Avast Pro Antivirus The Best For Demanding Users

Pro Avast is a product of the well-know Avast family products, thus, is has all features of the world famous brand. It is highly reliable, detects all threats, protects your computers from viruses, malware, cyber attacks. It is a good software for beginners, as it doesn’t require complicated settings; all is done “one click”. Of course, more advanced features and settings are available for professional users, but a beginner can survive without them. Pro is available for Windows users. So, if you prefer a Mac, you shall consider another Avast product.
Avast Pro Antivirus The Best For Demanding Users

Avast Pro Antivirus Avast Pro Antivirus 2016.12.1.2272

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Avast is a leading antivirus software provider

A software with proven reputation, used by many users around the globe, Avast still has things to surprise you. If you have a computer at home, then there is no need to explain you, what is Avast. Most likely, you even used it, as it offers free versions. By the way, its free versions are not worse than the paid ones. Just approachand functionality may be little bit different, and of course, a free version will now and then remind you about the opportunity to upgrade it to a paid version. But these all things are very typical for Avast, but now, it is not only about data safety, it is about the approach to a user.

Sandbox – Back to Childhood?

Now, you can outsmart even the smartest hackers. A Sandbox? With Avast, you can have it. Sandbox is a space where the antivirus runs files that don’t look like much reliable. In this DIY wizardy, they stay isolated and cannot cause any damage to your computer. Maybe you already experienced the sad fact, that any file can be potentially dangerous. We don’t mention those files downloaded from torrents or other web sources. Even when a friend gives you a disc or a flash disc to copy some pictures or music, or any other kind of information, even in such case your computer can be infected. With Sandbox, you can scan files before they are allowed in the system. Too tricky? Can be, but that is tricky for those, who want to steal your data or damage your computer, as well.

Secure DNS – a Necessity?

Yes, especially in the modern world, where all, that is connected to the internet, can be hacked. You may think that you are in the website of your bank, or electronic payment system, but in reality, somebody led you a false way and now, you are giving this somebody all your financial data. This sounds frightening, but this is a sad reality. Secure DNS identifies any fake and phishing websites and stops their activity. Now, they cannot take advantage of you and steal your money, confidential information, passwords. And doesn’t matter what they pretend to be, you will be informed about them.

All Time Alert

Pro Antivirus is always alert, investigating and detecting malicious software. Like this, your computer is always protected, even if it is turned off. You may think, that it is something odd, that the antivirus works even when the computer isn’t active. Well, there are viruses that got into the system with infected files, and they haven’t managed yet to start their malicious activity. Thus, it is important to stop them , before you turn on the lap and they activate.

What Do We Get With Avast Pro Antivirus

As we mentioned, Avast has offered its services for quite a long time. Thus, it offers a complete set of features, both advances and common, for beginners and for professional users.

1. As any software of this kind, Pro Antivirus identifies all malware, viruses, adware, rootkits, spyware, phishing and cyber attacks. These are the basic features, that are offered by any Anti-virus software, but without these features, the software is useless.

2. One Click Scanning – just with one click, you can check files and software and prevent threats. This feature is very helpful for beginners, as it is doesn’t require any previous experience of software use.

3. You want to work safely within the home network? Then, you shall set up your router accordingly. If you haven’t done it, anybody can break in your home network and see all information that you are exchanging within the network. Pro Antivirus will check, how properly the router is installed, and will notify you, if your actions are needed. Moreover, the product will notify you, if your password is not strong enough or if you have not changed it from a default password.

4. You may know, that while you are surfing in the internet, many unwished “visitors” can be installed in your browser, like toolbars, extensions, and similar. This slows down your work a lot, without mentioning the fact, that they can be malicious. Pro Avast cleans your browser and provides fast internet surfing and high computer performance.

5. Passwords management – for each website, that may deal with your personal data or confidential information, you select a password. You are trying to invent something super safe and super difficult. But then, some days later, you are trying to log in, but…. You forgot the password. If that happens once or twice, it is bearable, but what if you forget the password constantly? Here, Passwords can help you. You shall remember one password only. Of the rest of passwords, the application will take care.

6. If you are shopping online, or performing other operation, connected with using your credit card, you can be redirected to a fake website. The reason why is very simple – somebody wants to steal your money. Secure DNS will inform you about such attempt immediately, and block the attempt. Definitely, the person, whose efforts were in vain, will be very upset, but you will be protected.

7. If you use online banking, then you need enhanced protection of your system. Pro Avast creates for such operations a safe zone, a protected space, closed for hackers. There, you can do all about banking safely.

8. If you are a complete beginner, to such extend that you cannot manage even Pro Avast, or if you have any issues or problems with Pro Avast, you are always welcome to inform the customer support about all that bothers you. The software is designed in a very efficient manner, basically, you can use it even if you are a complete beginner. But even the most efficient system can have problems, and Avast is not that perfect.If you encountered any problem, or you have any questions, you can address to the customer support. The customer support is available 24/7. Even though some clients complain, that the customer support isn’t that good, but how many antivirus software offer support? Moreover, you shall consider that Avast offers many free solutions and had many customers around the world. In such circumstances, it may be impossible to provide immediate solutions to all problems.On average, their support page looks great. There is a message form, a ticket link, a forum and a very well designed knowledgebase. Even a phone number is indicated. Then, let us select the ticket. Many popup windows, where you have to select different options. Just to be able to ask your question? Isn’t that too much fuss about one question only? Well, we believe, that with ticket case, there are too many efforts needed, thus, ticket is not really recommended, if you value your time.Then , the phone. It is stated that you have a free phone support. But as it appears, for minor issues only. If you faced with a serious problem, you have to pay, and the fee is not that little.Though, if we consider, that this is the only issue, then Pro Avast is still worth our attention, due to its reliability and efficiency.

9. Avast scans system for outdated applications and informs you about them. Why is it important?- you may think. They exist somewhere and don’t disturb anybody. But the things aren’t that simple. The fact is, that outdated applications pose a potential danger for the system. New viruses are developed every day, so, old applications are vulnerable, and they make the entire system vulnerable, too.

10. Friendly user interface is one of the major advantages of the product. It is very easy to navigate it, each sections is very well designed and labeled. Practically, it was designed for the very beginners.

System requirements

Pro Avast works on Windows OS, including Windows 10. In order to install it properly, you need 256 RAM and 1,5 GB of space in hard disc.

Pricing and Trial Availability

You can purchase Pro Avast license for 1 year, 2 or 3 years. The longer the period is, the cheaper you pay for the license. Though you shall note, that you buy a license for 1 PC only. For another device, you shall buy one more license. If you have not used Pro Avast yet, you can install a free 30-days trial. After the trial period expires, you can buy a license or discontinue using the product.

Moreover, Avast in general isn’t expensive, and it doesn’t mind offering its services for free, not only for home use, but also for business use.

  • Protects your computer from all known threats
  • Compatible with all Windows versions, including Windows 10
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly user interface
  • Free trial period
  • Free customer support
  • The product is not available for Mac


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