Avg Antivirus Protection PRO – Managing Protection On All Devices

AVG is quite an expensive solution, if we speak about an individual user, but it is a perfect software for a company. It protects multiple devices, as many as necessary, even if there are hundreds of them. It offers all functions, that are needed to keep you COMPLETELY safe, doesn’t matter if we speak about separate files, just several ones, or we speak about huge databases. Such functions, as encryptions, password protection allow keep all data safe in your computer. Online protection, such as link protection, downloads scanning, etc. allow using the internet without fear that something may go wrong with the safety. It is compatible with all Windows versions, Android, MAC. You shall agree, that it is difficult, if not impossible, to find such a solution - for all cases of life indeed.
Avg Antivirus Protection PRO – Managing Protection On All Devices

AVG Antivirus Protection PRO AVG Antivirus Protection PRO 2016

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Guarantee Protection From All Possible Threats

Internet – a blessing or a plague? Or rather both of them? If you are an ordinary user, then you use it just for your personal need, like looking for information, sharing materials (photos, posts, etc.), socializing with your friends and making new friends. If you use the web for a job, say, looking for information, storing there your data, or if you develop software – anything that you do in the internet, shall be very safely protected. There are so many viruses, malware, and other dangers, that it is even difficult to imagine. Moreover, you are exposed to cyber attacks, and many many other things. That is why you need a reliable protection.

And here, you have to decide whether you stop by something cheap and simple, or you prefer ultimate protection for all cases of life.

If you are from those who don’t like to look for options, but prefer to have the best, or if you work for an organization, then, the perfect solution would be AVG Antivirus Protection Pro. Why are there such limitations? For somebody who likes the best, or rather a solution for a company? Well, you don’t really believe that an ordinary user is willing to pay 779 dollars for an antivirus, when he / she can find an antivirus for just 30 dollars? Even though AVG offers protection for unlimited number of devices. How many devices does a normal home user have? Though, for a big company, this would be a great saving. Just imagine, all the computers protected just for 779 dollars. Moreover, AVG offers protection from all possible dangers, doesn’t matter when and how they come. AVG is always alert, even if your computer is off. Some viruses are programmed so, that they can damage your system instantly, as soon as you turn on the computer. That is why, AVG eliminates them before the computer is on.

And for this sum, you get something really amazing. Here, what makes AVG the best solution for any kind of company, even the most demanding one.

AVG Works With All OS On All Devices

First of all, for a yearly subscription price you buy protection for unlimited number of devices. Doesn’t matter, you need it just for 1 computer, or for hundreds of them. But more surprising is that you can manage all functions from the same dashboard. That is very comfortable, as all protected devices are managed centralized and correspond with the same safety requirements.

AVG protects not only devices that work with Windows, but works also with MAC and Android. Hence, you can protect your PCs, MACs and even mobile devices – all with one subscription. That is why, whatever you use, even if you use devices that work with all possible OS, AVG is a good solution for all of them.

Managing All From One Dashboard – No Problem

Managing all devices from one dashboard is one more very practical feature. Just imagine that each device is on its own. For a home user it is not a problem, but the issue arises when we speak about a company. If each employee will set up the software in his / her own manner, then, most likely, it will end up in a complete mess instead of protection.

Even Remote Control From the Phone

And now, imagine that you have to scan your computer urgently, but you are not at the desk. AVG olved this problem. You can manage your devices remotely, with the help of your phone. The only requirement is that AVG was installed in your phone, too. You just select an option from your phone, and the antivirus, that is installed in your computer, will do its task.

Protection Anywhere, Even In Social Networks

Everybody uses social networks, like Twitter, Facebook. But do you know, that links in these social or professional networks shall be protected, too? Especially if you cannot close an account and open another one so easily. Now, your links cannot be stolen, or deleted, or managed by somebody else in any other way.

Safe Downloading

And of course, we all download something. Songs, texts, images, - all kind of information. And very often we don’t think, that we shall check them. Yes, right, there may be many viruses and other malicious programs in downloads. You doubt? Then, try to download a popular software or a movie from a torrent, and you will see, how will your computer work after one or two days. AVG doesn’t doubt. Its developers know very well, that downloads can and do contain viruses. And not only viruses. That is why, AVG scans all downloads, whether they come from verified courses, or from new web-sites. Prevention is the strategy of AVG.

Secret Data? AVG Will Take Care Of It

AVG offers a high quality data protection, all aspects of it. All important files are stored in separate folders, and if necessary, AVG performs their encryption. Thus, even some malwares get access to your computer, they will not be able to get access to important files. Moreover, AVG provides their password protection. This double-protection allows keeping all important information well protected even if some virus gets into your system.

Spam – Doesn’t Bother You Anymore

All of more or less modern people use mail. And most likely, you receive from time to time some mails, that contain advertisement, or viruses, or adware – anything, that you don’t really need, but what disturbs you. This is called spam. AVG filters all incoming messaged depending on their content and attachments, and redirects all spam messages in a separate folder. If you try to click on a link, contained in such a mail, AVG will immediately inform you about the danger. Of course, it cannot guarantee 100% protection, because if you want to open a dangerous link, you will find a way how to do it. Though, if you sometimes pay attention to AVG notifications, then, you are safely protected.

Free Support Helps You In Solving Problems

Of course, there are no perfect things. The same principle is valid for software. Any software may fail, even after several years of impeccable work. That is why, AVG provides Free Support feature. There, you can address all your problems, whether it is a software failure, or a virus, or whatever else, connected with AVG and its performance. This is a great feature, considering, that AVG can be installed in as many devices, as you need.

AVG Is Updated In Time

Many viruses are developed each second, the entire industry exists around virus and malware development. Who knows, what is the purpose of that, some are trying to steal information, which they can later use for own profit. Some do it just for fun, trying to damage your system. There are as many reasons that we even cannot think of all of them. And an antivirus shall protect you from all threats, old and new. In order to be able to do that, the software shall be updated. That is why, we do not recommend stop or cancel update, or to put it off. If we do this, the software will not be able to recognize new threats, hense, will not be able to protect us. And the most unpleasant thing is when a software needs manual update, and you forgot about it. But with AVG, all is quite different. It runs updates in real time mode, so, you don’t need to run anything manually. AVG does all automatically, to ensure, that the user will not forget anything and to provide protection from ALL viruses.

A Stolen Mobile? AVG Has a Solution

Mobile phones are nowadays as usual as, say, a watch, or something very usual. And they are extremely comfortable. You can store there information, connect them to the web, practically, they can be and are used instead of a computer. Though, there is one significant disadvantage about them – they can be easily stolen. In most cases, when a phone is stolen, you can forget about it. But not in the case, when you have there AVG installed. Why? Because of anti-theft protection. If you phone is stolen, as soon as it connects to the network, a satellite will detect it and track on Google maps. Sometimes, this doesn’t help too much, as the phone can be detected very far from the place, where you are, or police may be not available there, or whatever. Well, this function doesn’t guarantee, that you will get your phone back. BUT it guarantees, that all data, stored in it, will not be misused. Why? There is a function, that allows wiping off all data stored in the device. You just send a secret SMS. But you shall note, that this function deletes data forever, without any opportunity to restore it. That is why, we recommend using it only when you really need it.

And Much More….

Privacy protection – this function can be integrate in others, and can be defined as a separate one. AVG provides a complete privacy protection, doesn’t matter where you surf and what you do. Nobody can get access to your private data.

All files are scanned before they get in the computer. How this is possible? With Cloud computing technology. AVG scans all suspicious files in a Cloud, thus, making sure, that they don’t get into your system before they are checked. This feature allows enhancing safety level and avoid infecting your computer with malicious software.

Maybe you have already encountered a problem, when you really liked a software, all options provided by it, and the price is what you have dreamed about, but… It is in English. And English skills aren’t the strongest ones by you. With AVG, it is different. It is available in a range of languages. Actually, almost all most popular languages are represented in the list. Thus, most likely, you will find an option for yourself even if you don’t know English.

  • Protection for any number of devices
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Android
  • Online protection
  • Anti-theft function
  • Real time updates
  • Privacy protection
  • Data encryption
  • Password managing
  • Remote protection
  • Quite high price


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