Do You Want The Best Antivirus For Windows?

eScan is one of the best antivirus products developed for Windows. First of all, it really supports ALL Windows version, including the most problematic once, like Windows 10 or Windows XP. The system requirements may be somehow too demanding, but considering the number and the quality of features, that eScan offers, it is quite reasonable. Otherwise, some features would become impossible. This product really protects from all possible threats, provides not only offline, but also online protection. And not only that: this product protects your computer even when it is off, so the malicious programs are detected and neutralized before you start your lap and they get a chance to make some damage. A great advantage is the provision of a free two-way firewall, as not all antivirus products provide this feature for free now. Moreover, most of the features can be used either on default, or be customized, if you are an advanced user and know how to do it. Well, and if you have a need to do it. eScan is available in many languages, so it is very comfortable for those users who do not speak English, and this feature makes eScan so popular. On top of that, it is very easy to install and to use.
Do You Want The Best Antivirus For Windows?

eScan Anti-Virus eScan Anti-Virus 2016

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eScan Antivirus Is At Your Service

Nowadays, you can hardly find people who don’t use a computer ad don’t surf the web. All are interconnected, and this has both advantages and disadvantages. From one side, you can get all possible information, access to the most famous and biggest information sources. Basically, if you have the internet, you have all information available in your home. From the other side, this advantage is misused by hackers, who develop different kinds of malware, and try to get access to your persona, confidential, financial information, or just to damage your computer, out of fun. If you have a computer, and it is connected t the internet, you know the problem. That is why we offer you the best solution for Windows, that is able to protect you in all aspects – eScan Antivirus. Yes, it is specified absolutely correctly – the best solution for Windows, as it doesn’t work with MAC. In general, there are a few antivirus programs that work with iOS, as their devices are very well protected. To write a virus, one needs much more time, than in the case with Windows. So, it sounds like much more reasonable to try with Windows. Well, if you need a good solution for your computer, then eScan may be the right one.

So, What Do You Get With eScan?

You get many features with eScan, both common as well as advanced. For any cases, doesn’t matter your surfing preferences and sites which you visit, the product takes care of all aspects of your system protection.

1. You are a keen member of many social networks and have many contact persons who live in different countries in the whole world? You are interested in everything, that is why you are chatting with everybody who is willing to share something new? Or even if you write just a couple of messages to your friends… doesn’t matter how often and how much do you use instant messaging, your system is endangered. There are viruses that are widespread through instant messaging, too. Imagine, you receive a message from your friend. And there is a link, like “Click here to see my new photo!” or “ Click here, you will see something funny!” would you click? I would. Well, and almost for sure, the link brings you to a virus. The next time you will not click, but will not stop thinking: and what if the message was not a virus this time? That is why, it is necessary to protect your system in the social networks, too. If you are connected, viruses can find you. This software scans both all incoming as well as outgoing traffic, so, your online friends or those with whom you communicate, will never complain, that you have sent them a message with a virus, neither their messages will damage your system, as, if they are infected, they will be simply blocked. Like this, you can communicate without any fear for your system. eScan will take care of it, with its advanced MicroWorld technology.

2. eScan is very comfortable for users, because it is available in many languages. Many people cannot use some software just because it is in English. And English is not so common among usual users in some countries. That is why, for any software it is important to be customizable, when we speak about languages, too. With eScan, even if you don’t speak English, you can try to find there your language, or a language that you understand. And you can change the language any time, when you want it. Just select the needed option.

3. Also, if you have had experience with other antivirus software, you know, that some of them shall be constantly updated. If you don’t update them, they will really bother you with a warning notification. But this is only a half of the problem. The real problem is that if you don’t update the antivirus, it will not know about new threats. You can guess how many new viruses are develop every day? Hundreds! So, if your software doesn’t know about them, it will not recognize them. Such viruses can easily access your system. eScan uses its own technology, based on a cloud. And thanks to this technology, it can protect your system from viruses that are familiar to the software, and from viruses, that are not known to the antivirus yet.

4. Have you ever heard about Heuristic Algorithm? It belongs to new protection technologies, too. It allows your antivirus software to protect files, folders, any location that you select. And, like many other features, if you want, you can customize it.

5. What is an Antispam feature, you can guess from the name. It protects you from mails, that are suspicious, or contain dubious attachments. You still can check them, as they are sent in the spa folder. But then, you know, that you shall be more careful. Some people, who are in your contact list, may not suspect, that their mailbox is infected. But you get and get from them strange messages. There is nothing bad if you write the person a message and let him/her know about the problem. But some people believe, it is impolite, or they don’t have time to do it, or something else. With eScan, it is simple. It will send the mail with such link / attachment to spam folder, and will send a report about it to you and to the mailbox, from which the suspicious message came

6. It happens sometimes, that scheduled scanning is not so comfortable. There may be several reasons for that. First of all, time availability. Sometimes, you simply don’t have time to wait till the antivirus scans your files. And sometimes, you want to scan only some locations, if you suspect, that there may be something wrong with them. In such cases, scanning according to a schedule is not the best option. But with eScan, it can be solved, because it offers on demand scanning. You can start scanning your files any time you need it. Moreover, you can select, what exactly you want to scan. Also, the software adds those files that are safe in a white list. Like this, it will not check them the next time, or if you download similar files, it will wllow downloading them. But if the product encounters some files that it doesn’t know, it will send them for scanning.

7. Protection in real time mode is also vitally important for the safety of your system and your computer. Why? When you are surfing the web, you may be a target of many cyber attacks. Hackers and malware are trying out the reliability of your protection system. Imagine, if the software protects you not in real time mode, but with a delay, even if this delay is about some seconds. Then, your system would be infected before you even start browsing. But with such kind of protection, that eScan offers, cyber attacks are defeated, and malware is blocked. And application of two technologies, Advanced technology for virus detection and protection in real time, allows to fight off even the most advanced threats.

8. Very valuable features are Automatic system / files Backup and their Restore. Just imagine for a while, that the system failed, as a result of a virus, of malware attack, or just some error occurred. You have plenty of information there, including important information that is very hard to restore. Without this function, this information would be simply lost. One little chance exists for its restoration, if you find a good specialist who could get it out of the hard disk. If it is possible… eScan makes backup copy of all information that has been stored in your system, just in case if something happens, an error or a cyber attack that destroys the protection system. And then, if needed, the Restore function is used to restore the backed up information. With this feature, the information loss is never final.

9. eScan offers in the suit a two-way firewall. Normally, it is used with default settings. Though, if you are an advanced user, you can customize it. Yes, it can be adjusted according to what you need and how you need it, you just have to know how to do it.

System Requirements:

As we already mentioned, eScan is one of the best antivirus solutions existing for now for OS Windows, well, that is why it works with Windows only. But it works with ALL Windows versions, including Windows 10 and Windows XP, those, that are the most problematic. Thus, you can use eScan even if you couldn’t find a proper antivirus for your OS before.

Easy to Use? It Is About eScan

If you are a beginner, and want something that is really simple to use and doesn’t cause much trouble, then eScan is the right solution. Its easy to use interface makes all processes so simple, that you can use it even if you have minimum experience with computer. Just follow the instructions and click the right options.If you still have problems, or there is a virus that you cannot get rid of, or the system simply doesn’t work as it has been expected, or whatever else, then you can address with all your issues and problems to Free Support. It is available day and night, without breaks and without days off. That is why, you can be sure, that you will get a professional and fast response to all your questions.

More Details About eScan

eScan protects not only your system, but also devices, connected to it, for example, USB. Like this, it provides additional safety level, as a USB can contain infected files, and vice versa, the viruses from the system can be transferred to the USB. USB vaccination is a good way to prevent the virus spreading throughout all your computer system and to provide the additional safety to your valuable information.

One of the most interesting features is the Security Network. What it means, what do you think? Well, users of eScan are in the whole world. The software connects with the PCs of the users, who are online at that moment, and collects information about malware, etc., with which their PCs encountered. Then, this information is analyzed and applied to provide an increased level of safety for your system. eScan doesn’t need to be updated daily or at least often. This all became possible with Cloud Technology development, like this, all users are interconnected so, that the software can take advantage of it and improve the level of safety.

Also, you may know, that your system isn’t perfect. Doesn’t matter how advanced it is, how often you update it, there will be some vulnerabilities. Sometimes, they are discovered where you even couldn’t think of. On themselves, they don’t do any harm and don’t cause any damage to the system. But the problem is, that the scammers know about such vulnerabilities, too. The only issue is to detect them, and then they can be misused. That is why, detecting such vulnerable files and protecting them somehow is very important to keep your system safe. eScan downloads those patches that show vulnerabilities and prevents their exploiting.

One more great feature is the Rescue Mode. This feature helps to scan and to clean the registry and the system if there were any damages of changes that are usually performed by rootkits and viruses. This mode is activated during the start of the system. And the scanning / cleaning is performed without sending any notifications. It just works, even if you don’t notice it.

You don’t notice many processes that eScan performs, as they don’t influence the speed of work of your system and eScan doesn’t bother you with notifications. But if you are interested, you can open a dialogue box, from a user interface, and to check all actions and statistics about files blocked / deleted / etc.

  • Free two-way firewall
  • Real time protection
  • Rescue mode
  • On demand scanning
  • Security network
  • Auto backup and restore function
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Supports all browsers
  • Doesn’t offer VIP service


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