Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Review

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2016 includes just about all the security features you’ve ever imagined of. And still, it manages to remain completely unobtrusive. It does most of the things that other programs were unable to carry out in different tests. It’s a choice for those who need an all-round protection for all their devices and the family as a whole. It’s your ultimate mega suite for security.
by Bruno
Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Review

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Bitdefender Total Security 2016

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The antivirus program maintains a relatively wide product ranges for Windows as well as other OS’s. The 2016 version of the program offers its users all of the features of Internet Security and Antivirus Plus, which are also made available as commercial products by the company.

The latest release of the antivirus program is available for download from the company’s official website. However, it is simply a trial version lasting for 30 days after which you’ll be required to make a full purchase. This version is installed directly from the web, meaning that a bigger percentage of the program’s data will be fully downloaded once it is installed on your computer.

For those who’d like to have the offline installers, they are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from the official site. 32-bit version of the offline installer is 307 Megabytes while the 64-bit version is 346 Megabytes. Once you’ve downloaded the offline installer, installation is very straightforward. There are options listed on the installer which allows the program to send data anonymously to the developer, but you can uncheck to disable the functionality.

However, you won’t be able to disable some features that you don’t like. One more thing, you’ll be required to create your account and sign in to it before using the application. This is one notable feature that lacked in the Total Security 2015.

The interface of the program

Now let’s get down to the actual review of the antivirus program. First, you need to know that Total Security 2016 operates on an autopilot mode by default. It will reveal to you if your computer is protected from threats and safe, and the last time when an update of the program occurred.

The autopilot feature of the program is quite likable as it makes the work of the user pretty much easier. You won’t be interrupted every time by most of the notifications or prompts from the program. What makes it even more interesting is that if the autopilot feature isn’t your thing and you want to be in control, you can turn it off.

Regarding the interface of the program, there are quite a number of changes if you compare it with the Total Security 2015 program. But the general dark theme hasn’t changed much. Rather than listing the program’s 3 core modules, that is, Protection, Tools and Privacy, what is displayed there is different.

Moreover, the company has given its online features and services more focus. This is so as Bitdefender Central has been given more space on the program’s interface, more than other listed components.

Other than that, options for running quick scan as well as vulnerability scan have been listed on the interface. There’s also OneClick Optimizer, SafePay link and update option.

The 3 major components, Protection, Tools and Privacy from the Total Security 2015 can be accessed via the modules link by simply a click. Let’s have a look at each of the core features of the program.


This is undeniably the most important of the three modules of Total Security 2016. It offers easy access to other different tools such as antivirus, firewall, antispam, intrusion detection and several other protection features.

You’ve been given the option of configuring and turning off some of the features by clicking cog-icon found next to the items on the program’s Protection screen. Consider the Vulnerability Scan feature for instance, you can completely switch it off via the options, or simply disable some functionalities only.

Since during installation, you are not allowed to turn off the features you don’t want, you’ve been given the option to do so during the first run of the program.

The Protection components gives you access to these features:

  • Antivirus

This antivirus feature is a classic one, with several options that allow you to run different scans (Custom, Quick and Full scan), options for handling exclusions, managing quarantine or modify options of scan.

  • Web Protection

This is such a nice feature which protects your system while browsing online. It simply works in conjunction with your web browser. This feature can scan the SSL traffics, protect you against phishing or fraud and add a Search Advisor to your browser.

  • Vulnerability Scan

This feature scans your operating system and identify any critical updates required (new Microsoft security update releases), weak passwords, application updates and media autorun vulnerability protection.

  • Intrusion Detection

This is a system that’s been designed to offer protection to your PC against certain attacks that try to corrupt Registry data or important system files. Whenever such an attack occurs, this system will issue a warning about any malware driver installations, code injections and the sort.

  • Firewall

This is a feature that manages your PC’s network system. It manages adapters and rules, disable or enable features that monitor your internet sharing or WiFi connection.

  • Antispam

This features gives you antispam protection which includes options for blocking emails written using Cyrillic or Asian characters and symbols.

  • Ransomware Protection

This is a feature that wasn’t present in the 2015 version of the antivirus. It’s been designed to offer your PC protection against any Ransomware threats.

You can also initiate scans directly from protection hub. One little nice feature included here is that you can create your own scans and save them, then you can the scans later on when you need to.


The Privacy core component is simply about protection of minors or data. This component features certain tools that enable you to encrypt files, create protected storages for your online usernames and passwords or design parental control for your PC.

These features aren’t active by default, with SafePay as an exception.

  • Data Protection

It’s a tool for shredding files for safe deletion to prevent restoring the data.

  • File Encryption

Protects files from unauthorized access by keeping them in an encoded vault.

  • Parental Control

This feature is functional in relation to your account. Control is done through an online dashboard. Through the console, you’ll be able to feed in data about your children. Then match each of the devices to the kid that accesses it. This feature mainly filters inappropriate sites and monitoring the Facebook account of your child.

On Android devices, you can restrict and block some calls as well as make it possible to get notifications whenever your kid accesses an area that is Restricted. However, this tool does not include scheduling of Internet Time or management of IM contact.

  • Wallet

Offers encryption to your online accounts, license keys for applications, email information among other confidential information you want to keep secure.


These include tune-up apps that aren’t related to security in any way. They are however helpful in keeping the condition of your PC in its best status to facilitate smoother operation. These include improvement of the startup time, freeing up space, reducing file access time on hard drives and finding duplicate files.

You’ll also find anti-theft feature included as well. However, you’ll need to log into your account online for you to use it. This is rather straightforward and understandable since its main purpose is to assist you whenever your PC gets lost.

Moreover, you’ll find several options to help you configure and be able to use certain profiles such as work or gaming profiles.

The OneClick Optimizer

OneClick Optimizer feature is made accessible via one large button on main window. Clicking the button will launch scanning that finds ways of speeding up your PC. This feature specifically looks for useless or junk files or Registry entries with errors. It also searches for internet activity traces including cookies and browser histories.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll get a display of the junks found in Disk Clean Up, Privacy Clean Up and Registry Clean Up. There’s a link for viewing the files to get more details. Actually what you get is a list of the number of files found and where they were found.

By clicking the Optimize button, the program will clean up the junks quickly and display a summary of what was found and cleaned. There will be a page displayed finally with a link directing to a report containing every file and item cleaned. However, you don’t get a chance to preview the changes or cancel the cleanup operation. But with a simple cleanup process like this one, there’s no need.

Take not though that OneClick Optimizer cannot remove all the junks found. Now, instead of spending time going through the report to see what was missed, simply run another scan. This way, it will be easier to see what was not cleaned for a reason or another.

Startup Optimizer

For Windows wizards, disabling programs that continuously launch during start using some Windows tools is not hard. But with this program, your Windows startup management is pretty easier. It takes startup management to a higher level. When you reboot the first time after installation, Startup Optimizer will measure the startup time of your system and determine how much of the time can possibly be attributed to every program launching at startup.

What’s the rating of Bitdefender Total Security 2016?

A number of ratings have been done. For instance, AV-Test gave Bitdefender Internet Security 15 points out of 15 with regard to protection usability and performance. However, Total Security 2016 was not tested. But Internet Security which was tested shares all of its features with Total Security 2016. So you can bet how good Total Security 2016 is!

AV Comparatives gave Total Security 2016 a high rating among the top products, with a joint highest score in general. In this rating, the program missed Product of the Year award since it had won it last year hence was given an Advanced+ Awards out of all the 8 major tests. The program won a joint gold in Proactive Protection Ward, File Detection and Real World Protection Test. As for the Malware Removal, it won a joint Silver. In a user experience review, its detection of malware in real time on a flash drive was outstanding.

The antispam feature of the program gave a high result in testing. For the first time, this program’s antispam gave a high score without affecting email downloads. As in the suites from other software, the suites also include a firewall that apart from blocking attacks, they also control how programs use the network connection. This is actually the same thing with Total Security 2016. The program’s firewall decides how other programs use the network connection; no irritating popup queries! The program’s firewall proves highly resistant to any direct attack.

The Verdict

Total Security 2016 includes just about all the security features you’ve ever imagined of. And still, it manages to remain completely unobtrusive. It does most of the things that other programs were unable to carry out in different tests. It’s a choice for those who need an all-round protection for all their devices and the family as a whole. It’s your ultimate mega suite for security.

  • 3-in-1 protection for all your devices, including Mac, Windows and Android.
  • Identifies and removes malware that has never been detected by other protection programs.
  • Its usage is pretty straightforward. A single account manages all your devices.
  • Total protection and privacy across different platforms.
  • Online transactions fully secured.
  • Fully functional anti-theft and ant-loss tools
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Customizable number of devices to protect and validity period.
  • User privacy protection.
  • Parental control and monitoring kids’ devices.
  • Improves performance of your devices.
  • Quiet and unobtrusive.
  • The program’s Parental Control can be initiated from the online dashboard, hence a strong internet connection to the devices is needed.
  • There’s no backup feature included.


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