An Efficient And Highly Functional Way To Enjoy Blu-Ray Content

Overall, it can be concluded that the Leawo Blu-Ray Player does what it promises- delivering its users an easy to use and highly functional media player. With support for all video and audio formats, along with a high degree of customization, it has something for every kind of user in the market- and leaves little to ask for.
An Efficient And Highly Functional Way To Enjoy Blu-Ray Content

Leawo Blu-ray Player Leawo Blu-ray Player

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What makes Blu-Ray content so special?

As technology progresses, there is a demand for better and more enjoyable viewing experience. From VGI type media, we have moved on to MP4, AVI and MKV formats, which provide you a clearer and much better movie experience. However, for the best expeience, you need HD Content- and this is what Blu-Ray and other HD formats for videos provide you with.

With Blu-Ray content, you get to experience videos the way they were meant to be- in the highest quality of video and audio. However, mere possession of Blu-Ray content is not enough- you need a medium that can actually play it in a seamless manner. While there are several media players that claim to run HD and Full HD Content, chances are that you will be left with a media player and lags a lot while playing back Blu-Ray videos.

To truly enjoy Blu-Ray content, you will need a media player that can make use of the capabilities of your computer and provide you with a seamless viewing experience. This is where the Leawo Blu-Ray player comes in. This free and light media player has all the capabilities that you could need to enjoy media in the best possible manner- no matter what the video format may be. Leawo Blu-Ray Player is your one-stop solution for all types of audio, video and ISO files.

Utility and Compatibility

Leawo Blu-Ray Video Player works with Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. You will need a processor of at least 1GHz or more, along with 512MB of RAM, though 1024MB is preferred for better performance. You will also need an Intel G45, ATI RAdeon HD 4000 or NVIDIA GeForce 8-Series graphics card or any one that is newer than these to enjoy the complete viewing experience. DirectX version 9.0c is also required along with a bly-ray drive and internet connectivity.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player is not just a blu-ray player. It also works with ISO Files- something that no other media player is capable of. It works as a great audio player as well. Contrary to popular belief, having the right media player to enjoy both video and audio content is important, and Leawo Blu-Ray Player is just that for you. This all-in-one media player works seamlessly with every media content, right from your common everyday videos to ultra high quality content.

Setup and installation

To get Leawo Blu-Ray Player, you just have to visit their website and click on the download button. In case you are a Mac user, you can click on the link under the download button that says ‘I am a Mac user’ to get the correct setup. The size of the setup is around is just around 68MB, and it should not take you over a few minutes to download it, though this also depends on your internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the setup, installing the Leawo Blu-Ray Player does not take too much time or effort. You just have to run the setup and follow the simple on-screen instructions. You will have the media-player up and running in a few minutes of running the setup. Once you have installed the Leawo Blu-Ray Player, you just have to set it as your default media player in order to open your Blu-Ray and HD content via it.

Unlike most medial players, no additional content, such as toolbars or extensions are pushed to your system while Leawo Blu-Ray Player is being installed.

Enhanced movie viewing experience

Enjoying a movie is not just about having a high-quality copy of the same. You will need a media player that supports all of those elements that account for a great viewing experience. This is where Leawo Blu-Ray Player comes in. Apart from being compatible with all file formats, it also lets you run media along with your preferred audio tracks and subtitles.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player lets you switch between different subtitles as well as audio tracks. You can edit the subtitles, switch them, change the font, appearance and do much more to suit your viewing experience and preferences. The highest quality of audio output can only be enjoyed with DTS5.1, and Leawo Blu-Ray Player is equipped to provide you with that. You can use Leawo Blu-Ray Player to playback DTS5.1 in the version 1.9.5 and above. In addition to DTS technology, it also has support for AAC, Dolby, DTSHD as well as TrueHD among other technologies for audio decoding . All of this comes together to provide you with a great movie experience.

In addition to that, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience of viewing with the Leawo Blu-Ray Player’s virtual remote menu. You can get a disc menu for the DVD/Blu-Ray disc, thus allowing you to choose what you want to play via the virtual remote control. For binge watching your favorite files and movie series, you can add/load multiple files in the current playlist. In addition to that, there are various palyback methods for multiple files, such as Loop, Shuffle and Order.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player lets you customize the appearance of the player the way you like. There are 4 preset models for the program skins .You can further use a custom background photo by choosing any image file on your computer.

User interface

There is no point in having numerous features if making use of those is a hassle. The user-interface of any such program is very important, and this is something that Leawo Blu-Ray Player takes care of with a great user interface. The media playback interface in Leawo Blu-Ray Player is designed to be functional and user-friendly. Apart from full-screen playback for a distraction free viewing, you also get volume controls, fast forward/backward button, last/next buttons, subtitle selection buttons, video and audio settings and a clock display.

Further, all the options that you need are right there in front of you. When you open the media player, you will find options to open any particular file that you want to play. In addition to that, the recently played files on your media player will also be there. The main screen also lists all the optical drives that are connected to your system at present. A special mention must be made of the configuration menu in Leawo Blu-Ray Player.

Every user likes to make certain configurations and tweaks to the media player. The configuration menu in this tool lets you adjust the video settings, adjust the brightness, contrast and other such settings, make changes. The menu is clearly divided various tabs like video, audio, subtitles, UI and others to help you navigate to the correct option without any hassle.

Performance and loading time

How fast the Leawo Blu-Ray Player will be for you depends on the specs of your PC/Laptop. Leawo Blu-Ray Player does not have too heavy a set of requirements, but as long as the amount of RAM and GPU on your system matches the requirements, you should be able to run it without any hassles. Loading your video files to the playlist happens almost instantly, and there is no delay and such.

Once you insert a disc, the playback also starts instantly, without any delay. However, depending on your system, there may be a minor delay due to the performance of the system. Startup of even Blu-Ray content does not come with any lag, and the player works flawlessly no matter how heavy the video files may be.

Configuring before and during playback

Making changes such as adjusting the volume, contrast and other such settings can be done during as well as before the playback. With menus that are easily accessible, there is no hassle involved in that. You can change the audio as well as subtitle tracks during playback. However, the only disadvantage here is that there is no list here- you have to manually shuffle through them all to get to the one that you want. You can change this from the settings to playback with the default stream on every video. The default audio and subtitle language can be set before you playback any file.

You can use the configuration menu to set hardware acceleration on or off, select the rendering method that works best (or set it to auto-detect in case you do not know about it), set the maximum error with respect to the aspect ratio (for reducing black bars) and much more. Fine-tuning all these settings is the key to a flawless playback experience, and that is exactly what Leawo Blu-Ray Player provides. In case you do not know any of these options, you can simply let Leawo Blu-Ray Player choose them for you.


Leawo Blu-Ray Player offers a high degree of customization. Apart from the appearance, you can make a lot of changes to how the video is played, how the subtitles are shown and how music plays. However- all this may sound like a lot to the beginner. Taking care of that, Leawo Blu-Ray Player lets you play back your files in a straightforward method. The player itself selects the best settings and you just have to select the file you want to playback!

There are various options to customize the audio output as well. In case you have multiple output options, such as built-in speakers, external speakers or a subwoofer, you can select the playback device as per your preference. In addition to that, to further enhance your experience, you can block all the background GUI sounds from your computer (such as that of an error, opening a program, clicks and others) while you are playing back a movie.

Thus, it can be safely concluded that Leawo Blu-Ray Player is trying to provide users with a hassle free viewing experience to every type of user. If you are someone who likes to customize and fine-tune every viewing experience, then the range of customization that Leawo Blu-Ray Player is something that you will love. For those users who are looking for a way to just playback all their media without too much of a hassle, this video player takes care of everything for them. All you have to do is double click on the media and open it using Leawo Blu-Ray Player for the best viewing experience.

With a clear UI, numerous functions, compatibility with all Windows and Mac versions and support for almost all media file formats, there is little that you cannot do with the Leawo Blu-Ray Player. Right from the installation to playing back your files, this media player tries to do it all with minimal hassle and maximum performance. Laewo Blu-Ray Player is definitely what you need to make the most out of your viewing experience- be it your favorite movie, some TV show or your most loved music playlist
  • Easy to setup and use
  • UI clearly lists all options and customization features
  • Works with all media files including HD formats
  • Customize audio tracks as well as subtitles with ease
  • It will not run HD content unless your graphic cards supports it


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