Avira Antivirus Pro Secure Your Identity

Well, this is what comes out about Avira. It is a good software, which gives so much, that nothing else can be added. Even though some features are missing, if you think once more, you will see, that they aren’t critical. Moreover, they are somehow compensated. And instead of those missing ones, you will find plenty of things that aren’t offered by other software of this kind. If we would recommend Avira? Definitely, yes, if you don’t use Windows XP. Though, you shall make your own decision.
Avira Antivirus Pro Secure Your Identity

Avira Antivirus Pro Avira Antivirus Pro

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Avira – The Best Solution To Protect Your Data And Confidentiality

In the modern world, where the information is crucial for everything, information protection means protection of business, of personal life, of confidentiality. While information loss can turn into a disaster. Thus, a good antivirus software may save your life, or turn it into a hell, especially if you a good computer user and keep important information in electronic form.

Avira understands all this, and it understands that keeping your information in privacy is important for you. That is why, it tries to provide all that is necessary in order to protect you.

Avira protects your computer from all known viruses, Trojans, malware, identity theft, spyware. And it is not just protection, this protection is designed based on the most powerful technology ever. It uses the unlimited sources of Cloud Computing, where it scans all unknown and suspicious files, combined with advanced heuristic. That is why, all files are checked before they get access to your system. Why scanning in a cloud? Well, you must be aware, that some viruses are extremely damaging. They can damage the system of your computer as soon as they are there, no need even to open them or to start them. That is why, Avira checks them before they come to your computer.

Advanced Detection Technology – can you guess what is it about? Sure, about detection of malware. Maybe you have heard already, that some malware are developed so, that it is almost impossibly for a usual anti-virus to detect them before they start damaging your computer. To be efficient with such malware detection, an antivirus has to have a special technology. Yes, right, there shall be additional feature, developed especially to detect such malicious programs. Avira has it. Detection Technology doesn’t allow suspicious programs get access to your system. It either blocks them or deletes them before they start their activities.

And of course, one of the most valuable features is the free support.

The professional team of Avira is ready to help you if you have any questions about the product, its features, if you have some problems with that, if there is any kind of virus, and you cannot handle it. You can address free support anytime, and they will help you.

Avira – What It Does?

It protects you when you are online – doesn’t matter what you do, just surf the net, looking for who knows what; chatting with friends; checking your mailbox; watching a movie; playing an online game. Avira is alert, as your system is vulnerable at that time. The web is a great source of information, but a great source of danger as well. Thousands of hackers are trying their luck, making efforts to steal your personal or financial data, track your activities, etc. With this software, there is no need to be afraid.

Antivirus Scanner - maybe this feature will be more familiar to you. The software detects viruses and blocks them. Avira updates automatically, well, you can select manual update as well, but then, don’t forget about updating your antivirus. There are plenty of new viruses coming every day. If the antivirus isn’t updated, it will be not able to detect the new viruses.

Protection Cloud Technology – this is a completely new technology. Cloud has become so popular, that not using it would be even unreasonable. Avira uses it for scanning suspicious files. And really, why they shall get into your system and only then be scanned? And what if those viruses/malware or whatever else are developed so, that they will damage your system as soon as you turn on the computer? You will even not manage to run your antivirus. Avira developers are smart enough to know about such danger. That is why, files, folders, etc. are scanned in a cloud environment, and only after that, if they are safe, they can be downloaded in your computer.

E-mail Protection – this is important, as nowadays, everybody has a mail. Even those people who can hardy type n word, have and use a mail. And sure, they may be not aware, that through their mailbox, they are exposed to many threats, too. Scammers are smart and tricky. A virus can come to you in an innocently looking mail with a card, a link with a request to check out some info, or funny photos, or it can be a document enclosed, that you need to open. It can be anything, sometimes it is difficult to imagine, what scammers are capable of to steal your data. That is why, this product paid special attention to this aspect. With Avira, your mail is protected, and all damaging files will be blocked or deleted.

Intelligent Repair System – but what can it repair? Well, it is possible, that for some reason some viruses still got into your system. Or, probably, you were using another antivirus, which is not so reliable. Anyway, for some reason some files in your system were damaged by a virus. And if earlier they would be lost, nowadays, the Avira antivirus can recover them. This is an amazing feature which can practically save you one day.

Self-Defense – it may sound weird, but some viruses are able to damage even the antivirus software. Moreover, they can damage the antivirus so, that the software isn’t able to work properly and needs reinstallation. And this is not the worst case, as you see that something is going wrong with your antivirus and you can take measures to prevent the further damage to the system. There are threads that alter the antivirus software, turning it into their “Friend”, and this is already dangerous, as you may not notice there changes. In our case, the Self Defense feature is designed to prevent such things. With it, any virus is not able to damage the system or modify it.

A Convenient Antivirus Software

There are so many antivirus products, that one can really choose something that really suits him/her, in all aspects. As you have had a chance to see, Avira has so many functions, that it seems to be an ideal solution. But, it is not only about the functions availability. In the modern world, the convenience is the thing that matters. What would you prefer- a super good software that solves all issues, but is so difficult to install, and then to use… imagine, that you have to look for how to set it up, how to use it, in plenty of manuals or online. And take another case, where are many functions available too, but is so simple. You have just to click several times to install it, just follow step by step instructions that will appear in the screen. And then, to use it, you have to select simple but informative options, or follow instructions. Avira is the second case. This software is convenient in everything, from easy installation and till use.

  • Easy download and installation
  • Automatic scanning
  • User friendly interface
  • Gaming mode
  • One-click repair

These are the things that fascinate the users most of all. All is available, and all is very easy to use. And not only that! The software work absolutely unnoticeably. It doesn’t send any notifications or messages, or doesn’t bother you in any other way. Avira detects threats and makes decisions about what to do with them, without bothering you at all. You just do your activities, and the antivirus does its ones.

Are you a keen social network user? Then, you definitely have had an experience, when your friend sends you a message, or a link, and when you open it, your computer gets infected. The situation is not the most pleasant. Even less pleasant is the fact, that your friend may not know, what was happening. And now imagine, how you would feel, if the source of the virus were your message? Well, the situation is not the most pleasant. But, with Avira, it is so simple to avoid it. The antivirus scans all files and attachments that you receive through instant messengers, and immediately blocks those that do not look too reliable.

Moreover, the antivirus offers a new and absolutely unique feature - Safe Apps. Basically, this is an App Store, like many of them. The difference is, that this is the space, where any software can be curated, for free.

Free Firewall?

Not with Avira. Well, most antivirus suits offer it for free, included in the main service list, and this one wasn’t an exception. Moreover, their free custom firewall was amazing. Maybe that is why it is not free anymore. Nothing good is offered for free. But, considering that the software offers plenty of features that protect you doesn’t matter where a threat comes from, maybe the firewall isn’t that important? You decide. If you are sure that you need it, you will have to buy it. Though, as we mentioned, this is a really good firewall.

Also, if you have kids, and they are keen users of your computer when you aren’t at home, then, maybe, Avira isn’t your case. Simply because it doesn’t have a parental control function. No idea why, maybe because the developers of this software believe, that your kids are the best ones and don’t need to be controlled? Well, if they aren’t, then, probably, you shall think about a software that offers the parental control function. Or develop creativity in your siblings, set up a complicated password!

Difficulties with password management? Then, you have to sort them out on your own. Avira, unlikely some other solutions, doesn’t have Password management. Thus, if you forgot your password, you will have to recover it following a usual procedure. And yes, you will have to save all your passwords in a safe place, and this place may be protected by his antivirus software.

No webcam protection, either. Though we aren’t sure whether it is so disastrous. Do you use your webcam often? For speaking with friends, relatives? Or rather for having highly confidential conversations? In the first case, probably, nobody would be too interested in your family news. In the second case, if you use such a vulnerable way to discuss confidential or secret things, then you deserve to be punished. That is why, the software doesn’t offer a webcam protection, as in some cases it is unnecessary, while in the others – it is useless.

And well, it doesn’t work with Windows XP. Why? Just doesn’t support it. Though, it works very well with Windows 10, which is already not that bad.

  • Online protection
  • Self-defense system
  • Repair function
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Protection against all kinds of threats
  • No password manager
  • No parental control
  • No free custom firewall
  • No webcam protection


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