Boost Professional Efficiency With Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks is a very powerful software suite that makes it easier to handle daily repetitive tasks by automating them through macro commands. The fact that it is offered in three different packages is a good feature for budget concerned users. However, the Professional edition has the most features, over 300 macro commands and over 35 triggers. The free edition doesn’t have many features but is also a very handy suite for those who’d like to get an experience of how the software works. Generally, Macro Toolworks is the ultimate Windows automation software for professionals who are after performing more tasks at once to boost their efficiency.
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Boost Professional Efficiency With Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks, Professional Edition Macro Toolworks, Professional Edition 8.2.0

A newer version 8.3.8 already available

Product version
8.2.0 All versions
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Category System Utilities, Automation Tools Platform Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2012) All platforms
  • 5.0

When you first open the Macro Toolworks, it is worth your time to have a look at their Help document attached with the product. Even though it’s pretty long, there’s plenty of useful content about the features of the software and how you can utilize all of them. The document is prepared in an easy to read and accessible format, suitable for novices who aren’t experienced in the use of such software. You will find the Help document very useful and will get you through the basics much quicker.

Pricing plans

Macro Toolworks Version 8.2.0 is availed in three packages, namely the Free, Standard and Professional. Just as you’d expect with any other software product, the free edition has limited set of features but are enough to get you going. The standard edition has most of the features of the product and includes those in the free edition plus other features. The professional edition has over 300 features, including the standard edition features.

The software is available for download from the Macro Toolworks website. All the products are distributed in zipped formats only. The good thing about the software is that you get a free trial period of 30 days without any limitations before making a purchase. This comes in handy as you’ll be able to determine if the product works as the developer claims.

After making your order and it’s processed, you’ll receive an email containing all your registration details that will enable you to unlock the trial mode. The advantage of payment is that you can pay via PayPal. You can select the number of purchases you want to make. A single professional license will cost you US$ 99.95. A 5 license product costs US$399.00, 10 licenses at US$ 699.00 and 25 licenses at US$ 1,699.00.

Single license for the Standard version costs US$39.95, 5 licenses at $159.00, 10 licenses at US$ 279.00 and 25 licenses at $679.00.

Payments are one-time, meaning that there are no yearly renewal of licenses. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can have the software for an entire lifetime.

System requirements

Macro Toolworks is a Windows software, hence compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture of windows. A minimum hard disk space of 40MB is required

User Interface

The application has an intuitive interface that’s very functional and organized in a professional manner. The screen has been split into three sections for Macro groups, Macro lists and the Macro properties.

The application is user friendly as anyone will find it easier to navigate through the different sections. This coupled with the Help document that is accompanies the product, a rookie will find it much easier to get started and understand the application well. The possibilities on what you can achieve with the app are extensive. The user interface can also be viewed in several languages including English and German.


Macro Toolworks is a complete automation software suit that comprises of full range features for macro commands and macro triggers. Its wide range of features, especially the professional edition makes it suitable for any professional who needs their repetitive tasks handled so they can do more tasks with less effort and time.

The range of possibilities you can achieve with the software is almost endless, made possible by the extensive features that it possesses. The professional version of the software has over 300 commands and 35 triggers to make your productivity much higher.

  • Application automation -The software lets you automate a website or application running on windows. By simply sending mouse events or keystrokes you can control any application or website. There is an image recognition command that makes it possible for you to navigate links or controls. If you need more details on how to achieve this, the developers have a video on their site which demonstrates how it’s done.
  • File manipulation – Macro Toolworks makes it possible to manipulate your files the smart way when change occurs to a file or folder. This is also applicable when a file or folder is created or deleted. You can create macros that let you delete, copy move, encrypt or zip files with ease.
  • Enhance clipboard functionality – with the app, you can save macro contents such as formatted texts, files, graphics among others as clipboard macros then run them at a later time to paste the saved content.
  • Download and upload automation – have you ever thought about automating your downloads? Macro Toolworks lets you automatically download as well as upload files using HTTP(S) or FTP. You can schedule your uploads and downloads to take place during the night while you are asleep and have your fresh data while you wake up in the morning.
  • Test automation – you can test your website or applications to determine if your content was viewed by users or not. Macros are able to imitate the clicks by a user to determine if expected contents showed up on the screen.
  • Automatic analysis of texts, emails – macro commands can be used to manipulate texts in many different ways. You can analyze texts to search for high quality keywords, parse data, format texts and many other things.
  • Handle online forms – Macro Toolworks allows you to create a macro that opens up a website automatically and submit forms filled with entries from spreadsheets or local files.
  • Manage immediate tasks – if you already have repetitive tasks to be handled immediately, you can record a macro and then play it a number of times at higher speeds to handle you the tasks.
  • Manipulate system files and registry – you can easily manipulate processes, files as well as Windows registry to allow you switch between several windows, terminate processes and launch apps automatically.
  • Manipulate Excel files – you can easily read or write from an Excel file or even create an Excel file from data that has been downloaded.
  • Manage emails – you can create macros that allow you to automatically retrieve or send emails. You also get notifications on the changes that are made by the created macros.
  • Distribute macro files – the application lets you compile a macro file as a .fmp or.exe redistributable file and share them with other users.
  • Manage macro execution errors – there are a number of options that allow you to choose what should happen if an error occurs when a macro is being executed. There’s also an in-built debugger that lets you find out the problem with a macro.
  • Over 35 triggers – there are many different ways to trigger your macro commands. Some of the triggers include text shortcuts, mouse clicks, hot keys, time schedules, customizable toolbars, change in screen pixels and many more.
  • Over 300 commands – you can come up with powerful macros that combine different repetition commands such as if-else, go to and repeat among others.

These features are distributed among the three product editions. The professional edition has the highest number of features while the free edition has the basic commands that let you perform the basic repetitive tasks. If you want an elevated level of performance when handling repetitive tasks on Windows, you’ll get the most out of the professional edition.

In terms of security, Macro Toolworks also offers a file protection method through the AES encryption. This comes very handy as you can restrict access to your files by unauthorized persons. The good thing about it is that even the free edition of the software have this feature included. As an additional security measure, you get to lock your macro files from access by other people so they are not changed without your permission. This is an additional feature so it’s only provided in the standard and professional editions.

You also get the flexibility of sharing your macro commands with others by either exporting them to an XML file then pass it to a friend. Equally, you can receive an XML macro file from a friend and import it with ease. You are not only limited to the XML format. You can as well export them in HTML formats as well. If you like, you can also create a redistributable .exe file to share it freely with other users.

If you no longer require a certain trigger to be active, or you want to enable a trigger that was previously disabled, you can do so with a single click of a button. You can disable a single macro or a group of macros. You can also search within the macros, triggers, macro names and descriptions if you need to access a particular attribute.


Macro Toolworks offers a support for all the three product editions free of charge. But you must be a registered users to receive support. If you happen to encounter a problem during use of the application, you can reach the developer via an email available on their sites.

Support is offered through three steps. First, before contacting the developer, you are required to visit the developer’s site to see if there are answers to your encountered problem via forums.

The second approach to getting support is through visiting the download center to check for new updates that can solve your problem. Updates are available for free as well, except when it’s a step ahead of your current version. For instance, if you are currently running version 8.2.0, you will receive a free update for any other version within the version 8 spectrum. If it’s an upgrade to a higher version such as 9.0.0, you’ll be charged for it. Always backup your current version before installing an update.

If the second approach doesn’t solve your problem, you can reach their support team through their support email. While sending an email, you need to include information about your product version, operating system you are using and your registration number. A registration number is usually given when signing up for the product.

Replies to your emails are delivered within 24 hours from the time you sent a support request. The only issue with their support is that there are no phone contacts available on their site through which you can call their technical team directly. Otherwise, the support is recommendable.


Macro Toolworks is a lightweight application that runs concurrently with system programs. Actually, you want even realize any change in performance of your computer. Since most of the tasks are automated or scheduled to take place at a later time, your system won’t be subjected to deprivation of resources such as memory or run time for other processes.

  • You can record macros and play it back to automate tasks.
  • No prior knowledge of macro command syntax.
  • Can be used to manipulate any Windows application or websites.
  • There are multiple ways of triggering macros according to your preferences and needs.
  • Macros can mimic user behaviors which makes it possible to handle even the most complex repetitive tasks.
  • Macros and triggers ca be disabled or enabled with ease.
  • Very intuitive user interface.
  • Product offered in three editions to suit your budget preferences; Free, Standard and Professional editions. Free trial period of 30 days is issued before making a purchase.
  • Comes included with a Help document for details on how to use the app. in addition, there’s a forum with plenty of useful information on the developer’s website.
  • There is no phone contact for support available. Contact with the support team is made only through an email.
  • The Help document is quite long but very useful if you get to read it.


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