Ashampoo® Burning Studio 18 Burning Software At Its Best!

Ashampoo is a brand to trust. They strike a very fine balance between affordability, functionality and ease of use like no other brand in the industry. The Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 offers so much that it is uber cool to do the burning! The futuristic design of the UI is to die for. It looks classy, sleek and super neat for something so heavily loaded with various menus and features. Now we don’t need to lose our favorite files because of unsupported file format, data backup issues or even somebody trying to steal them away! Ashampoo has made burning media files easy and breezy with their Burning Studio 18. This version has loads of new and improved features, and it has kept getting better and better over its previous versions. Personally for me, it is the features they build into the software that is a major attraction. They are a very responsive business, always taking in user input and improving their products. Their customer help line is fast to respond and good at helping you with any query you may have. When Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 is on my desk top, I can deliver the best video and audio presentations ever, and gain applause from my audience.
by jimmy
Ashampoo® Burning Studio 18 Burning Software At Its Best!

Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 18.0.0

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Ashampoo’s latest version of their CD burning software is simply awesome for someone who has a large collection of multimedia files in various formats. Often times, there are not enough software applications that are easy to use, will not corrupt your files, and have the capability to work with all file formats. This is when you would be glad to make use of Ashampoo’s burning studio.

This burning software is not just easy to use, but comes with a great many features to entice the multimedia maniac in you.

About the Product

Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 is futuristic burning software in terms of burning your multimedia files. It gives an easy to use burning wizard and can work with a multitude of media file formats. You can be sure that it will support all formats and does not corrupt your data.

Features of the software:

Easy to use, multimedia wizard to burn, copy and access files anywhere: The simple and easy to use interface is just unbeatable. The menu items are all self explanatory and very sleek in the approach of their design. Users will not have trouble finding what they want as the developers of the software simply have put their users first during conception and design. Superb functionality- select your model of radio and support its file formats: This is easily the feature anyone would love. If you are a person who loves driving to your tunes, and your favorites are in multiple storages, this is your only recourse to get them all under one roof. It will help you collect and gather all that favorite music of yours based on your radio’s model! I find this simply impressive- they have put in the list of all the radio models available on the market. You just select your model and you are good to go.

The audio file format and the order in which the files are to be played can all be managed with absolutely zero issues!

Make your custom projects: If there is anything out there that can help you make customized projects, this is it! You can easily cut from files of any video file format, add sub-titles, and make fantastic projects. Also, making slide show presentations with photos is very easy. This will enable you to capture video stills or personal photos of your parties or holiday celebrations and make a personalized slide show to share with friends and family.

Also, it is a great idea to make such a personalized video or slide show, put it on to CDs, along with a perfect cover for your album just the way you want it. These can go into your video library to be fetched and enjoyed anytime. People who may have missed attending a family get together would be joyous when they find that they have not missed the moments altogether.

Make your own movie: Now it is easily to make one’s own movie videos. The tool gives you excellent scene transition effects and sound adjustment. You can even create a collage of your videos with all the favorite scenes in one place for easy access. This is a functionality that comes in handy to make videos real quick. All the popular formats are supported, so you do not have to do without any clip or video from your entire range of collection. Music Jamboree: Many of us have hordes of CDs of our favorite artists, and several of these CDs may have only around four or five tracks that suit our taste out of nine or ten tracks. This wizard will simply make it easy for us to copy and burn our chosen tracks in one place. Further, you may choose from the wide range of equalizer settings to make modifications to sound effects. So your favorite tracks can be heard in your favorite effects in the order that you would choose. Now you will become a DJ (Disc Jockey) in no time!

Whether it is a weekend party or a boys night out, a bachelor party or just an adventure trip in your car, you can have all the tracks at your fingertips, and play them in any style of your choice. It is also fun to listen to classics in space style and rock music in classical concert style or pop in jazz style. Your creativity will take wings now that there will be no software limitations at all.

Burning simplified: Burning is simple and easy with this disc burning software as you can simply play around with any multimedia file format. You can burn data across multiple discs, make them auto-start (auto-play) discs. This is as simple as it is said. Compress large amounts of data: The wizard lets you compress your data so that you will be able to store large amounts of it in a limited space. Also, since you can easily burn data into multiple discs, it is easy to spread it over without any data loss. Your data is therefore always with you, and you need not fret over losing your favorite photos, music or video files. Secure: This burning software offers security at its best. You can easily encrypt your data on the discs as you burn data into it, and password protect them. This way, only you will get to access any critical or personal data that you would not like anyone else to pry upon.

Geeky product for non-geeks as well as geeks:

For the non-geeks:

I would best describe this product as the best geeky product for non-geeks. It is a wonder that a feature rich product as this has made things look so simple regardless of who would be using this.

Anybody from a college teen to a retired farmer in a country side can use it without loosing their way. The menus are sleek and simple, mixing class with usability. Any user would be able to use it without searching for a single tool even during their first use of the software.

The software makes it simple in 3 clicks:

  • Choose your media files – This should be easy enough as a walk in the park
  • Choose a processing method – This is not complicated at all. It is just a simple selection
  • Select a target – Just let the wizard know where you want to put in your data, and the rest is taken care of without a glitch.

Once the above steps are through, you simply have to pull out the disc onto which you have burned the data and listen or view it on any player in your home or in your car. It cannot get simple than this at all.

For the geeks:

You would simply love the way you can spend hours on this having all the fun you want with your media files. While the software takes only a few minutes to actually burn the data files you want into your target location, you can experiment with a hundred other things.

As a sample, you may:

  • Design your audio or video CD cover – If you are a young musician or a movie producer and have done an excellent job that you would like to complete to the end- that is make the best CD, DVD or Blue ray disc cover. You can make a neat and professional cover, or one that is a mélange of fun and mischief in simple steps.
  • Movie editing – Editing movies cannot get simpler. You get crisp and crystal clear audio as well as video and you can adjust your video frames to the last detail. How about that? You may add some SRT based sub titles if need be. You can cut and split the frames as you please with voice over intersecting the frames if you like it that way. You may add themes if you like, and there are many free downloads to choose from.
  • Photo slide shows - This software offers more than 140 slide transition effects! Now this is called having everything in one plate. You will be truly spoilt for choice for how you want to go about with your presentation. You can build wonderful projects which impact your audience greatly. You may even add your live commentary to make it more fun and enjoyable.
  • Fast Encoding - They have made it super fast. Encoding is now up to 15% faster.
  • Need to share? – Facebook and Picasa are super easy to access for anything you want to share or get from the online resources they have.
  • Compress, Encrypt, Backup – To those who want their data safe and secure, the software makes it very simple to compress and encrypt, with password protection. You can backup anywhere without any data loss.
  • Disc image preview – Browsing is simple and seamless, and to preview, the ISO browser is improved on this version.
  • Bootable disc – Create a bootable disc and set an emulated boot environment.
  • Define your file system: The software enables defining your file system – UDF/Joliet/ISO.
  • Meta data: You may include meta data in your audio conversations and export track lists in any order you please.
  • Improved features: The software from Ashampoo is good in that it constantly evolves but to keep up with technology trends and to keep user’s requirements in view and priority.

Several technical as well as usability factors have been improved, some of which are as follows:

  • Creating slideshows
  • Auto retrieval of the cover artwork during CD ripping
  • Sampling 96kHz support
  • Backup of data from multiple platforms like Android, IOS and Windows
  • Improved image previous with ISO
  • Disc image browsing and selection
  • Creating your customized CD from playlists
  • Burning selections are even better now
  • Using your own selection of background images – multiple formats of which are again supported
  • Disc spanning with safety mode
  • Detection of blank disc has been enhanced too
  • Fast burning with cool features
  • Sleek and professional looking UI
  • Easy to use, even for novices
  • Supports all file formats on Earth!
  • Safety of data storage
  • Selection of your car radio’s model enables you to keep files in the playable format
  • Supports Windows only. It would have been good if they had support for other operating systems and platforms.


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