BullGuard Antivirus The Best Protection From All Threats

​BullGuard Antiirus is definitely worth considering, especially if you are planning long term investment. It offers such advanced features as behavioral virus detection, customized spam scanner, game mode, and other advanced features, without compromising the performance speed of the computer. Easy-to-use interface and detailed instructions make it possible to use even by a complete beginner. Moreover , it supports all Windows versions, including Windows 10 and Windows XP. Even though this product doesn’t offer some features, that are important for some users, while other user may believe that it is something odd. For example, the parental control function. You may appreciate it when you have kids, but without them, this function becomes unnecessary. On the whole, BullGuard antivirus is a wonderful solution of its kind.
BullGuard Antivirus The Best Protection From All Threats

BullGuard Antivirus BullGuard Antivirus 2016

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Why BullGuard? Most Common Reasons Why to Select this Software

Nowadays everybody has a computer or a lap, and everybody knows how to use the internet. Similarly, everybody knows very well about viruses, Trojans, malware and other threats that are very closely connected with the web. Though not everybody knows the real dangers that those threats can bring and how to fight them. For that, there are many antivirus software developed. On you depends only to choose the one, that is the best for you, based on your budget and needs. Though, if you really need something exceptional, but affordable, we would recommend you BullGuard Antivirus. There are many reasons for that, and all of them are rather relevant for both, those who get online mostly for socializing, and don’t really need extra protection, and those, who share important information, store their files in a Cloud, manage online payments and perform other operations, connected with application of confidential information.

Well, this is something really exceptional, if you check all offered features & options.

First of all, it is protection from viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. – all kinds of threats, that fill the internet. Though, you may disagree, that this feature is a very basic one, any antivirus protection offers it, and because of this function mainly we purchase the antivirus software, any of them. But you must know, that you have to update almost any antivirus software, if you want reliable protection. Why? Because every day, in the web appear thousands of new viruses, and some of them are really damaging. And an antivirus software has normally a database of viruses, based on which the software blocks the threats. If the virus has just come to the world, and the software wasn’t updated, then the software will not detect a newcomer. Thus, the antivirus product will not be able to do anything. Moreover, there are viruses that are able to change the antivirus software. Sounds crazy, but true. And all this is definitely not about.

BullGuard. Why? Because this product uses a completely different technology. It is called behavior detection technology. The principle of the technology you can guess from its name. In order to detect a virus, or other malicious program, BullGuard doesn’t need their database, it detects and blocks such programs based on their behavior. Of course, the system needs being updated, like any other system, as it also uses the signature-based detection. And this combination provides a really high level of protection.

Customizable Spam Filter – have you had a situation, when you are waiting for an important and a rather urgent mail, but it doesn’t come. Deadline is over, and it still doesn’t come. Then, you check your spam folder, and… Yes, there is the important mail! But you haven’t detected it in time. A pretty disappointing and embarrassing situation. But with a Customizable spam filter, you can set up, which mails shall go to a spam folder, and which shall come in the inbox. You can perform the setup on your own, without calling a technician. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it. Just follow step-by-step instructions, or try to use a product guide.

Protection from unwanted applications - you may have noticed, and not once, that, while you are browsing the web, more and more toolbars appear in your browser, some of them were so annoying that you clicked “OK” just to get rid of them, while about some of them you even didn’t suspect. Such applications modify the system, though they are considered as not malicious. Well, but they are quite annoying and slow down all the processes. So, this function is quite useful, isn’t it?

Safe browsing – this feature is a great option for you, if you are a keen internet user, if you like to check and open different websites, pages. Though, you shall know, that some of them contain viruses, and just one click may be enough to infect your computer. With Safe browsing feature, the antivirus blocks all malicious websites and pages. You will simply not be able to open them, and an appropriate notification will be displayed in the screen. The same happens with phishing resources, when they are trying to steal your confidential information while leading to fake websites and asking to enter your password, that you use for mailbox.

You may know the situation, when you have to close all files / processes before starting scanning for viruses. It happens, because usual antivirus programs take up a lot of the computer resources. Thus, you have to select: either to close all files you have been working with, and interrupt the process, even if you have inspiration right now and work goes very smoothly, or put off the scanning, putting in danger the entire system of your computer. But not with BullGuard! It doesn’t influence the performance of a computer, hence, you can perform the scanning and work without interruptions.

And of course, there are issues, with which the user have to deal, there are problems. That is why, BullGuard offers a support service feature. The support is available 24/7, via a live chat or email. Here, you can ask any questions, and you will get a professional answer. More sources: if it happens that you prefer to get acquainted very well not only with the product, but also with opinions of users about this product, you can visit forums of BullGuard users. There, you can ask any questions, and be sure, you will get the most unbiased answers.

What`s more – BullGuard Has More For You!

You are a beginner and you sincerely believe that you cannot handle all those features? We can assure you, that this is not the case with BullGuard. Intuitive interface makes it possible, even for complete beginners to use this product efficiently and without too many efforts. Most functions are setup on default, if you have to do something, then just follow a step-by-step instruction. Just being able to read is enough for making all work right.

Game mode feature – this feature is ideal one for those users, who love playing browser games or online games. If you are one of them, you definitely know, that different kids of adware and popups just LOVE online games. This distracts, irritates and simply doesn’t allow to play as efficient as you would like to. BullGuard understands you very well. That is why, the Game mode feature was introduced – to let you enjoy your gaming experience. In gaming mode, all popup windows are blocked, all adware is blocked, too. Like this, they don’t slow down your computer, do not hide the screen, and simply don’t annoy. Moreover, the BullGuard antivirus detects, when you are playing, and adjusts the screen settings appropriately. Those, who understand gaming, will value this feature.

But of course, if you want to customize the antivirus software, you have to know at least the basics of how to do it. Well, though, there are product guides available, which you can either download or use online in your browser. There, all processes are described, with all steps, and even with screenshot, to make it visual. And if you still have questions, or you were not able to solve the issue with a product guide, you can leave a message to the support team.

You use such “complicated” Windows versions as Windows 10, or Windows XP? Perfect. BullGuard works with all Windows editions, is compatible with all browsers. Though, BullGuard Antivirus doesn’t offer anything for MAC, but, considering, that in most cases iOS devices are very safe and don’t need protection, maybe a version for MAC would be rather odd.

Of course, to install any program, you need some volume of memory available. In the case with BullGuard, 1 GB is more than enough. Thus, before installing, check if this volume is available, otherwise the software will not work properly.

Now, what to do, if you don’t speak / understand English, but you have already heard a lot about the product, and you want to install it in your lap? Well, just select the language you know. BullGuard is available in 12 languages, like this, the users from almost the whole world can use it.

And we shall mention, that users like this product. BullGuard got 8,5 out of 10 starts, rating from users. You will agree, that for industry where there are plenty competitors, it is a perfect result.

Though, there are some features missing, and you shall consider that too, as for some users, they may be essential.

Parental Control feature is not available. Thus, if you are really interested in it, you can check other products offered by the BullGuard. Or, if you want this particular product, you can try setting up passwords in order to get access to the internet. Like this, you can be sure, that your kids are secure from the negative influence of some sources, but then, they can use the internet only under your control, and get access to any sources when you aren’t watching. Well, as it was already mentioned, if the parental control function is really important for you, you can consider purchasing other products of BullGuard.

No battery mode – though the absence of this feature isn’t a real disaster, many users would rather have it than not to have it. If you use BullGuard antivirus, you will have to take care to close all unnecessary processes when the power source is not available. Otherwise, your battery will die very soon.

This software product doesn’t support MAC. Not at all. Though, we doubt, if there is any need in it. The matter of fact is, that iOS are trying to keep their devices as protected as possible, and writing a virus for them would be waste of time. That is why, BullGuard team decided that it is better to concentrate on one product, but properly, rather than jumping for one OS to another.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Many advanced features
  • All versions of Windows-compatible
  • Doesn’t offer the parental control function
  • Works on Windows only


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