CamDVR The Best DVR Software

Well, let us go all over the basic points, shall we? The software CamDVR developed by CrazyPixels is an amazing product. Unlike the many DVR softwares available, this one actually works and delivers what it promises. It is the best software available of its kind. You can connect as many cameras as you like to a single PC. The amount of video gadgets it supports is unlimited. You can use it to do surveillance from your webcam of your TV or PC. You can use the Group Camera feature to combine the video feed of many cameras into one video. It also provides you with Image Filters like, black and white, negative, gray scale and many more. You can program the software to do any number of tasks at a specific time or date using the in-built feature called the Scheduler. Then there is the Motion Detector feature. You can use that particular feature in different modes, like selecting a certain area in a video feed. You can use it for face detection. You can also use it for security in special mode. In that particular mode, it starts recording when it detects anything out of the ordinary. It will also notify you when it detects something. It could come very handy if someone tries to break into your house when you’re out or at work. There are also many other features that I have listed in the Pros. Then there is the price. With a software this advanced and with this many features, the lifetime membership of $99.95 seems like nothing. However, this product doesn’t come with any sort of money back guarantee or refund so that makes it a little bit of a risk. What if you aren’t satisfied with it or something? You can always try it on the trial basis at first and see if it is everything you are looking for and then buy then full version once you are satisfied.
CamDVR The Best DVR Software


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What is a DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. As you can probably guess from the name, it is a way of digitally recording a video to some sort of a hard drive, like an external hard or the in-built hard disk in a PC or a flash drive etc.

You can hook it up to your TV and then record shows so that you don’t miss them. You can fast forward it or rewind it to see something you missed or might just want to see it again, like a match or a goal or something.


It has been quite popular with people for some time now. People wanted to sit at home and watch an episode of their favorite show but a friend invited them out and they couldn’t say no, so they simply record the show and watch it when they home after hanging out with friends. You wanted to watch your favorite boxing match again or wanted to see a superb dunk made by LeBron over and over again or just missed an ingredient in a cooking show and wanted to rewind it to see what you missed, DVR made all of that possible. You could hit pause on a live show and then go do a chore or pick up your kids from school and then come back and resume it from where you left off. It made watching TV so much easier and more fun.

However, that’s not all of its functions. Turns out you can apply the technology to so much more, like for security purposes.

With the rate of crimes and robberies on the rise, people often go to drastic measure to protect their valuables or their loved ones or themselves. We see wealthy people hire private security firms to arrange protection for them and their family and assets. They install CCTV cameras in their homes and their offices so that they could always know what’s going on. They installed expensive security systems in their houses and offices so that no crimes could take place at their properties and their families would be safe.

People would go to any lengths to feel safe. It’s very easy for wealthy people to do all of that but what about the others? Don’t they have a right to feel safe? That’s when different companies came up with dash cams and less expensive cameras and softwares started emerging that could turn the web cam of an individual’s PC into a DVR.

The market was flooded with such softwares. Some were too expensive, some weren’t too practical, some only worked with a specific type of camera or on a specific type of platform. Some were poorly developed while some simply lacked enough features. People didn’t know what to do and what to pick.

So we’ve decided to help you by reviewing a DVR software that’s going to blow your mind.


CamDVR is a product of CrazyPixels. It was designed to support all kinds of video gadgets like web cams and many more and do surveillance or digitally records a video or uploads one and many more things.

If you go on the official website and move to the Screenshots page of CamDVR, you’ll see the complete list of video cameras that the software supports. There is the web camera of your PC or TV etc. Then there are the Internet Protocol Cameras that captures images and still pictures. Then there are the Internet Protocol Cameras that support and captures video feeds. Then it supports the multimedia files from previously recorded videos, from DVDs or from videos of the internet. It also supports various demo cameras so that you can check the functions of the program without hooking up or buying a real camera. Last but not least, it also supports multiple cameras in one video. You can combine the feed of many cameras into one.

The window where you can review the functioning cameras is very flexible and you can organize it as you desire.

Then there is the Motion Detector feature. You can use it in various modes. You can use it to detect faces or select a specific area in the video feed. You can also run it in special mode. In that mode the motion detector monitors a specific environment and then performs a pre-programmed task specified by you when it detects anything out of the ordinary, like detecting someone in your house when you’re at work. It could notify you by email as well.

With the scheduler, you can instruct it to perform various tasks at a certain time or date. It can record videos for you at a specified time on a regular basis and many other things.

CamDVR has its own video player and converter and image filters as well. It is the perfect surveillance software right now in the industry. It has amazing features and best of all, it is very cheap.


They say you can’t really put a price on the things or the people you love, but on the things that protect the things you love, you can certainly put a price on that. Now there are many such types of software out there that make a lot of promises and then charge you a whole lot of money, then fail to deliver as promised.

Many are just scams, designed to exploit your rational fears. You hear about people falling victims to these kinds of scams all the time. However, CrazyPixels are a well reputed online company and their products are amazing. What’s more, they don’t even charge you a ton of money for all the services they provide with CamDVR.

There are two versions available to the public, the full version and the trial version. In the trial version, you can hook up as many demo cameras you want, but only 4 real cameras are allowed. The trial version runs for an undisclosed number of days. The length of the video and the running time of the scheduler and the detector are restricted to ten minutes.

Then there is the full version. You place your order through the internet company called VeriSign. It is an American based company which has various responsibilities, including the secure placement of your order. You can get the latest version of the software and a lifetime membership for $99.95 for a single PC. However, if you need it for 2 or more PCs, than the price is $79.95. You need a new license for every installment but, you can hook up as many video devices you like on a single PC.

After you place the order, you would get a link in your email from where you can download the software.

  • It supports a large number of video devices, from web cams to YouTube videos and live streams etc.
  • It supports different languages, like English and German.
  • You can combine the feed of multiple cameras into one video.
  • You could also turn it into one image.
  • It has an in-built scheduler for performing a large amount of video tasks.
  • It also has the basic functions like a recording a video, or playing a video or taking a picture etc.
  • You can also record videos around the clock, all week in their Permanent Video Recording feature.
  • There is another amazing in-built feature, which is Motion Detector.
  • You can compare pictures or detect faces and do so much more.
  • You can program it do specified tasks when it detects something or at a certain time by using the scheduler.
  • You can get this product on a trial basis, but the numbers of days are unspecified.
  • The lengths of the video and the running time of the scheduler and the detector are restricted to ten minutes.


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