Build A Remarkable Web Gallery With jAlbum Professional Tool

If looking for an application that allows you to create an album for all your media files including photos and videos, then jAlbum is the ultimate choice. The software downscales images to the most appropriate thumbnail size suitable for websites. It lets you create an entire web page which can then be uploaded to your site. Another great thing is that it’s available in trial version so you can see how it works before making a purchase. To sum it up, jAlbum is a reliable and excellent application for creating albums and slideshows. It is bundled with a handy collection of features for editing photos made possible through its configuration settings panel. Apart from the issue of system performance, jAlbum is a great application that most professional photographers will find very useful.
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Build A Remarkable Web Gallery With jAlbum Professional Tool

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If you need a way to create an album with high quality digital photos and never worry about losing them, then jAlbum is an ultimate choice. The application is web based, letting you create an album for your digital images, videos and audio. It comes with plenty of built in features to make it easier to manage your photos and give them a re-touch.

You can polish photos remove those that you don’t need. By simply dragging and dropping them. When it comes to customization, there are flexible templates also called skins that allow users to create a customized album in Flash, HTML among other formats. It also gives you the capability of adding advanced features such as shopping cart and music. continually adds new skins and are available for download.

You can also publish your photos though the FTP support that’s built in to jAlbum. There are also widgets that can be added to give extra functionality, such as commenting and easy browsing of the albums.

Pricing plans

The software is available for both home and commercial use. If you need to use it for commercial purposes, you are required to purchase the Pro license while the private or non-commercial users should select the Standard license.

jAlbum is available in a 30 day free trial version that allows you to evaluate all the features of the program. The good thing with the program is that the free trail has all the features just like the pro version, but after 30 days have elapsed, you’ll be required to make a purchase to continue using it. A license can be purchased at a fee of US$38.29 or an equivalent of €29.00.

The free trial offers excellent features, almost similar to the Pro version. You are given up to 10GB of free storage, which is an approximate of 50,000 web-sized images. This however will depend on the size of your photos. If you need to upload more photos to jAlbum storage then you can think about an upgrade to the Power account.

Before using jAlbum, you need to have an account. You will be directed to confirm your email address before starting the usage. Luckily, your jAlbum license is applicable on any number of computers you intend to use the application. That means that you can have as many installations as possible on different computers. But all the installations will be under the same account that you made the purchase with.

Users with a large collection of photos will find the upgraded account more useful and powerful. The free jAlbum account available online also provides plenty of features that most hobbyists will find very useful to produce attractive albums with ease.

Actually, the ingenuity of what the program can do comes into play for those who are a notch above the amateur and need the best gallery management tool to communicate their work as they want. The application lets you do all things needed in a single software suite.

Supported systems

However, the program needs a Java environment for it to be deployed. Ensure that you first install a Java platform before proceeding. This particularly makes it usable on any operating system.

The application is available for both computer and mobile use. It is supported by both Windows and Mac. As for mobile platforms, there is the android and iOS versions. If you uploaded your album to, then you will be able to access your photos from any location.

User friendliness

jAlbum has an intuitive user interface resembling an Explorer interface of Windows. The environment created is very familiar and implements drag and drop functionalities to make its usage friendlier. It comes with a useful editor that makes minor adjustments to a photo much easier.

Creating an album is very easy, made possible through intuitive tools that make it possible to edit and re-order photos, provide different skins or templates for your album. All the changes are made to an album in a similar manner as the catalog function in most of the adobe products. Original files are not modified.

The program lets users make use of context menu feature to open the built-in photo editor, rotating photos, excluding particular items, creating full-screen slideshow among other functionalities. You can as well add new videos and photos and create folders to better manage your images, insert empty page, use selected directory as a folder thumbnail.

You are also provided with a faster access to recent projects list, in which you are also allowed to sort them alphabetically, either descending or ascending order. With just a single click on target album, you can easily check embedded clips and photos as well as make adjustments.

Additionally, the application allows you to change or add filenames, caption, titles and keywords below every thumbnail. You can run the program from a command line and can read information from IPTC, XMP or EXIF.

System performance

jAlbum is a heavyweight application. It makes use of a lot of system resources even when not in use. It uses lots of computer memory, which may burden the entire system. Apart from this, it is an excellent application for creating albums and slideshows.

For a seamless use, it’s good if installed on a computer with plenty of memory, at least 4GB.


Whenever a new version upgrade of jAlbum is released, you can choose to upgrade or still continue to use the older version. However, your templates or skin may also be updated and you may need an upgrade to be able to use that particular skin. Otherwise, other features are simply favorable and you won’t experience problems even when a new upgrade has been released.

  • Creating new album - Basically, albums are stored in form of projects, so by creating a new project you shall have created a new album. A new album can be created by stating the name, adding tags then a short description. The location where your project is stored can also be changed if you want to. jAlbum supports quite a number of skins or templates that can be used to personalize the albums. Additional templates are available at the developer’s website where they can be downloaded. The album layout is determined by the skin, and there are simple and comprehensive ones. Comprehensive skins come with advanced configuration settings and features such as video playback, Google Maps integration and shopping cart. Through the built-in editor, you can make changes to the existing skins to come up with customized ones. Items in the gallery are sorted by their name, last modification date, title, rate, caption or other criterion such as size.
  • Importing your media files - There are three different solutions that can be used to add items to an album. Items can be added by copying folders and files to a project, as such additional storage space may be needed. You can also create links of the added items or simply specify user defined folder. Any changes taking place on the image will be applied immediately on the pictured in your disk. Addition of published albums can also be imported.
  • Image editing - There are several handy features of editing to enable you improve the quality of your photos. These features include cropping, rotating, horizontal or vertical strips, auto correction mode (auto contrast, auto color and auto levels), change brightness, artistic filters, and gamma value changes among others. Additionally, users can add special effects (such as sepia, gray, invert, sharp and blur), insert custom texts, remove the red eye effect, edit metadata (title, name, time and date), set flags and apply ratings. There are other advanced features integrated in jAlbum to provide image data information, add variables, enter external link, add HTML codes and specify information about copyright and keywords.
  • Clip insertion - jAlbum supports a wide range of formats including MP4, 3GP, ASF, MOV, AMR, AVI, WMV, VOC, VOB and PSP. The best thing about the program is that other video formats are converted into MP4 to make them suitable for your site.
  • Album preview - Preview of the albums is made possible through a dedicated panel. Additionally, there’s an in-built browser to help users navigate their image gallery and rebuild albums through rescaling all the images.
  • Publish albums – you can as well publish albums on the developer’s site, or any other site using the FTP of To access the site and this feature, you need to have your account set up. An account can be created via the interface of the application. Galleries can be protected through passwords to make the private. As such, you are the only one who has access to your gallery but you can send a gallery link to friends. An album can be opened through an external browser or through local album folder. You can also make changes to your album details by adding tags, edit descriptions and titles, alter cover image and insert widgets. Sharing of albums through social media is also enabled. You can share your albums on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr among other platforms.
  • Support for different external tools – several extensions that can be used to add JPEG comments are supported. You can also calculate album size, convert upper case to lower case, clear user defined variables, extract comments, show supported types of files and other options.

Set up configurations

jAlbum has a rich featured panel that gives you the power to change output directories, set up image linking from thumbnails, specify thumbnail layout, create slide pages, modify JPEG quality, choose scaling method plus other advanced settings.

There are quite a number of settings that can be used to set up effects. You can use plain, watermark or shadow effects. The shadow color, angle and size can as well be specified.

The program also makes it possible to tweak video resolution and quality, manage widgets, change encoding and the date formats, process subdirectories, alter metadata and set up rules for naming files for the page extension and index page. The preference section makes it possible to change the appearance of the application by choosing between different themes, save backups for the projects, track files copied from a memory card, open a published album once publishing is complete.

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Output results are excellent.
  • Offers support for a wide range of file formats.
  • Has quite a number of configuration and preference settings that let users create and upload their albums.
  • Newbies can simply make use of the basic settings which allow them to share or upload albums with a few clicks.
  • A potable version is available for those who simply want to avoid installation process.
  • The only downside to this application is the fact that it uses a lot of system resources even when running in background. It can sometimes froze a computer when running. As such, it’s best when used on a computer with good memory size.


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