AVG PC TuneUp A Solution You Were Waiting For

AVG PC Tune Up protects your PC from all internet threats, it provides identity protection, confidential data protection, safe browsing, browsing history removing, and adjusting settings to prolongate the battery life. It includes registry cleaning, registry cleaning and defragmentation, hard disc defragmentation tools. This product can be used by those who prefer iOS, and by those, whose favorite OS is Windows. Al in all, this is a perfect solution for those users, who love have all fixed and running, preferably, without too much efforts from their side.
AVG PC TuneUp A Solution You Were Waiting For

AVG PC TuneUp AVG PC TuneUp 2016

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The best computer helper

The life of a modern person cannot be thought without a computer. And a computer cannot be thought without the internet. If we meet somebody who doesn`t have a computer, we in most cases cannot believe in it, and then, we cannot understand how it is possible. In any case, having a computer means nowadays being connected with a world, being aware of events, being able to keep in touch constantly, being able to make friends around the world, to do shopping in the biggest and the most popular foreign stores, to be able to get to know new things and to get access to any kind of information, even if the TV is distorting or hiding it. Having the internet means knowing about what people say and think about a particular event, a particular person, and so on, being able to discuss and to express your opinion. Having the internet connection means not living in an isolated world, but being able to share and participate.

The computer, like the internet are an important part of life of each modern person.

But, they bring also some kind of danger. For example, all your personal information, that is stored in the computer, can be stolen and used against you, your financial data can be stolen, too, and used to get access to the banking account and stealing all your money, or even to withdraw all your funds from your card. Confidential information can be used to take a loan, to sell, to buy your property, or to perform those actions in your name. Many things can be done, if one has appropriate information. People, who have it, can make your life a paradise, but they can ruin it too. And it concerns not only you, but also your family, relatives, friends. Not mentioning such minor disturbances, like files modification or damaging, popups, that appear as soon as you push a button, unwished browsers that install themselves, and slow down the work of your computer. Many things may happen, when you are online, in the web. Both, good and bad things.

From the bad things, you can protect yourself with an antivirus software. And most users have it. But in some cases, it is doesn’t provide all things that are necessary for a system to work properly.


Because viruses are not the only problem, which causes errors, failures and crashes of your system. Do you know, that even the most usual files, which we create and erase every day, may not only slow down the system but cause failures and crashes? The problem is, that they aren’t deleted completely. Some leftovers of them stay in the system in special folders, most of them are hidden files. That is why, it is impossible to delete them, as we delete files usually, moreover, it is impossible even to see them, as we usually see the files. With time, they are accumulating and take more and more space. This process makes the same effect as a virus infection. Thus, it is needed a special software, that cleans them.

AVG PC Tune Up combines an antivirus and a efficient cleaning tool, that is why, it can not only protect you from viruses and malware, but also it knows where the hidden and junk files are stored, moreover, it is able to remove them completely, without leftovers. This efficient system cleaning allows to free up to 75 GB of space, and to boost the speed of the computer for more that 77%! Just imagine the result, it is not just incredible, it is difficult to believe! And this is without even dealing with viruses or worms, or Trojans, just files, which you used yourself.

But not only that, AVG protects your computer. Yes, the product includes an antivirus program, too. And a quite efficient one. Well, AVG is in the market for more than 25 years, and all this time it has a leading position, that is why, one shall not doubt in the quality of services, provided by the product.

As if it is not enough, this product extends the battery life, for 117%. As soon as your lap starts working not from an energy source, but from a battery, the software closes all inactive programs and changes settings so, that the battery lasts much longer. We shall admit, that this result is amazing, just try to imagine how much hassle and money you will save with it.

Well, all in all: this suit fixes problems, that already exist in your system, it provides a quicker startup, faster speed, less crashes and failures. This software provides safe browsing: even after you close the browser, you may open it again and recover all pages, that you have visited. Like this, all your browsing history is available, and if you were saving the passwords, then those passwords will be inserted automatically and the websites, where password access is required, will open. Not only for you this information becomes available, but for anybody who can get access to your system. For a smart hacker, it is too simple. AVG cleans the browsing history, eliminating all credentials and personal or confidential data from the access pages. With this product, you can browse where you need and open the websites, which you want, without any fear that that data will be accessible to somebody else.

One more interesting thing: have you even thought that even after you remove a software, in the registry may stay some leftovers, some files? To remove them, you would need to clean the registry. And for that, you again need a good registry cleaner, a special tool. AVG provides it in this set of tools. And registry defragmentation is possible with the AVG software, too. These processes, if you perform them timely, will boost your system performance and allow working without slowing down, getting stuck and crashes.

The same we can tell about disc defragmentation. From time to time, you need to make this operation, to let the system work without interruptions and errors. If you want to do it properly, it is better either to call a specialist or to use a high quality software. AVG includes a disk defragmentation software in this set, too. It defragments the hard disk even if it is too full and other products aren’t able to perform defragmentation.

One more news for you. Do you like creating shortcuts in the desktop? It is so comfortable, you just click it, and the software starts, you don’t need to spend your time searching for it. But when you remove the software, the shortcut stays. It doesn’t work anymore, it is useless, absolutely useless. But you may have forgotten to delete it, or for any other reason it just stays there and occupies space, in your desktop and in the memory. Well, you can argue, that it doesn’t take so much space, and we would agree. But if there is not one shortcut, but many? And we don’t even have a doubt, that there are many of them, those shortcuts that aren’t used anymore. AVG PC TuneUp removes all of them, thus, releasing even more space.

For those, who love playing online games, AVG prepared a special surprise. If you love browser games, you must know, how it feels, when in the most responsible moment appears an ad, which not only annoys, but also distracts and doesn’t let concentrate. Or, a background video starts playing, shouting about some super-product, without which you may die. Or, your antivirus is demanding an update, and you lose the game. There are so many things that annoy, irritate and make a gamer angry and frustrated. But with this product, you will forget about all those unpleasant things. AVG turns your computer into a real gaming machine. It blocks all ads, popups, background videos and audios, it outs off the software update till the time, when you complete playing – taken short, it provides all possible comfort for playing. We would agree, that this function is not the most popular and useful one, but a dedicated gamer would understand.

But can all users rely on this product? Well, all Windows users can definitely do it. It even supports Windows 10, one of the most vulnerable and demanding OS version. Though, if you use iPod, or iPhone or any other iOS device, the Cleaner for iOS is at your service. This tool works not less efficiently, than products for Windows. Why only one tool – you may want to know. The response is very simple: all device needs cleaning from time to time, hence, such kind of an application would be useful for any device. While, say, antivirus protection would be rather useless for iOS devices. The thing is, that they are very safe, and writing a virus for them is not worth neither time nor efforts, as it is very difficult. That is why, hackers prefer Windows. And as a result, the antivirus developers prefer developing new products for Windows, where they are more needed.

If you got mixed with all the processes, and even with all your actions, you can use the process manager. It gives you an overview of all the processes that are now running in your computer. Like this, you can evaluate the system condition and how much one or another process is needed right now.

This software is easy to install and to use. It was developed so, that everybody can use it. If you just start working with a lap, you can use just default settings, and that would be rather enough for efficient work of the system. But, if you know how to work with software, then, AVG is a real treasure for you. It offers many customizable features, that is why, you can create a completely customized software, depending on what you need.

Some users believe though, that paying 519$ is somehow too much for a software. But here, the main thing is to check, which tools you really use. You can buy an antivirus software, then, a registry cleaner, then, a system cleaner and so on, and it is not for sure, that they all will be compatible with each other and will work properly. Though, even if they will work, it is likely, that the total sum spent will be even more, than 519$. Though, you decide, whether to be constantly worried if your protection system is efficient enough, or to buy a proper set of tools to make your computer work in a perfect way.

  • Advanced antivirus services
  • Performance speeding up
  • Battery works longer
  • Game mode
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Registry cleaning
  • No Android support
  • No MAC support


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