable to different threats, all kind of them, even those that otherwise would never ever get into your system. But well, we shall agree that this function is relatively new, and even the most advanced software often do not have it. But with SystemCare Ultimate Protection 9, the story is completely different. This amazing and completely comprehensive software offers browsing protection. it includes: protection from malware and viruses, in a real time mode. This is rather a standard feature, though, before judging, let us move forward. Surfing protection – now, nobody, through none software or rather malware, will be able to track step by step what are you surfing. Home page protection – this feature is rather useful for website owners, but definitely not for us ordinary people. Though, browser restoring after hijhacking, or surfing traces cleaning – these features may really once save you a lot of money, heath and time.

4. Compatibility with your OS

It has happened, that most antivirus solutions are created for Windows users. Even like this, not all of them support the so-called problematic versions, like Windows Vista or Windows 10. That is why, before you purchase any antivirus solution, you better either check in their website, or just try to download a trial version and check if and how it runs with the OS, installed in your computer. SystemCare was definitely developed for Windows, too. And moreover, taking into consideration the users` opinion, it runs with really all versions of good old Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows Vista. Moreover, it is an extremely good match with the Microsoft Edge Browser. The prefect combination!

5. Does the selected product influence on the system performance?

Well, and here we shall pay attention to 2 aspects:

1 . if the software doesn’t influence the computer performance too much

2 . if the software helps to improve the computer performance (optimize the system)

In case with the SystemCare form IObit, the product does not slow down the performance. Not even a little bit. Your computer works even better, as it has been before. Why?

Here, it is the very right time to speak about the second point, the system optimization. The software takes care of the registry cleaning, removal of junk files, it detects, finds and removes the crapware – many things, actually, all possible things to make your system work as well and fast as it is possible. All this makes the SystemCare one of the best solutions regarding the performance.

6. Support feature

It is very very important to have support available, if possible, any time you need them. But if they don’t have a round-clock service, then they shall be at least available most of the day and respond mails. In case with the SystemCare from IObit, you have the customer support any time you need them. Per phone, via mail or online chat, you can contact them any time you need and in the way, that is the best for you, regarding time, money, speed. More pleasant is the fact, that they provide equally high quality services for both kinds of clients: those who pay and those who use their free versions, or even for trial versions.

Those are the main features that a good antivirus MUST have, only then the software will be able to protect you and, hence, your system from unpleasant and often not at all cheap surprises.

But usually, the developers of a good antivirus also would offer you to try their software trial version, especially if you are a newcomer. SystemCare can be bought, for just 29,99 USD per year, for 3 PCs, or downloaded for free, as a trial version, which will of course expire in 30 days after the software installation. After that, the software will lead you to their website and offer to purchase a software, if you liked it, or it will stop working for you.

Moreover, it is very easy to install and to run, basically, you need to click on options in the popup windows, and the software will do all for you.

Some users complain, that they cannot see or find the testing results of the software by independent labs. Well, those complain are based, as there are no independent labs testing of this software. This may sound rather confusing, as based on those, many users make their decisions. Though, if you think: you have a trial version, and this one you can evaluate on your own. You buy the product only after you make sure that this one is something really perfect for the system and hope, for you too.

Other part of users complains, that, though the product optimizes the system in a perfect way, it still misses many malware, especially negative impressions are connected with the phishing,

But, as we know, there are no perfect people, hence, there aren’t the up to running the whole day, some people need to drink, the others - to eat, one more part – to sleep. The same we can tell about the antiviruses. IObit doesn’t provide much antivirus and antimalware protection, especially, from phishing. But if you think in more detail: do you really need all those superb functions? Or just several, but reliable ones, would be enough? And this is what SystemCare offers.

Then, about the performance, reviews, any kinds of feedback from any kids of labs- you don’t need either of them, because you will be able to test the system before paying for it. And you shall agree, this is a very self-confident offer.

But there are some things, that are really strange, for example, in the charts, are added some features, that are still under development, it means, the SystemCare Ultimate simply doesn’t have it. Any prospects for their fast implementation? We hope so…

  • Compatible with all Windows versions
  • A perfect optimization tool
  • Free trial version
  • Wonderful customer support
  • Very easy to install and to use
  • Poor performance in antiphishing protection


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