Ashampoo WinOptmizer – To Keep Your Computer In A Perfect Condition

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a perfect solution for practically all cases of life for your computer. It protects, optimizes, cleans, deletes, recovers and keeps all in order. It works with all Windows versions, but not with MAC or Android. And well, if there is any sense to create such a comprehensive solution for a MAC? This OS is pretty safe, while Windows is a more vulnerable one. Viruses, malware, rootkits, Trojans – these and many other, you may forget about all of them if you use Ashampoo. Hidden files, junk files, orphanaged files – you may forget about them, too, as the program will take care of them. Hard disk optimizing and defragmentation – now, you don’t need to call a specialist, you can do it on your own, with one click. Registry cleaning and defragmentation – the same.
Ashampoo WinOptmizer  – To Keep Your Computer In A Perfect Condition

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A perfect solution for your PC? Here it is!

We all live in a modern world with its advantages and disadvantages, the world, where the information is the basics of everything and where who has this information, has everything, too. An unlimited access to information is nowadays so common, that we take it for granted and use whenever we need or don’t need it. This became possible thanks to the internet. We are globally connected, we have friends in the places which we have never visited. We have jobs while staying at home. We share photos, videos, music with people who are far far away. We make video calls through skype, and such networks as Facebook, Twitter and so on are an inevitable part of our lives.

But we very rarely think about those threats that come with this excellent opportunity. Plenty of malicious software is waiting for you to connect your computer with the internet, to damage your files, or block them, or to damage the system, to take up all free space in memory and many many other things. And hackers? And cyber attacks? They steal your personal data, your confidential information, your financial data, they use them to make harm to you, your family, friends, to spoil your reputation, steal your money. Almost all is possible in the internet and thanks to the internet, both good and bad things. And we do not like to think about the bad things till it is too late, till we have to deal with the consequences.

It is better to think about the safety before something happens. That is why, it can be helpful for you to check Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14. This software offers a set of features that provide not only a comprehensive protection, but also optimize the system and perform many functions, which we are used to perform with special programs only. This software offers an all-in-one solution and by purchasing it you solve many of issues.

Now, let us check point by point what Ashampoo offers and what you can use and how to take advantage of this offer:

1. Privacy protection.

Here, we speak about the protection of your private and confidential information while you are online. Every time you are just oneline, when you surf the web, you are exposed to cyber attacks and such threats as viruses and other malware. Money from your card disappeared after you made a purchase online or paid online? Your files got blocked and somebody is asking for money to provide you a password to unblock them? You turn on the computer, but your files are damaged or your system notifies you that there are no free space in memory and you cannot run even the simplest processes? Congratulations then. You are a victim. And to safe the situation, you`d better use a professional software, like Ashampoo.

2. Easy to use.

Most professional products are developed for a use by a specialist, that is why we are used to call a professional when we have some problem with our computer. But with Ashampoo, it is quite different. It is a universal software, not only regarding its functions, but also regarding the level of a user. It displays notifications and offers options of how to solve one or another problem. All you have to do is to click on an option that is suitable for you.

3. Hard disk optimization and defragmentation.

When your hard disk gets full, you don’t need even a virus to have issues. The system starts working less and less efficiently, the speed decreases, crashes happen more and more often. The reason is quite simple: lack of free space in memory, your computer simply is not capable of running all that you need, and this all is sometimes a simple application or even a document. That is why, it is better in such a case is to clean the hard disk. Sometimes, just by deleting all junk files, leftovers of applications that were deleted long ago, some programs that you have never used, will bring you several gigabytes of free space and result in impeccable functioning of the system. But, it happens, that this option doesn’t help. It means, that your hard disk is in such a bad condition, that it really needs defragmenting. But that you shall do with a very high quality. After the disc is defragmented, you will have your system ready for work, for quite a long time.

4. Removal or orphaned files, junk files, temporary files.

This option is very closely related with the previous one. Well, let us say, it is a part of the previous one. With time, you delete software, which you don’t use, but there are small files that aren’t deleted so easily, they stay in the system and load it. There are files that lead to nowhere, as the main source has been removed. There are files that are downloaded by Windows while you were surfing. Did you know that Windows makes automatic downloads which you may never use? And this is without asking you? Temporary files take up much space, too. Now, just imagine how much space is taken by a mess that you never need and will never use. All of them shall be removed, preferable fast, and preferably without any leftovers, including those hidden files that Windows usually hides so reliably. And this is possible to do with Ashampoo, just by selecting an appropriate option.

5. Health assessment of you hard disk.

When a disk crashes, it is a tragedy. In any case, and does not matter, whether you work at this computer, or you play your favorite game, or watch or listen to something – this is always a tragedy and is always connected with negative emotions. And it always happens very suddenly, in the most inappropriate time. If that could be forecasted!

But it can be forecasted, and moreover, Ashampoo does it. This tool runs the scanning for health assessment of your hard disk and whenever the disk is in danger of crashing, the program notifies you about the danger and offers solutions. In such case, you are well aware of the coming danger and can take measures.

6. Process management.

This function seems to be not too useful, though, when you have it, it still helps a lot. It shows you all processes that are running now. If your system slows down due to memory deficiency, you can simply stop those processes that are not needed right now. That is why, even in the case you don’t use this function too often or even if your system is in perfect condition and your computer has enough power to run whatever you want and as many as you want, it is still better to have it, as a perfect condition of your lap is something very temporary.

7. Displaying all details about your system.

You shall agree, that sometimes, when something crashes or simply doesn’t work as it shall work, it is good to know what really is happening. If you know that, then you can simply detect a reason and to fix the issue. That is why, this function seems to be very important for the developers of Ashampoo. You can check all details about the system, forecast its crashes depending on its condition and prevent them by taking the necessary measures.

8. Registry cleaning and defragmentation.

Registry is an important part of your system. There are stored all programs, which you use or don’t use. Some of them are very important for you, or for the system, but some haven’t been used for ages, or haven’t been used at all. Those ones are taking space, slowing down the system and cause crashes. Hence, they shall be removed. At all. Without any leftovers or hidden files. Registry shall be cleaned from them. Ashampoo does it, it even suggests which software will be better to remove. Sometimes, registry cleaning is not enough. That happens not too often, but in some cases it is really useless. You will notice it as soon as you clean the registry, but there is no improve. Then, you have to defragment it. Ashampoo will do that for you too, doesn’t matter in what condition your system and the registry are.

9. Gaming mode.

Well, we shall agree, that if you aren’t a dedicated gamer, this function may be quite useless for you. But gamers will understand. Let us talk about the following scenario: you like playing online games. Moreover, you have a favorite game. But you are really bothered when in the very process of playing there opens one more screen with some loud video, advertising something that you don’t need, or even if you need it, still it would be better to get acquainted with that not during the gaming process. Even worse is when your antivirus decided, that it is a time for update. We even don’t mention the computer settings, which can be changed to enhance your gaming experience. And all this is very well known to the Ashampoo team. That is why you can play with the greatest pleaseure, without interruptions, without popup windows, without any notifications and background video or audio. Just enjoy the gaming process, with optimized sound and video settings.

10. Recovery of deleted files.

It doesn’t happen often, but even if you are extremely attentive, you still can click a wrong option and delete a file that you need badly. It could be a disaster, especially if we speak about a memorable photo album or a document on which you have been working several days. But Ashampoo can save the situation. Did you know that all the deleted files, they aren’t deleted completely from your computer, but they stay some time in your hard disk? And if you have a special software, you can recover them. Ashampoo toolset includes such software, too. That is why now, even if you accidentally delete something important, that was only here and nowhere else, you can still recover it, with Ashampoo.

11. Complete files erasing.

We have already mentioned, that doesn’t matter how carefully you erase a file, it is not removed completely. It is never removed completely. Its leftovers are there, in the hard disc, and even the entire files are there. Just imagine the load that they create for a system! They take up space, memory, slow down the system, influence negatively on its efficiency and in general, create many problems which you cannot eliminate, if you don’t have a special software. Ashampoo removes the files completely. It means they will not stay anywhere in the system, hence, they will not create any problems.

12. Compatible with all Windows editions.

And this is a great feature, as many programs of such kinds have an or another issue with one or another version of Windows. But not this one!

  • Protects from all threats
  • Hard disk optimization
  • Hard disk defragmentation
  • Registry cleaning
  • Registry defragmentation
  • Compatible with all Windows versions
  • Processes manager
  • Processes display
  • Disk health evaluation
  • No MAC support
  • No Android support


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