Convert All Financial Statement Files To CSV With Bank2CSV

Bank2CSV is a good example of the so many simple but very useful programs that most never think about until they need it. The program does exactly what the developer built it to do. The best thing with the application is that it combines all the functionalities of other programs into a one simple yet very useful suite. You don’t need to purchase a separate application to convert each of the OFX, QIF, QFX, QBO, ASO, OFC and QBX files into either CSV, XLS, XLSX or PDF formats. You can achieve conversion of any of these file formats into the stated file formats from a single program. Bank2CSV recognizes most of the major financial statement formats including QuickBooks. Apart from lack of sufficient support such as availability of phone contact at the developer’s site, there aren’t any issues related to functionality reported.
Convert All Financial Statement Files To CSV With Bank2CSV

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One of the greatest challenges that people face as far as dealing with their financial documents is concerned is being able to view them on different platforms. Bank2CSV has been specially designed to let you convert all your bank, investment or credit card activity files into several formats that are easy to handle.

Propersoft, the developer who based in Ontario Canada, is known for their excellence in producing applications for converting transactions files. They have quite a number of other applications apart from Bank2CSV. It’s a company with dominance and experience in the market.

Bank2CSV is conversant with quite a large number of bank statement formats. It is a useful software utility that helps you manage all your financial documents from the different formats to comma separated value (CSV) format. You can convert OFX, QIF, QFX, QBO, OFC and ASO financial documents with ease.

Actually, you don’t just get to convert your financial documents into CSV only, but Bank2CSV also supports conversion into other commonly used formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX and PDF format. The application simplifies all the complexities involved in dealing with different file formats that are not readily supported by most devices.

Pricing plan

Propersoft, the developer of Bank2CSV makes it easier for you to first get the experience of how the software works before making a purchase. The application can be readily downloaded from the developer’s website as a free trial version.

The free trial version gives you access to all the features of the application so you get to verify its reliability and understand how it works. The trial version lets you create a fully functional CSV, XLS, XLSX and PDF files. But you get to use it for up to 10 transactions only, after which you’ll need to make a purchase. A purchase will remove the transaction limit. You can purchase Bank2CSV at a one-time price of $69.99.

Luckily, you can install the application on multiple computers. Your purchased license allows you to make installation on other PCs as well. Downloading the program from the developer’s site is very simple and completes within seconds if using a strong bandwidth. Installation completes in a minute and you don’t need a plugin or alter other programs on your computer. You simply need to run the application after installation and start converting your transaction files.

System requirements

Bank2CSV is a lightweight application, available for both Windows and Mac computers. It is supported by Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. As for Mac, it can run on Mac OS X version 10.8 or higher. It does not need much of your computer memory as a 512MB RAM is enough.


When it comes to financial matters, everyone is always concerned about confidentiality of their information. Propersoft guarantees this. Bank2CSV is a desktop based application, so all your documents will remain with you. You won’t be doing any logins, uploading or downloading your documents on a website.

Basically, web security threats are advancing at a faster rate than ever anticipated before. As people continue to find solutions for malware such as ransomware, Propersoft ensures that users of their products have their own security concerns at their hands. The fact that Bank2CSV runs on the desktop alleviates all the security threats that are related to the web. This ensures that your financial data is safely secure with you.

You also need to note that there are certain applications which claim to do what the developer built them to do only but conduct other secret missions in the background. Bank2CSV is completely different. It does not run in the background when not in use. It doesn’t collect any confidential information. It simply does the conversion thing, just like Propersoft claims.

This should ring another alarm concerning threats and malware. It is recommended that you make your download directly from Propersoft’s website. Any other source shouldn’t be trusted completely as they might have malware programs embedded with them. It’s also advisable to regularly update your computer’s antivirus protection to ensure that you are free from malicious programs.

User friendliness

Bank2CSV is quite easy and simple to use. The interface is more intuitive with fewer commands to be used. Converting your transaction to a different format is pretty straightforward.

Propersoft has also availed a simple manual to educate you on how to use the application. When you first run the application, it will display a file dialog that lets you locate the OFX, QIF, QFX, QBO, ASO, OFC and QBX files. Then simply click a file (or press CTLR key and select multiple files) and click the Open button on file dialog. Afterwards, click “Save” button and you’ll be prompted to save your loaded transaction files to either CSV, XLS, XLSX or PDF file.

However, the application doesn’t come with a manual for computer novices. Even though the interface is quite simple and easy to use, presence of a manual makes it even friendlier to those who are unfamiliar with the application.


Bank2CSV is packed with quite a number of useful features to make it useful to your needs as much as possible. The program presents the easiest and fastest way to get your credit card and bank transaction files converted into CSV, XLS, XLSX and PDF formats. It supports a large number of file formats that are commonly issued by banks, investment brokers, credit card providers and other financial institutions for download.

It also supports financial calculations for each of the transaction activities including full security details such as name, CUSIP number and ticker symbol among others. Bank2CSV now includes parser improvements for those files that do not follow specifications.

The program presents the following features:

  • Review transactions – the application doesn’t just do the conversion as it is with other conversion software. Instead, it lets you see and review your transactions before making conversions.
  • Easy to read format – Bank2CSV avails your transaction file data in an easy to read tabular format with the important details included. You get to see the description, date, account and amount entries.
  • Multiple conversion – you can select a single file for conversion or select multiple files.
  • Copy paste feature – the program lets you copy the transaction file data to the clipboard and paste it into spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel and OpenOffice.
  • Export data – if working with spreadsheet applications, Bank2CSV lets you export your data to a CSV format.
  • Readable columns – all your source data elements are converted into columns that are easy to read.
  • Multi-tasking – the application lets you upload multiple transaction files at the same time. You can also append extra files into already existing ones.
  • Customization – you can customize your date and currency output formats and list separators to get an output just as you want it.

What Bank2CSV does

The application simply lets you do more at a reduced period of time. You can convert all your credit card and bank transactions from different formats to either CSV, XLS, XLSX or PDF format. You can also review all the transactions before doing the file conversion.

Bank2CSV lets you review the original transactions files without requiring a purchase. That simply means that, with the free trial version, you can do transaction reviews even after the 10 transaction conversions are depleted.

If you need to combine multiple transaction files with different formats into a single file, Bank2CSV makes it possible. You can combine OFX, QIF, QFX, QBO, ASO, OFC and QBX files to come up with a single CSV, XLS, XLSX or PDF file. This is a great feature that comes in very handy, especially if you have many different file formats from different sources and would like to have only one file in one file format.

You don’t have to do the conversions manually. Bank2CSV lets you automate the conversion process using the command line mode.

Customer support

Propersoft offers reliable customer support for those experiencing difficulty using the application. You get a premium support via email for 30 days which comes with your purchase. More support can also be given whenever experiencing any form of difficulty converting your financial documents. You can also receive support via their support page where you get to fill a contact form with your details and query. Feedback is guaranteed within a 24 hour time period after submitting your queries.

However, lack of a customer support phone line is a little setback to their support. It’s possible that a client could be working on a file that needs urgent completion but experiences a difficulty. A phone call can help solve the problem faster than an email support that may take an entire day to get resolved. Even so, you are less likely to experience tough challenges as the application is very straightforward to use.

Caution on bogus Bank2CSV

Financial information is very sensitive and needs to be treated with a lot of caution. If you are serious about that, then it’s recommended to trade carefully with applications downloaded from other sites that are not the developer’s.

The only way to get your hands on a genuine Bank2CSV application is by making download from the developer site. Lately, there’s been issues with users of the application about error messages regarding the Bank2CSv executable file (Bank2CSV.exe). The executable file is identified to contain a malicious malware associated with it.

The only better explanation to attach to this situation is that the executable was downloaded from a different site distributing executable files. You are most likely to get the error messages associated with the bogus application during PC or program startup or when using a certain functions, such as printing.

Some of the most common errors associated with the counterfeit bank2CSV.exe files include “Bank2CSV.exe Application error” or “Bank2CSV.exe has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” These applications are more likely to have been interfered with and may carry viruses. It’s recommended to make download from Propersoft website only.

  • It comes with a simple intuitive interface that can be used by beginners.
  • You can review your transaction files before file conversion.
  • It lets you convert combine multiple file formats into a single file format.
  • You can append other files to already loaded transaction files.
  • It lets you export transaction file data to spreadsheets.
  • You can copy and paste transaction file data to spreadsheets.
  • There’s a print functionality included.
  • Propersoft does not have a phone number for customer support on their website.


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